Sunday, June 9, 2024

How to Break Down Spike Proteins in Your Body

Spike proteins from COVID MRNA vaccine


Update 1: What I was going to say... Alex Collier just said more simply....

There's always a reason something goes the way it does... What I was going to say... and got lost when I hit the publish button... Alex Collier just said more simply....   Most of what Alex says I agree with.  He's been on their ships in body, with what he says is a frequency belt device.  I have not been on their ships to my knowledge.   Although there was a very strange inter-dimensional moment in the hospital last year that I don't have a very good explanation for.

Alex is legit,  he talks to a different group of Andromedans (the blue ones) than I do (as far as I know Thor isn't blue - but it doesn't really matter, its a big galaxy). Alex's contacts are cousins to the Lakota and Sioux tribes from what I understand. 

Thor came from the Celtic  diaspora to Andromeda that came out of Atlantis 1.   

Update 1: