Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Update 2: GW Hardin: Angelic intervention to protect the children

Microscope photo of a hydra found in a pristine vaccine bottle

Terran note: A conversation with GW Hardin (revised and edited slightly after clarification on some wording) plus grammar and spelling corrections. The message remains the same.  For those who did get vaccinated, not all vial batches have side effects, it seems they wanted this crime to appear as a statistical anomaly.  If you have experienced side effects you might also want to read Clif High's vax repair protocol, he can be found on Telegram at As with all data use your higher discernment, stay out of fear, and remember you can create consciously, or unconsciously through fear (not the results you'd like).

Terran: This is the most complex moment off world because of all the interlocking agreements between these off world groups.

GW: What's really puzzled me is the strange silence from the angelics.

Terran: Lots of beings holding their breathe because none knows how this plays out. Only Source knows.

GW: And you're right. It was hanging in the balance.

GW: The only thing I've heard from the angelics is about the children.

Terran: What did they say?

GW: The [Orion] grays [aka Maitre] had a tech in place that could have wiped out [human] reproduction. Humanity had to step up to the plate to prevent this within a two week window on January.

GW: At the last minute humanity came up with the numbers. So human.

GW: From what I could discern this had to do with the birth a new consciousness on Dec 21, 2022. The grays came up with a new version of the “slaughter of the innocents” to stop the consciousness from arriving. Christmas all over again. [referencing King Herod’s order to kill all babies born in the year Jesus/Yeshua was born (Matthew 2:1-20).  Jesus was not born on Christmas, but the "Bethlehem star" is part of the Christmas narrative.]

GW: The Angelics were involved in the consciousness not being born in a single body. All the children born on the solstice embody the new consciousness.

GW: This would actually make the galactics a bit uncomfortable. Humanity once again is the progenitor of new consciousness. Making earth a spiritual hub.

Terran: I suspect you will find they continue to be born...

GW: To wipe out reproduction, the grays had a hydra lifeform inserted in the vaccine for children which is now mandated. The hydra was virtually indestructible. And connected to AI hive queen [gray-reptilian] consciousness. This would have permanently enslaved all children.

GW: Humanity had to step up to the plate to enable angelics to sing forth tones (songs) to permanently silence the hydra. To hear the angels sing, once again. Free will had to honored. Enough of humanity stepped up at the last minute.

Terran: I was aware of hydra being found in some adult injections. Wasn't clear if that was deliberate or sloppy labs... [contamination]

GW: Deliberate.

Terran: The data comes in as symbols?

GW: Consciousness info came from Ophaniel, symbols. Great consciousness with this new generation.

GW: Partly symbols, part dowsing. I ask a lot of questions. Part dreams.

GW: The hydra info is from Danaan.

Terran to Denice: Can you ask Stan or Thor about these purported hydra creatures in injections? Grey in origins?


Terran: These hydra, once in the body will antiparasitic drugs kill them?

Terran: Do they get transferred to non-infected people via body fluids?

Terran: What is the nature of AI control of them? To cause pain? Transfer information or thoughts? How do hydra disrupt human reproduction?



GW: OMG. thanks. Will attempt to [find] the videos I saw and email to you.

GW: From Danaan' s book...

The people of the Intergalactic Confederation, who just arrived in our star system, brought with them a technology able to kill the synthetic hydra vulgaris present in the lethal injections that the Earth Cabal has tried to impose on Humanity. These intergalactic people, who call themselves the Seeders, or the Founder races when it comes to Earth’s history, are master geneticists.

GW: Xtra ... 

Nebu (Gray) tech, this evil hydra creation is synthesized to the point of perfection. We cannot kill them physically, but our intergalactic friends know a way to dislocate their particles to avoid the tissues’ cells to bind back again and regrow new bodies. And sound can do that. This antidote is based upon a very specific sequence of several sonic frequencies coupled with a particular electromagnetic pulsation, interacting with the flux of the planet’s bio-electric field. From: THE SEEDERS: The Return of the Gods.

Terran note: I am not sure if Nebu and Maitre are the same beings. I need to research that. Unfortunately all beings of that phenotype have been called "greys" which unnecessarily stigmatizes those who had no negative orientation.  That's how bigotry gets started.

GW: I should add that in Danaan’s new book, Seeders, she also talks about the hydra and credits the Galactics for sending out the freqs to manage the hydra.

Terran: The difference between angel beings and galactic beings is just frequency. As you brought to our attention years ago they all have DNA. And it is present in our DNA GW HARDIN:A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power and GW Hardin - We of the Unknown Universe: Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract

GW: Interesting. In Seeders Danaan says hydra can't be killed by drugs. Later, spends several chapters on the return of Enki who brings back original human DNA print. Which is indestructible.

Terran: The ORIGINAL Stan speaks of is in the same context Heather speaks of it. Access to ALL and ALL abilities. (What you described once as the "human-angel".) Earth has not been ORIGINAL during the entire experience/experiment in separation. The experience/experiment was one of limitation.

GW: Enki=Aya=Ea=Prince Ea

Terran: Do you suppose the word Earth derives from Ea'rth?

GW: Could be. Danaan uses Terra

Terran: Enki and Enil didn't create humanity. They may have altered some of it.

GW: The milky way is called Nataru. Yes on creating humanity. She says 22 Seeders.

Terran: We are the 5th civilization in Earth's history. Some were much more advanced. This is why history is suppressed

GW: Agree. She calls the 5th the Adamu.

Via email:

GW: Per our texting… Naturally, there is significant character assassination surrounding this. Is it justified? We have to use personal discernment.


Paul from Ireland wrote:

Hiya Bill! ,,, here's a couple of links. The Schumann archive is very interesting for the period 21st December to 12th January inclusive, including a phase which i've labelled "The Big Blue" which is a very low frequency, much lower than 7hz. Never seen that before and it seems evident that they must have either known or seen something coming and they were offline between the 2nd and 6th January as you will see.

On the period just after 21st of December, 2022, you can see a shift happening, visually, in the readings ... if you compare it to the activity earlier in the month. Then it progresses to an offline status for 4 days and then "The Big Blue" .... deeep, deeep, deeep .... peace. I haven't mentioned it before, and the GW article has sparked the correlation NOW :-)

... also, if you look at the 2nd of january, on the right hand side you'll see a small circular, spiral type section in the reading. It's just after that when they go offline. That shape never appears in the charts. It's almost like somebody saw that, knew what it was and deliberately went offline until whatever was happening there had abated. So effectively we;re blind to what was going on for those 4 days.

Terran reply: That's really interesting. I remember the blue-ness. I remember thinking at the time it was peace and quiet. That the schumman was a kind of brain jamming thing.


Toshiro wrote: 

Hi Terran.

Thanks for great blogpost yet again and I do really feel the energetics these days and when I saw what Paul shared with you and his BIG BLUE  definition and your BLUE-NESS I came to think about the Hopi and their BLUE STAR KATCHINA.

Not that I see these massive changes as apocalypse DOOM and gloom destruction of all things and see their prophecy as fully correct, but it was more over about this Blue-ness which they saw AS the last sign before the so called purification day. 

I just felt I wanted to share this with you as well.