Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Love is the only answer

In the end it was love that defeated evil and good blossomed like sprouts from the ashes.

Update 2: An unexpected answer from Stan X.

Update 2:
More people experiencing scents remotely
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December 1, 2021

A number of events from the past have come back to mind in a new focus and awareness. I've been feeling the energy changes a lot lately and so much new has been coming in. I had a very curious experience driving home late one night while listening to Joe Rogan interview Snoop Dog, a known weed aficionado (and all around nice guy), when I actually smelled the strong scent of weed in the car for a moment, a case of remote viewing a scent? It was gone as soon as I noticed it. I am not a partaker of that herb.

Update 2:  Found this on twitter this morning... this is happening to other people as well!

I've had other insights I can't quite explain, like the recent Rittenhouse court trial, I had zero interest at all, feeling from the start was that it was a complete distraction. I had to ask a friend for what it was even about, but I knew from just hearing the name it was not something that needed my time. It didn't highlight for me. Just the "yet again" feeling of Groundhog Day.  Then this contrived (by who I don't know) brouhaha crops up with Flynn, Linn Wood, and Rittenhouse... I got why I had the sense I had on the whole court case to begin with.

Recently I remembered a moment from ICU in 2009 after I awoke from my near death experience and it struck me how unusual it was. It was a kind and compassionate act from a complete stranger. But it was odd in retrospect so I asked Stan X about it, his reply was completely unexpected.

Terran: Dear Stan, during my stay in ICU in 2009 there’s was an unusual moment. There was black female nurse that wanted to shave my face with my electric razor. She said she had never shaved a man before. Yet nurses routinely shave people in preparation for surgery and other procedures.

Terran: Was this woman a galactic? Nothing about the moment makes much sense from a human point of view.


Terran: Who was she an agent for?



Terran: Interesting the NIS, I've never heard of them! This is long before I met Heather. What was their interest? Did they have access to my historical lives?


Denice: FBI Whistleblower Reveals Biden DOJ Activated Counterterrorism Division Against Protesting Parents | ZeroHedge

Denice: FBI Whistleblower Reveals Biden DOJ Activated Counterterrorism Division Against Protesting Parents | ZeroHedge

Denice: That was in the message line. 2x for some reason. IMPORTANT?

Terran note: My take on this information is that we are much more monitored than we think, and I think it is probably close to East German Stazi levels, but much more subtle. But I am not paranoid about it as these agents are sometimes just observers.  We saw gobs of them in Morocco often to our comedic amusement.   Canadians that don't know key spots in Toronto, etc.
The only thing of note I did of significance prior to meeting Heather was a grassroots internet campaign I carried out on the Internet from 1994 using a LISTSERV email list server and a website I ran from my own server tucked inside a small ISP in Oakland in 1995 exposing the Christian sect/cult (cult is generally a pejorative used against a church smaller than your own)  


The religion I grew up in turned out to be founded by an ex-Quaker, who turned out to be a pedophile. He had a 10 year incestous relationship with his own daughter while he was forming his new church.  Multiple testimonies and interviews proved it was more than hearsay. Yet religious programming being what it was, some would never believe it.  I think Catholics experience much the same disbelief at their priests.   The church counted its members as baptized adults (usually age 18 or above), and it had to be a conscious act of baptism. When I started my information campaign, which was not limited to criticism of its founder, there was 120,000 listed members.  When I finished in 2008 there were 40,000.  I suspect that was why I was observed, such a thing had never been done before on the Internet.  And it was all grassroots based.