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XERXES - Our Food

Persian Food

The abundance of fruits and vegetables was unmatched in other kingdoms. It was the garden designs using canals and irrigation systems that contributed to this abundance. And while Persia is well known for her stews it was roasted lamb and goat that her people loved best.

The preparation of goat was much different than lamb. Both were treated the same for preparation for stews. But for roasting, lamb was simply rubbed with spices and crushed herbs and fastened to a spit or laid flat on a bed of coals covered by an iron grate. The goat took longer to prepare for a roast. It was soaked overnight in goat's milk. Rinsed and covered with a paste of spices and herbs. Then it was roasted much the same as lamb.

The accompanying dishes were simple. Rice with herbs or saffron. Stewed lentils. Flatbreads. Salads of artichoke. Spinach. Stewed potatoes and carrots. Sliced fruits. Dried fruits. Fresh cheeses and pickled vegetables.

In a traditional Persian household, the first meal of the day would include flat breads. Cheeses and jams. Boiled eggs. Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Sliced melon and berries. Dried figs and apricots. Always served with tea.

The mid day meal was usually a stew of meat, beans and vegetables. Or grilled fish and rice. Topped with herbs. Served with a thick flatbread that had a soft, fluffy interior.

A typical family meal for the end of the day included the leftover stew and a variety of stewed or roasted vegetables and platters of sliced fruits. And always a heaping tray of freshly made flat bread.

Traditional Persian feasts often took two days to prepare. The sweet desserts were prepared the day before and allowed to soak overnight in thick layers of honey or rose syrup. Goats were prepared and soaked. The day of the feast the rest of the meats were prepared and marinated. The lamb took hours to absorb the flavors, while poultry and fish were prepared just before roasting. Rice dishes were prepared with herbs and cheeses or simply plain. Stewed vegetables were prepared just before serving. In between the preparation of other dishes, fruits and cold vegetables were sliced and placed on platters then covered with a damp cotton cloth to prevent drying out.

Tar Halva is a very traditional Persian 
dessert made with rice flour, ground
cardamom and butter. It is sweetened
with a light saffron syrup that is mildly
scented with rosewater.

And we save the best for last. The drinks. Wines. Ciders from apples and pears. Sweet liquors from peaches and crushed berries. Always served with the rich and decadent desserts of pastries, cakes, and tarts. Always topped with finely chopped pistachios or walnuts or almonds. Decadent and delicious.

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Ring doorbell catches triangular UFO in sky

IMO this is US made.

Giant V shaped UFO caught on camera by ISS


IMO this is US made.

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XERXES - The Animals of Persia

The Animals of Persia

It is of brief note of the reader’s interest in the animals of Persia. It is known that there are few of the more exotic animals original to the region. The large cats were long expired before even the father of the father of Cyrus was conceived.

The stories of old included the lion. The tiger. The panther. These animals survived to the east and the southwest. For the protection of their animals and their families, the nomads of the pre Persian era had whittled and wafted the feline enemies into regional extinction.

When Persia began to rise from these nomadic regions, Cyrus was gifted these large cats on many occasions. These cats were cared for at the palace by the bravest of men. When cubs were produced, these were trained with love and tenderness and thus became revered residents of every Persian palace. It was not unusual to see a son or daughter of Cyrus and later Darius escorted by a lioness or a panther while walking the streets.

Fish were another anthology to Persia. It was the variety of the bright oranges and the vibrant blues and yellows that paid homage to the new homeland. Canals and ponds were filled with fish from the surrounding kingdoms, often gifts paying homage to Cyrus and his merciful rule.

The birds were a sight to behold. In addition to the great Asian Peacock, there were long legged white cranes from the west, short legged blue cranes from the east, and pink flamingos from the north. Every songbird made homes in the grand gardens eating to their fill the lush insects thriving on well tended greenery. All birds of prey were revered.. eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls graced the skies of the cities and surrounding forests.

The horses of Persia were bred for stability and beauty and grace. White on white. Black on black. And black on chestnut were the featured favorites. Great care was taken to breed and raise them. Barns dotted fertile meadows on the edges of a town. Given prominence in the Persian culture. Coveted by and traded with the surrounding Kingdoms east and west.

Personal pets were an anomaly. Occasionally a merchant used a monkey or a parrot to attract his buyers. Domesticated felines and canines were unknown in the common household yet canines were abundant throughout the palaces.

Animals throughout Persia were well tended. Relied upon and respected for their contributions to the Kingdom. Service and beauty both recognized and acknowledged.

What in the world is this?


