Thursday, February 27, 2020

Wheels again!

I have wheels again!  Turned out to be a cracked spark plug (like in Portland but this mechnic was better and I didn't have to buy a coil first before he found the bad plug) so ivhad all six spark plugs replaced and it runs great!

Special thanks to Mark and Derek!  I have fuel to work the next three days!  Much appreciated!

Love you all!


Misc. things and thoughts

The corona virus hype is going into full swing now. My YouTube feed had a campaign ad by Michael Bloomberg attacking Trump's response to COVID19... which is kind of strange given the relative lack of infections in the USA...  makes you wonder at the funding of that virus doesnt it?  And these strange hotspots that seemingly are in random locations like Milan Italy and nearby mountains. The Chinese bought out the Milan fashion houses several years ago and the Chinese have been buying Italian vineyards and olive oil estates.  

Speaking of pandemics, my grandmother came down with the 1918 Spanish flu on their remote ranch in eastern Montana.  It was one of the most devastating epidemics of history, and particularly tough on pregnant women and fetuses.  My grandmother was pregnant with my father when she came down with it.


“According to historian John M. Barry, the most vulnerable of all – "those most likely, of the most likely", to die – were pregnant women. He reported that in thirteen studies of hospitalized women in the pandemic, the death rate ranged from 23% to 71%.[83] Of the pregnant women who survived childbirth, over one-quarter (26%) lost the child.[84]”

YET...both survived it! My father was not a healthy child, he suffered from asthma and was small for his age.  As he grew into his teenage years he thrived and went on to become a Captain in the Army Air Corps of a P-38 squadron. He competed in long distance running while in the army. Dad, if anything was a very determined man. 

It’s a crazy moment. Twitter has never been wackier and fear and fear mongering is running fast and furious.  Breathe. Breathe again.  

Yes in one sense we never know when Source decides it’s time for us to go, but you have a lot more say in that than you realize, whether it’s strength of will to survive, common sense hygiene you’d do for any cold virus, or just understanding the power you have to shape your reality. If you are in fear your power is diminished.  The doctors thought I’d die of this designer bacteria from China in 2009... yet I’m still here. Wasn’t my time to go. 

Yesterday was a very strange day frequency wise. My car had an induction coil fail, and I got knocked for a loop myself, so I took a good long nap. My home internet connection would not work and all I had was my phone. 

I was worried as my car is also one way I make money and it’s out of commission for any long distance driving. Yet the owners of this house dropped by with some money reimbursing for some plumbing repairs I made, so I looks like I’ll have nearly enough to pay for the repair.  I went to a repair shop Bev recommended and they're getting my car in early in the morning and the worst case quote is $150 cheaper than when this same thing happened to me in Portland. 

I might not have enough for gasoline to work but I’ll be okay until when a check arrives next week. Who knows what happens in between?  Since 2013 what I need always comes. 

Tonight I’m in complete peace with it all. Data is flowing and abilities I have are turning on.  We are a whisper away from massive beautiful changes on this planet and that’s a knowing in my bones.

There’s been some dark night of the soul moments in the past month when it felt like past timelines were coming back for an ugly encore but it was more about thanking them for what they taught me and letting them go.  And as is often the hardest part with all of us,  loving ever bit of me, including those parts I try not to focus on. 

The only YouTube videos that interest me are Japanese woodworking and similar videos, and those goofy videos where a ten ton press squishes everyday objects (quite addicting to watch btw lol), and those primitive technology videos those guys in the jungles of the Philippines do. Don’t care for remote viewers of pandemics or web bots of doom. 

I care not a wit for second guessing viruses, what the banking cabal/Orion syndicate is up to. They are irrelevant to the future of this planet they made their choices. Every move against humanity backfires on them. Humanity will survive and will thrive, but some have chosen to leave form believing they can’t adapt to a new world. All choices are honored.

You heard of Where’s Waldo?  If you want to play a game, Where’s Xi? Anybody seen him lately? Even Ben Fulford is noticing his conspicuous absence.  It’s curious...

