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Anna Von Reitz and the Andromedan Council?
Plus a followup query to Thor.

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By Terran Cognito

This was very unexpected news. Apparently common law "Judge" Anna Von Reitz has been in contact with the Andromedans.

Tthose of you who have been following my blogs since 2012 know I was contacted by Thor (Commander Adrian Thorac) on June 21, 2015, via Denice.  This was about 6 months after I left Morocco while I was living in the Italian Alps.

In Morocco, Denice sent me highly detailed dreams of real time events in Morocco that were astoundingly accurate.  It was as if she was there.  She had details only Heather, I, and a few others knew, including the various interlopers who came into our midst. We knew Denice was being prepped for something, but we didn't really know what.  She certainly had our attention.  Denice has worked with me since the beginning, she transcribed the first interview Brian Kelly and I did with Heather on New Years Eve 2012.  Denice inbodied here at this time  to be a conduit/translator for Andromedans, Pleiadians, Orian and others of the Sphere Alliance. Denice has a bio-implant in her left ear that was activated in 2015.  It enables her to receive highly technical data for which she has no technical training.  Denice also receives telepathy and heart comms quite well.

We've been watching Anna over the years, since her work roughly parallels Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (but not always the same viewpoints).  The two women have had two completely separate efforts with little interaction, other than reading articles about each other on the Internet.  I was not sure what direction Anna was heading in her work, given her contacts in the Vatican hierarchy.  UCC law does have its roots in Vatican canon law.  I stopped criticizing people (like Cobra) who's opinions differed from mine in 2014.  Each journey is unique in the grand scheme of things has its purpose.

Her communication below about the Andromedan Council took me by surprise when Denice presented it to me.  Anna has kindly granted permission to publish the private email as long as I love its content unaltered. I have only made BOLD some parts I thought were significant. I have redacted email addresses, phone numbers and personal addresses from the conversation for privacy sake.

My purpose is not to nit pic her data, nobody has all the facts of what is going on including me.  She has done some significant law research over the years. There seems to be a grand convergence of humanity happening, people coming from all corners of humanity and experience, and this certainly is an example of that.  Heather told me this would happen at the end, when "THE ALL" moves through ALL.

 I think you will enjoy this and see a side of Anna Von Reitz you might not have known!

On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 8:53 AM Denice wrote:

In 'The Apple,' Anna references the Sphere Alliance.  I am curious if she is referring to the Sphere Alliance that Terran Cognito posts or the Sphere-Being Alliance that Corey Goode refers to? Or is there another Sphere Alliance to whom she refers?

Thanks so much for any clarification!



Terran: Where is the mention of the Sphere Alliance?

Denice: Sixth paragraph from bottom


On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 9:10 AM Paul Stramer [redacted email] wrote:

I don't know so am forwarding this to Anna.


On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 8:53 AM Denice [redacted email] wrote:

In 'The Apple,' Anna references the Sphere Alliance.  I am curious if she is referring to the Sphere Alliance that Terran Cognito posts or the Sphere-Being Alliance that Corey Goode refers to? Or is there another Sphere Alliance to whom she refers?

Thanks so much for any clarification!

Paul Stramer

[phone number, email, and address redacted]

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Anna von Reitz [redacted email]
Date: Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: "The Apple" by Anna Von Reitz
To: Paul Stramer [redacted email]

We are talking about an ancient and honorable galactic-scale peacekeeping force, the Sphere Alliance, headed by the Andromedan High Council.  The Andromedans are the ones who came here and ended The Great Plasma War --- 32,000 years ago --- and also oversaw the evacuation of Mars and the transport of Princess Gaia and a remnant of the Martian population to Earth.  They have been engaged, successfully,  in the "war in Heaven" ever since, and have returned here to guarantee the safety of the Earth from nuclear or other forms of destruction and to oversee the peaceful repair and regeneration of this planet.  They have already cleared what is known as "the Interstice" --- think of it as a vast "railroad station" between worlds--- of enemies who would destroy Earth and destroy Mankind; they are now evaluating the status of our people in terms of our biological and mental health, pollution of the planet, and population density.  

They have vast fire power, vastly superior technology, and are dedicated to restoring peace and harmony here and elsewhere.  They are very practical-minded and goal-oriented and don't have a lot of patience with "persons" who wish to obstruct the necessary progress.  What is going on here is a military mop up operation from their standpoint ---- interplanetary "pirates" who have been using Earth as a base of operations and disguising themselves as "humans" -- are to be removed and transported off planet.  Very sophisticated means have been used to evaluate the population worldwide and to identify the pirate "invasive" species and hybrids that aren't supposed to be here.  What is going on now is a lot of palaver about where to take them and what evolutionary pathway would be most beneficial for their continued progress as individuals. 

The Sphere Alliance procedures and policies and practices can be very slow from a human perspective, as they are "immortal" compared to people. They take their time to make decisions and consider all factors carefully, which is good.  On the flip-side, it can be mind-numbing and frustrating for those--- like me---  who have to sit here and wait for the promised removal of the Offenders, who are, in the meantime, continuing to cause widespread and unnecessary suffering.  