Machine translation of the Portuguese from the Amazon forest

Look, look, I have to run somewhere else, look, look, another one appeared, another one appeared right there. Another point for me, it's starting, look, look, it's starting again. I'm listening like people are walking around, people without names don't go, don't go, don't understand, another one was born there, look, there, back there, there's a good one there, and the other one goes there, look, look, no, right, Beauty, I've never seen it, I've never seen it. I had seen this for the first time, man, what's the name and where, man, I've never seen this in my life and it doesn't even smell like smoke, look, she's going to start another one right there, oh there, I'm starting to sleep there, oh no, there it's starting all over world sleep soon although although although although although although although although although although although although although although look look here people I'm going orange green red light I never said that in my life for the first time, right, do you want a man a million 1 million there, ok okay okay let's go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go

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Update 1: What happened to flight MH370?


Update 1:

**MH370x Breaking Update** 

My Letter to Congress 

Dear Congress, My name is Ashton Forbes and I am currently disclosing the most important videos in the history of the world. All of this information is publicly available. I would like to state that I have a Top Secret US Government clearance as part of my job as a contractor. My job has nothing to do with advanced technology, I am only stating this to establish my credibility. I am not bound by an NDA. This is not a hoax, disinformation, or misinformation. You don't need to believe me because everything is verifiable. 

I am requesting a public hearing. I am willing to testify in front of congress as to the authenticity of these videos and explain every aspect of them. I would also invite physics experts to validate the science on display. 

The videos in question are that of the true fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, on March 7th, 2014 at 18:40UTC at the Nicobar Islands. One is of an MQ-1C Gray Eagle with a thermal layer added by the leaker, and the other is a 3D battlespace produced by the SBIRS (Space Based Infrared System), via SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) using data from Spy Satellite USA-229 which has a sister satellite next to it classified as debris. This allows for the proven 3D stereoscopic imagery we see in the Satellite video. 

The oldest archived versions of the videos we could find come from "RegicideAnon" a UFO video uploader, who uploaded unrelated videos previously, indicating they are not the source. Higher quality versions were released by other UFO uploaders on youtube later on, indicating neither is the original source. The dates are damning. 

Satellite Video (Received: March 12, 2014, Uploaded May 19, 2014) - MQ-1C Gray Eagle (Received: June 5, 2014, Uploaded June 13, 2014) - 

So why now, many ask? Because only in 2023 do we have the basis to understand these videos to be real. We needed the 2017 DoD Navy UAP videos to understand what FLIR footage looks like, the 2019 Trump satellite leak to understand those capabilities, 2020 scientific papers that show 'wormholes' are humanely traversable, LK-99 that shows the emergence of superconductivity and finally AI in daily use as ChatGPT. Without all these things the MH370 videos seem like magic. 

We know the location of the videos because the investigative group I started, MH370x, satellite experts used amateur historical trajectories to identify the correct satellite in the correct position to take the 3D stereoscopic video we see. We can see six sets of coordinates in the satellite video which we had incorrectly thought were in the South Indian Ocean, until we were able to realize the only possible location was the Nicobar Islands because the plane is turning left in both videos and due to the coordinate shifts. This means the plane is turning south and to the east. The satellite and witness (Katherine Tee) indicate the time is 18:40UTC, March 7th, 2014. 

I have been investigating and writing about these videos as a Citizen Journalist for the past 10 weeks. My X Corp (Twitter) following has gone from 30 followers to 8500+ of multidisciplinary backgrounds from the strength of the evidence alone. My handle is

We have definitively proved every aspect of the videos to be authentic. We know the assets, the time, the location, we have a witness, we know that there was a fire on the plane likely from the lithium ion batteries which broke containment, causing the Halon gas to permeate throughout the plane. 

There was no debris field, which is impossible for a 777 crashing into the ocean. The small amounts of debris found are consistent with the fire scenario, and some debris had burn marks. A fire suppression device from a B777 washed up in the Maldives and was not investigated despite having visible serial numbers. The Maldives were intentionally excluded from the search, despite witnesses on one of the small islands seeing the plane flying low and identifying the red/blue stripe of Malaysian Airlines early in the morning on March 8, 2014. 

We know that the 'official' narratives are a lie to cover up that this technology was deployed to either save the plane, or as espionage to prevent the 20 Freescale Semiconductor scientists onboard from going to China. I suspect they are integral to the technology we see. 