I love all you who read this blog. It’s a dedicated bunch of readers I have and I’m grateful to you all.

PS: I don’t have much news about Heather, I’ve not heard from her in 48 hrs, which may or may not mean she’s being moved. We will know soon enough. 


Monday, February 24, 2020

The Battle for YOUR Imagination

I witnessed something fascinating the other night.  I do some ride share driving to supplement the income, depending on what comes in via the blog.  I was driving on Congress Avenue in Austin, attempting to pick up a passenger.  Austin developers, like in many gentrifying cities, is removing 15-20 residential homes at a time to build 4-5 story apartment blocks.  Austin's developers are showing my sense of design than what I saw in Seattle but often these apartments are a tight fit on existing streets.  And in Austin they have one entrance/exit out, and its to a parking garage.  These entrances/exits are very poorly designed. This is also where ride share drivers pick up their rides which creates some issues with getting turned around without going into the parking garage which is often gated.  Pasadena California has similar apartment complexes.

As I was doing a 5 point turn, I spotted this skinny man on an electric scooter swinging his skinnny butt back and forth as he went bee-bopping back and forth down the street in serpentine fashion and blocking traffic behind him.  He seemed to be itching for a confrontation and he knew he was slowing down traffic. I said to the couple in the car "this guy has a death wish"... 

You could say this gentlemen was what those in Austin like to call a "protected class" And as I watched him approaching I slowed my exit, hell I was going to wait until was past me!  But behind him was this magnificent black woman (another protected class) who was having none of this guy's nonsense behavior blocking traffic and keeping her from entering her apartment complex! She jumps out of her Hyundai like she's going to kick his ass and starts giving him a much deserved scolding.  But that move was not well thought out either.

It was kind of funny, but then every comedy has its roots in tragedy. Its the tragedy part I didn't want to witness.  I began to feel like I was I was on the edge of an energy whirlpool not of my making, and lots of impatient drivers were making impulsive Friday night moves and none of the situation looked good as the scooter rider got into an argument with the black woman (who's car wasn't fully out of the street yet).  If an accident happens its going to hit my car too. 

A UPS truck momentarily blocked traffic and those guys are great drivers,  I gunned my car and got out of there.  The couple in the back said "Thank you for that!" as they were feeling it too.  It all felt messed up.  I got the couple safely to their Mexican Restaurant.

It got me thinking about the scooter rider, itching for a confrontation, and the magnificent black woman who showed up to give him just that!  And this quite funny argument that ensued in a very dangerous moment.  All of it created by the imagination of the scooter rider.  And none of it felt good.  That was what was noticeable to me was the energy of it all,  It was feng shui slamming into fucked up.

Imagination benders

Journalism: We all know that since Obama signed the law that official allowed US intelligence agencies to utilize the domestic press as a propaganda outlet.  They always did, but it was very subtle in the past.  And it appears, that large portions of the faces people see on the News are also on agency payrolls.  That has a curious side effect.  Since someone with a national security oath, can't talk about classified things without getting hauled into court, it means news readers can't talk about things like chemtrails, secret space programs, or any of the hundreds of things many of you regularly self educate yourself about.  They also can't name whistleblowers who are agency payrolls, which is why they got particular bent out of shape when various sources on the internet revealed the name of a "whistleblower" but the New York Times did not.  They can reference "public domain" sources like the New York Times or Washington post (but are barred by agency policy from reading Wikileaks).  This is why stuff is leaked to these newspapers and then echoed in the electronic media.

What are the two largest expenditures for companies and government (aside from defense)?

For companies its advertising.  Google, Facebook, and Amazon depending on that ad income, although Google and Amazon also make a good chunk of change hosting 2/3 or the internet servers on their cloud services (we can talk about the danger of having your business golden eggs in two baskets another time).  Amazon's advertising is internal to its platform, outside vendors are required to pay advertising now if they want any decent placement on Amazon's platform.

For Government Intel agencies are a huge expenditure.  Often completely beyond the control of whomever was elected to be the nations leader. Ostensibly they are for a country to gather intel on other countries and in particular, it's enemies.  But the Deep State has its roots in the ancient families that have ruled this planet since the fall of Atlantis.  From what we've seen since 2016, they do their bidding, not the President's.

But all that advertising and deep state propaganda is really trying to do is shape public IMAGINATION. 

There's so many crazy stories circulating about what is purportedly going on in China which was always opaque to the west.  And nothing scares the bejeezus out of people like impending death from a bug they can't see.  Add to that mysterious HOTSPOTS like Iran and a Korean cult, it all looks a bit strange doesn't it?   If something doesn't add up, if the jigsaw pieces don't fit, if a virus defies epidemiological mathematics, someones lying.   Someones trying to cause YOU to IMAGINE the UNIMAGINABLE... because there are limits on what they can do to you, but they can try to cause you to CREATE what they cannot.  Imagination of human beings is the real value on this planet.  The creativity of human beings is phenomenal.

IMAGINE THE BEAUTIFUL.  SEE IT ALL  PEACEFUL AND A NEW BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF JOY.  Abandon imaginings of dystopia.  Abandon the distrust they want you to have of each other.  Reject the fear that they have traditional used to herd human beings towards one cage or another.

I love you all!


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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Gaia Portal: Salients are lost in the planetary commotion

Salients are lost in the planetary commotion
by ÉirePort

Salients are lost in the planetary commotion.

Great leaders of Higher Energetic realms come to aid.

Strength of Spirit is encouraged.

Micronics have faded.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

#HATJ "...I am on the move.."

Subject: love all
Date: Feb 18, 2020 at 1:12 PM

just a note as i am on the move:

...the talents, skills, faculties that are physically activated in the body, and all that can be done within a "state of love, happiness, joy, satisfaction, and celebration"...that may seem as "super powers", "miracles", and "omniscience", is actually one's natural state of being...and it always, all ways has been one's natural state of being...

...once experienced, and consciously recognized as such within...the keys of love, happiness, joy, satisfaction, and celebration are forever utilized, protected, ensured, encouraged, cultivated and my experience, you consciously choose not to operate from any other state of being...and you are able to instantly convert other states of being that you experience into states of love, happiness, joy, satisfaction, and celebration easily.

love you.
love all.

Monday, February 17, 2020

#HATJ MESSAGE 2/17/2020

Denice and I just got identical emails from Heather (perhaps others did too??). We’re puzzling as to what it means...  I mean we always knew she loved us!

Then this came out from Q.  Related???  We wish we knew....

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cell Regeneration

Terran to Denice: Can you ask the data collectors whether there is something to this or if this is just a New age healing huckster?


Terran: Can they teach me how to do it?


Terran: In my work with Loie I learned there’s an entire pallet of pure love frequencies that I did not know existed prior.  Some are edgy, some euphoric, some restful, some sleep causing, some blissful, some even slightly arousing.

Terran: How would you describe the frequency between cells?


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mid Month update - THE LOG JAM BREAKS LOOSE!

The last couple of months have been difficult.  I'm finally over whatever it was that slammed me. I don't think its just me, I see all sort of people struggling with illness, or one issue or another. And then there's that viral mess in China... 

BTW Denice's husband is not feeling well either,  please send energies to her and her husband (she's asked me to not name her family members).   They do not know what the problem is yet. 

The "interim" between the old and new has seemed to drag on forever... with no hope of change in sight until the last week!  And could anyone stand to hear yet one more word on impeachment?  That too blew away like a tumbleweed down the old streets of Tombstone.

Then yesterday it was like a log jam busted loose! We've known since 2017 the corruption that is in the US District Court in DC, but what a whirlwind went through there yesterday. I am pasting some tweets (in text that can't be deleted from twitter by twitter)

Tom Winter

NBC News: All four prosecutors have now asked the judge to leave the Roger Stone case.