However, I am assured that once the proper decisions are made and the approvals given, the relief sought will be almost instantaneous -- literally "in the twinkling of an eye".  The pirates will be removed and transported and those who love peace will remain.  It is still up for discussion as to whether or not average people will retain a memory of those who have been removed, or if they will simply wake up with a fresh slate and no grief over missing loved ones.  The complexity of our emotions, our ability to love our enemies, and the strength of the emotional and energetic ties that we form are not particularly well-understood, so there is concern about any willy-nilly "tearing away" of our connections, even to those who have hated us and hated peace.  

There are also some practical concerns related to our energetic bodies and non-physical organs.  We have what can best be understood as "spiritual and energetic organs" that exist outside our physical bodies.  We are subconsciously aware of this.  We can "loan" these organs to others who have need of them as a result of damage incurred in war, as a result of disease, heartbreak, and other injuries.  This results in our non-physical bodies being scattered all over the world, and many people operating with only partial components, as we have shared our own organs with others in an effort to help them live.  Because our awareness of this is subconscious we don't "call these organs home" when they are no longer needed by the people we donated them to, with the result that "pieces" of us are scattered all over the world and we are not competent to get them back by ourselves, nor are we aware enough to make free will decisions about what we want done with them.   

I am trying to get broad spectrum agreement to repair everyone and restore everyone's missing parts and pieces so that nobody needs to be borrowing these non-physical organs from anyone else, and then let all the borrowed and therefore "missing" bits and pieces of us go home to their actual owners without harm to anyone.  It's a lot of work to rebuild and replace damaged non-physical organs, but not beyond the capability of the Sphere Alliance to do this.  Anyway, resolving this in a way that doesn't harm anyone and that doesn't violate the Law of Freewill is difficult but not impossible.  

Now I hope that gives you some idea of what I am talking about and the kinds of concerns and issues that I have to deal with every day in addition to all the politics and "law" issues on Earth.   This absolutely massive restoration effort is ongoing, step by step, with malice toward none. At the same time, anyone who thinks they are going to be allowed to just blow up the planet needs to think again.  We are not alone. We never have been alone.  This is, therefore, not a cause of dismay or fear.  Just new information about reality beyond our sensory array.  


My inquiry to Thor...

Terran: Thor is that message from Anna fairly accurate?


Terran: Do any races have external organs?

Terran" Is she perhaps referencing essence or loaned energies?

Terran: What is "the Interstice"? China?

Terran to Denice: (Smelling cigars here)



Terran: HOS once told me of a MIB-like ET customs area in China

Terran: One in the same?


Terran: Thank you Thor!

Terran: (Cigar smell is gone)


On Nov 26, 2019, at 1:03 PM, Terran wrote to Anna Von Reitz:
A colleague of mine received this email from you regarding the sphere alliance.

I have worked the last 6 years assisting Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, who’s work parallels your own in many ways. I was assisting also during her recent trial in TN.

I have been in contact with the Andromedans, Pleiadans and Sphere Alliance since the Summer of 2015

1) Is the email Denice received genuine? (We’ve seen interlopers and impersonators before so I want to verify that first)

2) I would like to publish your email, are you okay with that?

3) How long have you been in contact with the Andromedan council?

Warm regards,



From: Anna von Reitz 
Subject: Re: Publishing request
Date: November 26, 2019 at 1:32:02 PM CST
To: Terran Cognito 

Yes, this is a correct email for me.

Yes, you can go ahead and publish the article, so long as you don't materially alter it in any misleading way.

I became involved on a worldwide basis because my Son married the Andromedan Crown Princess.  That, I know, is a bit bizarre, but that's the truth.

The relationship with the Council was awkward and rocky at first because of that, but upon consideration of my long service here on Earth and their own mandated work here, we've been able to work together for the past seven years, and two years ago, they renewed my position with them for another fifteen years. 

There are high points and low points.  I am not always as even-tempered and diplomatic as they wish me to be. 

Yes, I was aware of Heather-Ann's work and efforts to derail The Mess --- also knew she'd get in trouble as a Bar Attorney for doing it.  I tried a couple times to reach her and explain the situation but too little, too late.  As we go forward there should be opportunities to help her and the members of her group that have suffered.


From: Terran Cognito 
Subject: Re: Publishing request
Date: November 26, 2019 at 2:45:03 PM CST
To: Anna von Reitz

Thank you! 

I have two friends who were former Andromeda queens so it’s not that weird to me! The former royalty were elected positions. 

BTW Heather resigned from the BAR in 2011 when she put her own home through the foreclosure process. She set out to reverse engineer the mortgage fraud participants and schemes for her Paradigm Report which was initiated by a Swiss banker who was seeing suspect commercial paper coming from the Bush cronies.  She had private investigators on the Sheriff, judges, and other actors and shut down the Pierce County courts for corruption.  

Heather did not feel comfortable putting someone already in emotional distress In further pressure with their mortgage for her investigations, so she used her own home.  You might be interested in this recording of the eviction in Gig Harbor:

There’s more to the story but it’s a long story. 

Once again thank you!