We know the plane didn't crash into the ocean because the SOSUS system didn't hear the acoustic sound. The same system that heard the Titan sub pop and the Navy lied about it for 5 days while oxygen counters were on every major news channel. The Diego Garcia hydrophones and Western Australia hydrophones also didn't hear it. Missing Hydrophone Data - 

I wish that this being MH370 was the most important part of these videos, because ultimately I'm doing this for the families of the victims, the witnesses, the leaker of these videos, and the world that has been lied to. However, the most important part of these videos is that they prove conclusively that the US Government is hiding Superconductivity, Teleportation, and 'Free Energy' from the world. Everything we see in these videos can be explained by science. 

This is not 'aliens' in these videos. This is our technology. The assets are filming the plane before the orbs even show up. The drone cannot catch a 777-200, it must have intercepted it. This is a US Government operation. I do not believe that we could be this secretly advanced without a reverse engineering program. The orbs in this video are ignoring gravity, being pulled forward by some 'gravity engine' indicated by the dark lines in front of them, and upon intercept are traveling at estimated Mach3 speeds. The explanation for their pattern is artificial intelligence, a computer program. Superconductive 

The videos do not show annihilation because E=MC^2 and the 'zap' would be much larger. It's not an explosion because it's cold in the thermal, not hot. It's a black hole. It's also not 'cloaking' because the smoke stops when the plane disappears. It has to be teleportation based on science. A wormhole. I found out, to my own surprise, that humanely traversable wormholes are theoretically possible. This singularity is causing a transitional phase state change in the plane where it reverts to a wave function and obtains a probabilistic nature. This is only possible with superconductivity and ‘free energy’ technology. 

Macroscopic Decoherence (how the plane was teleported) - 

I was also able to identify the leaker of the videos as being Lieutenant Commander Edward C. Lin. He checks every box to be the leaker. Our Government attempted to put him in prison for life as a traitor, but he is no spy. Edward C. Lin is a hero. He took a plea deal after he was convinced he damaged national security, but he never revealed this information to our enemies. He simply wanted to do the right thing and tell the world the truth of this technology and what happened to MH370. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison and likely is bound by his plea deal to never speak about the videos again. We can vindicate this man as well as everyone else who was lied to or discredited. 

Evidence that the leaker is Edward C. Lin - 

I also got a tip from a source that told me that the nephew of Retired General Joseph F. Dunford has seen the videos and indirectly confirmed their authenticity. He was likely in charge of the operation as the commander of the International Security Assistance Force in 2014. He then served as the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council from Oct. 1, 2015, through Sept. 30, 2019. He is now on the board of directors at Lockheed Martin. While the destination of the plane is speculative, the most likely place is Diego Garcia. The witnesses in the Maldives indicate that, as well as the American passenger Phillip Wood EXIF data photo, that points to Diego Garica where he claimed to be held prisoner. 

I'm not sure what happened to the passengers. It is scientifically possible that some survived. None of the families of the victims have reached out to me. I am operating under the assumption that they were returned to their various countries in exchange for their silence, and Phillip Wood may be in Witness Protection. 

Phillip Wood EXIF photo is not 'fake' - 

I know the videos seem impossible, but they are authentic. They are not CGI. We were able to show that the satellite video is a Citrix session logged into the actual spy satellite database due to the framerate discrepancy between the mouse we see, and the background. (24fps vs 6fps) Also, hundreds of community VFX experts have analyzed the footage frame by frame and not a single discrepancy can be found. The list of requirements to ‘hoax’ the videos is practically impossible. 

What it would take to 'hoax' the MH370 videos - 

These videos implicate the US Government in a black budget reverse engineering program alla whistleblower David Grusch's sworn testimony to congress. This information will shock you and I hope you will seek to expose the truth. This surpasses petty politics. 

Please help for the good of the country. This is a verifiable conspiracy, and while I believe that it is being done because the forces that be think that society will collapse if this technology is made publicly available, I disagree. We can handle this information and the technology has the capability to change the circumstances of millions if not billions of people. What matters in this world is the time we spend in it, with the people we care about. That will not change. 

The reason I am requesting a public congressional hearing is because I believe the weight of the evidence can convince enough people in congress that the true events of MH370 were covered up by our own government and that there is a black budget advanced technology program, most likely based on reversed engineered Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). 

Sincerely, -Ashton Forbes 

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XERXES - The Art and Artisans of Persia

This is one of a pair of golden armlets. These objects are among the most important surviving items from ancient Persian craftsmanship. It is likely that they were intended for display rather than being worn. The lion-griffin terminals were originally inlaid with precious stones, which were later removed. This inlay is typical of high-quality jewellery from this period. Part of the Oxus treasure, from Takht-i Kuwad, Tajikistan. Achaemenid Period, 5th to 4th centuries BCE. (The British Museum, London)

The Art and Artisans of Persia

Every manner of art was practiced in our Persia. Textiles were woven and even painted with the delicate care of practiced hands. Pottery molded and hand formed fired in kilns buried at the foot of nearby mountains.. Gold and silver melded into jewelry, dinner ware, religious icons, and medals for military awards. Wood hewn and carved into intricate furniture, tools, and more.

The art of Persia became known quickly. Architecture was revered. Memorials to leaders and soldiers and merchants plastered on the walls of great buildings. Great statues carved and placed throughout gardens.

In the height of Persian civility great art was shared far and wide. Gifted to great kingdoms. Traded for eastern silks and herbs. Finding a way to be delivered to the four corners of the known world.

Textiles adorned walls and windows and floors. The cotton and wools of the region blended and woven with far eastern silks made for very durable fabrics. Amazing designs and vibrant colors flowed throughout every home in the kingdom. Even clothing became art with gold and silver threads and beads and adornments prominent for all.

Precious stones were favored amoung the royal households. Intimate and delicate carvings of lions and kings and religious icons adorned turquoise and jasper mounted in silver and gold jewelry and ornaments. Royal seals were made of precious stones as well. Mounted on a staff, the royal seals were given to the care of one or two men who guarded them with their lives.

The music flowing from the lutes and drums and symbols and strings and bells was a tribute to our great culture. It was melodic. Haunting. Hypnotizing. Romantic. Enveloping. Music was not reserved for royalty and its great denizens. Music was shared from the heart with the heart of all of Persia.

Cast silver statuette of a nude youth
from the 
Oxus TreasureAchaemenid 
Period (550-330 BCE) 
British Museum

This gold fish-shaped vessel might have been used to contain expensive oils. On the side
 there is a loop intended for suspension or to attach a stopper which was later lost. The detail of the decoration suggests that it is an attempt to accurately represent a particular type of fish, perhaps a carp or a a similar species. Part of the Oxus treasure, from Takht-i Kuwad, Tajikistan. Achaemenid Period, 5th to 4th centuries BCE. (The British Museum, London)

Gold appliques from the Oxus Treasure
Achaemenid Period (550-330 BCE). 
British Museum.

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XERXES - Pasargadae – The First Garden

Pasargadae – The First Garden

Pasargadae was central in early Persia. It was founded in a lush valley. A hub of travel activity. It was of sorts at a crossroads of both traders and Nomads who traversed the region continuously.

It grew quickly into a petite royal city. An expanse of gardens filled the fertile plains in a network of linear patterns that surrounded irrigation canals. Every manner of waterfowl was introduced to the canals. The gardens were designed by Cyrus himself. Tended to by the many hands of men and women alike who were eager to create the Persian Kingdom..

Here were the first palaces of Persia. Also petite in comparison to the future grand palaces of the empire. Stone and block with tower that provided a miles-long view in four directions. The Western perimeter was reserved for trade and markets. For it was from this direction the prevailing winds wafted the scents of blacksmith fires and of baking and roasting.

The eastern flank was reserved for homes and small barns. For much the same reasons. Animals in the city included oxen and horses. Donkeys. A goat or two in most homes. Hens grazed freely throughout the homes and gardens. The scents of these animals were carried out of the city on the prevailing winds.

The rooster became a revered symbol of Persia. Protected and preserved. A religious symbol of sorts. Other animals gained favor in Peria as well. Travelers from the far east introduced peahens and peacocks. The latter of which became a mainstay of all Persian Palaces from that point. A royal symbol of elegance and beauty. Cats roamed freely in and out of the city keeping the streets clean and rodent free. Dogs were reserved for the Palaces only. Guardians and protectors. Well fed and well loved.

Pasargadae was known by all outlying Kingdoms for its simple grandeur. Its welcoming peoples. Its comforting scents of gardens and of home and hearth. It is for this reason perhaps that Cyrus chose it for his final eternal home.

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The Power of Gratitude


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

End your engagement with their game

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Rothschild Family Auction


The Awareness Within


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XERXES - The Heart of Babylon

Artist rendition of the hanging gardens of Babylon

The Heart of Babylon

Great care will be taken with this dialogue. The heart of Babylon began centuries before Persia was created. In many different Epochs as well. Babylon was revered for her beauty and luster in the fertile river valley. It is true and accurate that the landscaping in the valley was admired by other Kingdoms far and near.