Michael Marando joins Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, and Adam Jed in leaving the case after the Justice Department publicly rebuked the their recommended sentence of 7-9 years.

4:35 PM 2/11/20
jack posobiec’s bull

You just have to love it when the swamp drains itself

4:39 PM 2/11/20

Sean Davis

Two down, how many more to go? The D.C. U.S. Attorney's office is apparently a rat's nest of corruption controlled by rogue operatives hired by Robert Mueller to overthrow Trump. The sooner these clowns all self-deport, the better.

Techno Fog

Significant Roger Stone developments -

DOJ Prosecutor Jonathan Kravis has "resigned as an Assistant US Attorney"

3:01 PM 2/11/20

Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn
Columnist for The Epoch Times

Wait wait, what?


Trump got Liu to step down as US Attorney for DC by nominating her to a top Treasury Dept. Job, then appointed Timothy O'Shea to be the new US Attorney for DC...and then he WITHDREW LIU'S NOMINATION the same day all these prosecutor's are QUITTING?!

6:09 PM 2/11/20

Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn
Columnist for The Epoch Times


Right as ALL FOUR Mueller prosecutors are resigning due to this fiasco with the Roger Stone case, Trump WITHDRAWS LIU'S NOMINATION TO THE TREASURY DEPT. JOB!…

Jonathon Swan

MORE: Per a source familiar, Liu was expecting to stay in her position as U.S. attorney through at least her hearing if not her confirmation. But then, unexpectedly, was informed that AG Barr was replacing her w Shea. Today, Trump withdrew her nomination.

6:21 PM 2/11/20

Updated 1 hour ago - Politics & Policy
Scoop: Trump pulls nomination for former U.S. attorney for D.C. to Treasury post

President Trump is withdrawing his nomination for former U.S. attorney for D.C. Jessie Liu to serve as the Treasury Department's undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes, a top position overseeing economic sanctions, according to two sources with direct knowledge.

The big picture: Liu was confirmed in September 2017 to lead the largest U.S. attorney's office in the country, overseeing a number of politically charged prosecutions that included the case against Trump associates Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and other spinoffs from the Mueller investigation.

* Liu stepped down from the U.S. attorney's office last month after Trump announced his intention to nominate her to the Treasury position in December 2019.

* Liu was expected to stay in her position through her confirmation — with a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee scheduled for this Thursday — but was unexpectedly informed last month that Attorney General Bill Barr was replacing her with his close adviser Timothy Shea.

* She was informed that Trump was pulling her nomination Tuesday afternoon.

Behind the scenes: This was "the president's call," according to a former administration official familiar with the situation.

The decision, which was made today, has administration officials questioning the circumstances that led to Trump changing his mind — with the developments in the Roger Stone case today being the only new information they are aware of.

* Four career prosecutors from the D.C. attorney's office withdrew from the Stone case after the Justice Department overruled them on a sentencing recommendation.

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#HATJ Message to Denice 2/4/20

Denice on 2/4/2020 5:51 PM wrote:

Hundreds of millions saw J Lo sing on the floor Sunday during the half time show of the Super Bowl!!!

Wooo hoooo!!

Much love!!

To: Denice
Date: 2/4/2020 9:20:15 PM
Subject: “CUE: . . .On the floor” by j-Lo, seeeeeeee?...and without having to pay any advertising fees, without doing "traditional contractual obligations", without being limited by any communication/transmission/frequency/vibrational regs, etc., etc., etc...

hugs, loves, gratitude, and heartitude, in celebration with all, by all, for all!


#HATJ Message to Lisa Shannon 2/6/20

To: Lisa Shannon
Date: 2/6/2020 10:07:25 AM
Subject: RE: Blossom 02.20.2020

"...This 'storm' is a build up of events and as each one 'becomes exposed' the bigger the uproar which leads to 'the final straw'..."


Love You

Monday, February 10, 2020


UPDATE 1: Corrected date typos to 2017 (thanks Martha!)

I apologize for the late post of this and I have not yet pulled in the timeline from the Mueller report or the significant dates from the beginning of Q and the court hearings.  

