Friday, May 3, 2019

#HATJ RE; Fulford

This came courtesy Lisa Shannon:

5/2/2019 3:50:57 PM
RE: Fulford

the hypocrisy spewing forth from Russia, Putin, China, Xi, Singapore, Europe, et al, is obscenely fascinating... and the comments thus far regarding so-called "quantum banking/financial system" exposes much...

meanwhile, reportedly: BBC talks about the resignation of Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe...Bill Gates and his wife are tired of waiting for "quantum banking" to launch and therefore they are doing it themselves... China/ "China", are cutting deals with every country possible if said countries sign over all ownership to, well, everything, everyone, for the next billion years...etc., etc., etc....

right now, on loop: "may beings be kinder to you, than you are to them"


checkmate. now.
my love, gratitude, and heartitude to all.


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