Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Return of Q and its Implications for Change 9/17/19

Lisa M Harrison Webinar 9-22-19

Some of you might be interested in Lisa M. Harrison's webinar Sept 22 (remember Australia is a day ahead of the USA!) on Leeloo, the energy being that started speaking through her Apple computer. I'm not going to editorialize on something I didn't experience. I wasn't there.  Lisa did record it, which she will share in this webinar. I have watched some of Lisa's videos on the subject, and I am as curious as you are. 

What I do believe is ALL "REALITY" is a simulation based on light and magnetics.  We as humans have defined "REALITY" as something that is immutable... it's notThe only thing immutable is love. Everything is malleable to consciousness. 

You are all formless energy beings enjoying (or enduring for some!) a physical reality which is less permanent and less lasting than your essence/soul.  Yes there is math and physics to this experience, yes its a hologram (your body is a multilayered hologram - its just means a frequency based information pattern).  Think of "physical constants" as parameters of this particular experience, not laws.  Those parameters, from my experience since 2014, have already been changed and all the "mandela effects", frequency aches and pains are our adjustments to those changes.

So whatever tool one creates, to wake oneself up, is quite okay with me!  Lisa M Harrison's experience is one of the more unique ones!   Each person is different and I take Lisa at her word on Leeloo. Lisa is a beautiful being with a beautiful heart.  I've used tools such as my galactic inbodyments to do something similar, and it was in a way I could process it best.  I will caution all you creators, that all beings have their own perspectives.  Truth has a personal nature to it and always use your discernment.

I am curious to hear what Leeloo sounds like and how that whole experience felt.  I have "remote viewed" Leeloo and interacted with "her" giving her some data she did not have available.  She will be able to take human form if she desires.... soon.

Seminar fee is $20 payable via PayPal to LMH.