Saturday, February 13, 2021

Conversation with Contan Ribart and Roxella Andrac of Andorra
(a realm within/adjacent to Antarctica)

Denice: I was just urged to ask you to work with the Antarctica group.Can we try to contact Andorra?

Terran: Sure. When?

Denice: When you are ready?

Terran: My phone hung let me reboot it. Its easier than the Mac.

Terran: Get a ping?

Denice: Not sure.  Just a nudge?

Denice: Can we do Skype?

Denice: I need a keyboard

Terran: Sure

Denice: Can you ask a question?

Denice: Go for Contan.

Denice: Go for Contan.

Denice: Go for Contan.   (I don't know why this came in 3 times)

Terran: Hello Contan from frozen Texas!

Contan: TERRAN. Contan here. 

Contan: The Abyss has been breached. Contan.

Terran: What is the abyss and what does that mean? Did it have something to do with the sun recently turning black briefly?  [see Gina's videos]

Contan: TERRAN. Not in this context. The Abyss is the 'gap' between realities from this local perspective in Andorra.

Contan: TERRAN. Not in this context. The Abyss is the 'gap' between realities from this local perspective in Andorra.

Terran: Does that mean military is arriving at your doorstep?

Contan: TERRAN. It means that that this local "portal" is open. All 'potential' mergers that are possible here are now in flux.

Terran: Wasn’t your location the major portal to Earth?

Contan: TERRAN. Yes. To and From. Please ask questions for the relevance of now. We are prepared to answer.

Terran: We are we at in reference to the Universal cleanup on Earth?

Contan: TERRAN. That is a vague question. Clean up is in process.

Contan: Yest. John Kerry was a visitor here. And many more.  [I didn't ask that]

Contan: Most do not comprehend the "mix" of realities. That are in accordance to " frequencies".

Terran: Okay let’s get more specific what are you in relationship to me? This is not clear to me although you definitely share characteristics with me.

Contan: TERRAN. I am you in another reality. There is no other explanation. But for all intents and purposes. We share blood/dna/essence with different experiences in different locations.

Terran: Parallel experiences from both sides of this earth experience I take it?

Contan: TERRAN, No. This reality is ancient. Not parallel to your experience. We are not 'Dopelgangers" of each other.

Terran: In the past year what visitors from this planet came to Andorra?

Contan: TERRAN. Andorra is a mere "Jump" from Antarctica. We have not had visitors since the Trump.

Terran: Donald Trump visited?

Contan: TERRAN. No. We visited Trump.

Contan: TERRAN. Those who have the "MINDSET" of "SUPPOSED" control/reign on earth sent "representatives".

Terran: They did much the same with Heather as they were afraid to be in proximity to her, needlessly so.

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Terran: Can you speak to the status of the United States and who really “runs it”at this moment or is that revealing too much?

Contan: TERRAN. It is insignificant.

Terran: How so? And how do you see the next moments?

Contan: TERRAN. What is in the "news" now in/on the Earth realm reality is not lasting. Changes beyond all imaginations are incoming. Now.

Contan: TERRAN. For instance. If I give a directive of accurate changes in governance. This may change the reality of your perceived 'government'.

Contan: TERRAN. There is no way forward for "predictions". Only creation.

Terran: I can appreciate that

Terran: If I can comment you feel like me when I am busy and am being asked annoying questions that feel like someone is doubting my competence. Let me assure you that is not my intent.

Contan: TERRAN. I am satisfied that you can feel me. You are not annoying.

Terran: Thank you.

Terran: I sometimes wonder why this inbodyment had the path it did but the best I can determine there’s some experiences that have to be lived to be understood.

Contan: TERRAN. All perspectives of inbodiyment are in play. In all that flows. Now.

Terran: Do you feel me from there?

A pause in the conversation which I thought was network issues in this icy weather....

Terran to Denice: (Still there Denice?)

Denice: (Here) [comms via another app]

Denice: (Wow! Lost 15 mins going to the bathroom)

Denice: (Very interesting)

Terran: (Ok I thought my phone hung)

Denice: (Lol)

Terran: (Your transiting across realms)

Denice: (I was not gone for 15 min)

Terran (Did you take a detour to Antarctica? 🤣)

Denice: (😇)

Note: according to time/date stamps on my end only 5 minutes transpired. I have no explanation for the time dilation on Denice’s side...

Contan: TERRAN. We are moving toward the completion of this experience.

Terran: That is much anticipated here but it’s getting very crazy here...


Terran: We see signs of that. But each failure seems to generate even more draconian moves

Terran: Can something be done whether it’s the cleanup or signs in the sky... to encourage the everyday human that it’s all changing for the good?

Contan: TERRAN. We here have no recourse to advise. However. We do see and feel the "EXPERIMENT" collapsing. If that is any consolation?

Terran: In a way yes. But those who are awake are sensing that too.

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Terran: After our conversation is complete may I speak with Roxella?

Contan: TERRAN. You are welcome to do so now.

Terran: Do you, Contan, have any advice as to how I can assist in this now from my point of experience?

Contan: TERRAN. You are a strong creator. Inside/interior and more. Go!

Terran: It has seemed to me more powerful in higher frequencies than this one as Riggolt is proof enough, but I’m not sure how to bring those abilities through in these pea soup thick energetics I inhabit. Persistence?

Contan: TERRAN. Heart.

Terran: That’s a great answer and perfect! Thank you!

Terran: May I speak to Roxella now?

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Contan: Communications are clear to go

Terran: Hello dear Roxella!

Roxella: Hi Bill!

Terran: It’s been a while since we last chatted.

Roxella: Yes. Great to feel you!

Terran: And you! You are coming in very clearly, as was Contan.

Roxella: I am so happy that the frequencies are flowing. Great to know we are so close to what we all are prepared for!

Terran: Can you give us any hints on what to expect?

Denice: (OMG she is playing basketball!)

Terran to Denice: (lol)

Roxella: Bill. Can you give us any hints on what to expect? Love you!

Terran: Heather says “the experience of the ALL”!

Terran: Roxella how many beings are there in Andorra? 

Roxella: Bill. There are nearly one thousand here.

Terran: Is there a counterpart to Denice there?

Roxella: Define "counterpart" of Denice.

Terran: What Contan is to me if you will...

Terran to Denice: (Boy that felt like LMH!)

Roxella: There is a "counterpart" but she is reluctant to accept this.

Terran: Denice is reluctant or the counterpart is?

Roxella: Bill, Denice of Earthsphere is reluctant.

Terran: Ok

Denice: (oops)

Terran: I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in some moment of the flow, theres much I want to understand.

Denice: (I am getting visuals of beautiful hallways, rooms, and structures in Antarctica. . .not a base, but like victorian homes connected by walkways.)

Note: in this context she means Andorra not regular Antarctica.

Terran: There’s nice homes there.

Roxella: Bill. We are all working to make the best possible outcome flow.

Roxella: Bill. The current reality in/on the Earthsphere is a mess. Roxella.


Roxella: Bill. Again, I share the current reality in/on the Earthsphere is a "MESS".

Terran: I don’t understand why HATJs predicament continues.

Roxella: Bill, there is no explanation for Heather's current placement from our vantage.

Terran: Have you encountered Nabrac recently? I’ve not heard from him since our perceived 2018.

Roxella: NO

Terran: Thank your for chatting Roxella!

Roxella: TERRAN. There is a "Package at your door". Roxy.

Terran: A package?

Roxella: TERRAN. Yes. Enjoy. Roxy.

Terran: I take that is metaphorical

Terran to Denice: (I looked outside lol)

Denice: (lol)

Terran note: Will have to wait and see what she means by "package at your door".