Suffice it to say that Heather was laughed at by the prosecution and FBI When she testified that there was an attempt to remove Donald J Trump by foreign actors and agents. Nobody laughs now, it’s patently obvious a well financed coup attempt was in play against Donald J Trump. 

She also said there a simultaneous ongoing Universal Cleanup of government by the military in cooperation with others  in their respective countries/realms. 

I will add to this Timeline as I get time.  But I thought I best get this out there. All dates given by Heather are for the year 2017.


Basic timeline

HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 12/12/2019 10:19:21 AM wrote

one level "window" given began 7/14/17...

another level, "window" given began 7/20/17, however, this one mainly given because there was much fear and anger from overseas (and later by locally imbedded agents) at my "audacity" of being in WA D.C. to begin with...

.....based on then intel, escalating foreign rhetoric to "remove [DJT] by any means necessary", and historical performance of performing such imminent threats, affirmative actions by universal "clean up" crews to protect DJT were initiated beginning approximately 10:30 p.m. e.s.t., 

7/24/17...i believe it was Strozk/McCabe's crew (a secret service dude, and at least one international british operator...thank you "patriot act and its successors!" LOL) that came to Trump hotel and interrupted my smoke, lol...AND with full committment of Universal sources, resources, intel, unified cooperation of all teams/crews, etc., were given and done thereafter, and continue to be given and done, for all humanity.

.....hugs, love, gratitude, heartitude, and celebrations for all, by all, with all.

HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF on 12/13/2019 2:21:43 PM wrote
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Gotcha ;)

Let's see...approximate dates/events relevant perhaps:

7-1-17 thru 7-4-17: Federal Reserve rocked.

(approx) 7-5-17 thru 7-14-17: China orders and transacts dump of U.S. securities/monetary instruments.

7-11-17: Dirty grab of RKB using local FBI and no warrant.

7-14-17: Window for meet opened and made transparent via skype... almost immediately thereafter, Parker Still called me and put off due to Universal Unification coordinations being done for/with US Military.

7-17-17:  Meet up between Janet Yellen and Trump's daughter; Intel received regarding transport order and court hearing to ship RKB to place that didn't/doesn't exist with coordination of/with local TN atty to quash/terminate said order/transport.  

Immediate emergency flight scheduled and done from TX to TN to insure RKB not disappeared by Fed Res and its agents.

7-18-17: Meet up with local TN atty (already approached by local FBI), and successful coordination of quashing "disappear" and the false transport/ship order and case; Intel received late night regarding escalation of foreign agendas in D.C., with immediate emergency jump scheduled for next a.m. from TN to D.C..

7-19-17: My plane from TN to D.C. delayed for hours while all other flights from D.C. to TN and TN to D.C. flew. Hodge podge team of swat dudes (mixed law enforcement to state to fed) in terminal with real time communications with Panama Jack; Late arrival in D.C..

7-20-17: Numerous Federal Reserve Presidents teleconferencing with Janet Yellen; My arrival at Pennsylvania Ave, with simultaneous partial shut down of street by Secret Service... with eventual clearance; Comms with Panama Jack, Jonathan D. Betts, and whats-his-name..."King of Hawaii" guy recognized by U.N... even if i remember his name, i can't pronounce it, lol; 

Meet proffered through level "reluctantly" transitioned out of power/groups attempting to remove DJT from office; Simultaneous coverage of announcement of Mueller as special counsel.

7-21-17 through 7-24-17: Fuckupary by said group attempting to remove DJT from office... a lot of fuckupary, lol.

7-24-17 @ approximately 10;30 p.m.: Actions taken to signal Unification, protection, and overlight imbeded agents throughout three branches...

7-25-17: said imbeded agents come out of wood works... lol <3

hugs, love, and celebrations

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Update 1: Wuhan Corona Virus

Terran note: #HATJ frequently used the phrase “same old girl in a new party dress” to refer to banking resets, RVs, QEs, etc... ie taking the same old methods and repackaging them as something new when they are anything but new.

