Friday, October 22, 2021

Cha cha changes coming.... Substack account coming

I’m creating a substack account for my writing. Substack has some nice features for writers including the ability to do newsletters and paid newsletters. 

I will pull emails from the PayPal donations and give all donors a free newsletter account.  I am undecided on whether the blog will come in two versions, I am producing content on Twitter and other social sites that is not showing up on this blog.  Content that may be more suited to a newsletter. 

I need to change up the way I blog. I also need to get my blog off of Google which will be a two stage process as I have to import it to Wordpress first then import it to substack.  I’m using an old platform that hasn't changed much in its features since 2012. Google clearly has no plans to improve its blog platform.  Importing content from blogspot is becoming difficult. 

Substack does not interfere with content or censor as long as it’s lawful content and not libelous.