Thursday, June 6, 2019

Misc Conversation and an Afternoon Dream of First Contact

Update 1: Corrected date to June rather than May. Thank you Toshiro for noticing!

-----Denice on 6/4/2019 4:36 AM wrote:
> Fully awake. Eyes closed. Screens on. Saw the inside of an institutional bldg. Beige cinderblock walls. Flat white tile floors, what little furniture was stacked in the hallway. I was facing a locked metal exterior door, fire exit, then turned right. Entered a large room. Same decor. A few more chairs and a table or two all pushed to the walls for floor waxing? Felt like a family visiting room. A few windows, but high up. The vibe was, it is being emptied and cleaned. Your hotel?

Love you!!


Heather wrote back:
yes...exactly...very accurate details, denice...all the way to the stacked furniture for buffing in the lobbies/visiting room!

well done :)

love you!

Martha to Denice: Impressive!

Martha: I spent most of my day funeraling. Service, graveside, to the old country church for a meal. Cousins by dozens. Came home and fell asleep. A detailed dream about the church I grew up in (different one) and it had been made a daycare/school. Since my car was locked in their parking unaccountably, I told them the church building history.

Martha: Today there was much talk of Jean being so very down to earth and just rolling with whatever happened. And her family did just this. No tears. Lots of hugs. A big family. It was beautiful.

Denice: oh beautiful! That is a tribute!

Martha: On the way to the cemetery, we drove through the hardest hit tornado area. Heartbreaking. Houses leveled to fields of rubble. They had drug trees and junk to a pile and were burning it. But Jean would have loved seeing it because it’s part of life.

Denice: ❤️

Martha: 😘 

Denice: Yes, there is something to be said about LIVING and being. and doing. I am feeling now how very unique this human experience must seem to those on the 'outside'

Martha: Yes indeed. I was aware the ceremony today was watched and under examination.

Denice: perfect!

Martha: Just the fact we view death as final and mourn is astounding to them. Visible evidence of how blind we are to All.  And evidence of how deeply programmed we are.

Denice: yes! but reverse the roles? Interesting prospect for a new perspective from the 'galactic viewpoint' :)

Martha: What do you mean?

Denice: I mean, them really, really experiencing pain and grief at perceived 'loss'. . .the true human experience. Live. love. grieve. maybe they would jump in sooner, if they truly knew and felt how difficult it is?

Martha: Yes. I got you. And yes, a huge learning experience for them.  Our role - to experience what couldn’t be fathomed on the other side of the fence and to bring that Home.

Denice: oh, yes!  'what couldn't be fathomed' precisely!

Martha: Only understood by living it.

Denice: and 'dying it' 

Martha: Yes.

Denice: (bow) thanks! another new feeling flowing 🥰 A big warm hug for you, Martha! ❤️

Martha: Yes indeed. Me too. I’ll be thinking on this.  Right back at you!

Denice: try your screens! they are 'on' when you are ready!

Martha: We are perhaps brave warriors after all.

Denice: and "you know who" is in his big chair ❤️ [Denice is referring to Jai]

Martha: I will start watching. Oh that chair. Lol. You know he said I picked it. Lol. The pipe smoking chair. For reading, music and pondering.

Denice: beautiful!!!

Martha: Thanks! I will look toward the screens as often as possible.  Have a wonderful evening. ❤️

Denice: 🥰 

Terran to Denice: Congrats Denice! [on the screens activating. Denice's abilities had shut down for a bit with this new influx of energies] 

Terran: I am feeling really tired, getting called to lay down. Haven't heard from H in days. But I feel her at moments.  (I laid down around 3:30 PM didn't wake till about 1 AM body was really out of sorts... I went next door and borrowed Bev's red and near infrared LED light to balance my body before drifting off to sleep)

Terran: Weird stuff going on in this house. Bedroom door half closed this AM.

Terran: Just heard some sounds that sounded vaguely like an old transistor radio with an AM radio station on it... Couldn't locate the source.

5:03 PM

Martha: I’m seeing many posts in fb about people seeing people around them in their true form. Elves, aliens (not specific), etc. and glitches like cars changing or disappearing. All in recent days.

5:04 PM

Denice: Today, I am seeing people in their original form. . . (whew)

Martha: You mean human?

Denice: yes, facades were dropped today. . .

6/5/19 1:03 AM CST

Skye: I quite definitely felt a tap on the shoulder yesterday..: looked around, no one there 🙂

Skye: And talking of people ‘dying’... in the last few months 4 climbers I know have died! 1 on Mount Everest two weeks ago - he was found dead in his tent at 7000 metres cause of death unknown; one this last week in the Indian himalaya in a big avalanche; one in a climbing accident in Scotland a few months ago and 1 of illness 3 weeks ago!

Martha: I just this moment jolted awake realizing the car I was driving in Dreamtime had suddenly lost headlights and engine stopped, and the sky was turning orange.

Skye: sounds interesting!

Martha: Oh my. That’s a lot of loss.

Skye: Yes. I had known 3 of them for 30 years

Martha: ❤️loss or change of form.

Skye: Hard for their families who don’t know it’s not the end... but even so it’s hard when they leave the physical- for all of us

Martha: Yes indeed. We miss them.

6/5/19 1:52 AM

Terran: Cars often lose their power in the presence of ET ships

Terran: Hi Skye!

Skye: 💋

Martha: "Cars often lose their power in the presence of ET ships"

Yes, it was yet another arrival dream, I think. I was a bit frustrated at the car stopping in the road instead of being able to pull over, but then realized no one else would be moving. I’d decided to just get on with it, as it was clear something was about to happen. I’d opened the car door to get out, and then woke up. And then heard Skype bloop. Lol.

6/5/19  3:30PM

Terran: Laid down for a nap after my weird night of sleep last night... my feet felt heavy...

Terran: I had a dream the first official contact was with the Fun-kins I turned to Denice and said “who are the Fun-kins?” Apparently in the dream they are a Nordic race... that we knew nothing about...

Which prompted a childhood memory of Denice's:

Denice: Funkins! I know them! Don't know how I do. I feel it. . . .the name is familiar. . .and it is from my preschool years. .. 1970 - 1972. I started kindergarten in '72.

Denice: here is what I have for you: the name is from this side. . .earth kids named them that. . .
kind, curious, soft, smell like baby powder or baby oil, gentle. . .perhaps even squeaky?
blue eyes. . .pale white 'skin'/'form'

Denice: they are from "TAURIUS 6". ❤️

Terran Note: there appears to have been a toy called "Funkins" a few years back. Art imitating life in the Universe?  We'll see where this goes...Its odd that Me, Denice and Martha got a hit on the Funkins in our internal codexes.