Thor did not specify where the virus came from only that it was “museum” quality (to be studied by biologists?), indicating to me at least, probably not from the natural environment.

I had limited time with Denice tonight so this is all I have and there’s a lot to be read between the lines...

Terran: How serious is the Wuhan corona virus and where did it came from?

Terran: Is it being remediated as Cobra purports

[The part from Cobra about US agents infiltrating a Chinese Level 4 biolab in Wuhan and dumping the booty in a street market is beyond ludicrous - this appears to me to be Chinese hubris and a huge cock up.  Especially after the years Fulford has been promising revenge on a certain cabal faction for SARS - I'd say this put them in the same category as the faction they hate... since they were tinkering with the same virus. Zerohedge has an excellent article HERE (which got them booted from Twitter.]

Terran: Why preserved?


Update 1:

Background.  Cat vanishes Jan 13, miss that bright little creature.  January 21 I got a mystery fever with no symptoms other than a 102 F fever, no congestion, no tummy issues..  I sometimes do ride share driving which means I am contact with air travelers. A couple of days later I had, what seemed, a repeat episode of a leg inflammation (in 2009) that was then attributed to MRSA but matched no MRSA I have ever researched.  I was told by the Galactics in 2015 it was a Chinese Military bioweapon specifically tailored to my DNA. Death by slow suffocation via sepsis. And I did die and had the near death experience thing, got sent back to my body and I am still here. They knew who I was before I did.  Time viewing tech?  I dunno.  I was reading all the Chinese Dragon PR BS about Chinese Elders bringing the golden age so it wasn't like I was their enemy at that point in time.

But this time it was only one leg, not both.  It spooked me.  First my cat vanishes then this.  I had the Andromedan Dr Raeno work on my leg energetically remotely and it after a few days the inflammation vanished.  The leg is going to need some attention for a few days, and lots of colloidal silver.  The inflammation went down and I did find a spot that was particularly painful that I couldn't identify when the calf was twice its normal size.  Someone either poked me with something on the back of the leg or one of our local Texas spiders or scorpions nailed me but good.  I did rearrange the room and vacuum prior to this happening so I am not ruling out a very pissed off insect.  Last Friday was the first day I felt normal.

Denice's husband has been quite ill and will be released from the hospital soon. That illness is not yet known.  There's been a lot going on.

This is HATJs reply to my inquiry to Thor. You didn't think all our conversations were unicorns and rainbows did you?  I am using the good writer rule of thumb to "be naked in your writing", although it not something my ego wants to do right now.  Fuck my ego.

Hey.... I've been through some pretty weird shit and I don't use it like David Wilcock does to promote my articles.  You do this work and stuff happens.  Doesn't mean you stop doing what is important nor feel sorry for yourself.   One the positive side there's been massive downloads of information since the fever, and internal "screens" have come on.  Not that I yet know what to do with all the data coming in... that might be a few weeks.

Date: Feb 2, 2020 at 1:18 AM

Have you forgotten so quickly what happened when they attempted the so-called "Ebola virus" misinformation/disinformation bullshit in 2014?...patented by the U.S, yes, but only because the true provocateurs did not want to dirty their "own yard"...and the B.Z., Dani, Lisa, and all the media teams exposed the agendas and documentation...hence, Congresswoman Feinstein attempted to then pass legislation to regulate "alternative media" all ways, always, but failed in her measures?

...just a repeat, but this time no one would lend their "yards" to get it had to be done "in-house"...desperate move that does not  produce the intended result sought...

...kinda like Nene willing to blow up (using "gifted tech" only one person on this planet had knowledge of/access to, aka Puti) his own home (and family) while sustaining superficial wounds in the desperate hope of gaining sympathy and support and distracting others from his "indictments"...

...and I hope Cobra finally thought of a new name for his group because all resistance is shown for what it is...made-up, non-existent, lol...

hugs, love, and celebrations for all, by all, with all