Terraces were built along the steep banks of the river. Terraces were also built along the perimeter of the great city. Lush foliage was transplanted. Flowering vines, fruiting shrubs and trees, and all manner of plants were included. Palisades were whitewashed and provided an elegant anchor for the greenery. Known to history as the Hanging Gardens, these lush and vibrant landscapes were exquisite to behold.

While Babylon was known for her gardens. She was known even more for her beautiful daughters. The women of Babylon were elegant and exotic. Protected as any high treasure by all. They were educated in arts and letters. Given roles in trade and general commerce if desired. Given in marriage only when it was a mutual decision.

Babylon was desired by many Kingdoms for many reasons. Cyrus wanted the jewel to be a Nation of Persia. He devised the strategy to take the impenetrable city. His goal was achieved without loss of life. Eventually Babylonians welcomed the new leadership and were welcomed into Persia with warm hearts. Many, many unions were made and the beauty of Babylon was handed down through the lineages of Persians.

It is true and accurate that Cyrus freed the many slaves of many different cultures. Hebrew and African amoung them. All permitted to leave the City and return to their own homelands. This caused initial grief and chaos in the City. Once it was known that Persians themselves would fill the roles and create a better democracy for all, the Babylonians were in agreement.

Babylon's great architecture and landscaping became a foundation and a template for future developing areas. Painstakingly copied in small regions of fertile river valleys within mountain ranges of the region.

But the complete Heart of Babylon. Her lush and vibrant gardens and incomparable daughters would not be found anywhere else ever again. Thus giving Babylon a place in the History of all civilization.

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XERXES - Persepolis - the Gate of the People

Entrance to the Gate of Nations

Persepolis - the Gate of the People

It is true and accurate that Persia was a kingdom of many Nations. Some of these Nations came to Persia in request of trade or support or protection. Some Nations encroached on Persia and received due recompense as well as induction into Persia.

Under Cyrus Persia was united in glory and mercy. He was a just ruler with a heart and learned equally from those neighboring kings who sought his counsel. My father Darius fell swiftly into the footsteps of Cyrus through the great council from my Mother Atossa. Who better to know the heart of Cyrus than his daughter. Under Darius and Atossa Persia expanded and thrived.

Darius recognized the need for structure and governance in this expanding kingdom. Persepolis was begun as a capital under the direction of Cyrus. Three generations later my sons and I continued this endeavour. But it was Darius who commanded the construction of the greatest portion of this great city.

In great anticipation I was tasked with the design and construction of a ceremonial hall. One that served as a gateway to the palaces. A gallery of all Nations with space to display the best of the best that was produced in each nation. Pottery, paintings, mosaics, instruments, textiles, and even plants.

Construction of this grand structure began in the Spring. With the dedication of hundreds of hands and nearly a thousand craftsmen the Hall was completed before winter. It is true and accurate that it was dedicated as the Gate of all Nations.

It is more accurate to share that this Hall was the Gate of all peoples. Welcoming benches lined with soft cushions of the finest cotton and silk lined the interior walls. Large, hand carved wooden benches were placed throughout to encourage conversations and to provide edges to a large walkway along the walls.. In the center there were tables with displays of arts and crafts. Any one could bring a piece into this Hall and display it for all Nations of Persia to admire. The Hall was not limited to Persian access. It was a welcoming entry to the dignitaries and royalty from kingdoms both east and west of Persia. It was a jewel in the Persian crown.

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Status Update with Nabrac


Terran: Hello Nabrac!


Terran: Quite the mess down here.


Terran: Are we at the end of this madness yet?




Terran: Only love is real

Nabrac: YES.


Terran: I’m feeling very strong energies this week. My body pulses with them.



Terran: There are times, from my human perception I wonder if this form will make it to the fun part.


Terran: I have been doing healing on myself and “the vitals” seem to confirm there is healing.


Terran: I need to condition this form still,  to maintain it.



Terran: I infer that from the seeming impossible scenarios I survive.  

Terran: What I really am, is going to be a surprise till the end, right?


Terran: Do you know what happened to me in the first 48 hrs at the hospital? I felt between dimensions.


Terran: I had a dream in 2006 where I was told I was trans-spacial.


Terran: I am presuming Thor and company are very busy.  I’m not too clear how the purported “Galactic Federation”fits into everything we experienced prior to their arrival. They arrived late.

Terran: Feels like disclosures yet to come there.


Terran: Wonderful! I did not like where that was headed.


Terran: But flow to where?


Terran: Many times when I feel to do something I feel this “no… this has to play out yet… ”.