Sunday, July 22, 2018

Very strange hacking/electronic harrasment episode 7/14/18

July 14, 2018

This occurred on July 14th, I have been traveling to Heather's sentencing hearing in Knoxville so was only able to post it now. If any of you have this model of ADSL modem/router I'd advise getting something else!  Its clearly NOT secure.  Perhaps the hackers out there in the world can investigate what the heck hardware is in this particular router and how is it possible for it to make sounds?  5 people in the household witnessed the sounds coming from this device.

Martha: Last night I dreamed a box I’d ordered arrived, and instead if the fun stuff I expected, it was fruit. Grapefruit nearly as large as bowling balls.

Terran: I’ve been in different realms/places last two nights but I can’t remember where

Martha: Were there grapefruit?  Lol!  It might be a realm. Anyone need grapefruit?  Lol!

Terran: My body is still buzzing from whatever it was

Jeffrey: I had a weird dream last night too. I dreamed about I was in all different of groups gathering, some feel like party, and some like meeting. The weird thing is it's all different groups, there are some friends I know, most of them are strangers, every group is totally separate event, but seem to all happen the same time. The Feeling is some pleasant, some I feel struggling. I just couldn't work out what's the meaning of it. And the unpleasant feeling wake me up.

Denice: OK Folks, here is some crazy crap!

Denice: Our Modem is now talking. . .

Denice: tonight I am documenting the comments from this crazy stuff.. .

Denice: not for the week of heart

GAIA PORTAL: Predecessors of Light movements are risen above

Predecessors of Light movements are risen above

Predecessors of Light movements are risen above. 

Cleansing of the systems is accelerated.

Consequences are felt by all.

Furtiveness is abandoned.

Directness is accepted.