Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Update from Heather 6/19/18

To: William Ferguson
Subject: RE: Varlan's clerk
Date: 6/19/2018 2:31:38 PM

fed res, et. al.

my love and gratitude for spenser, and tranquility and grace to his loved ones
p. s. we have been in lockdown since saturday... numerous 24-75+ lockdowns since prison reform summit... tablet died as i was writing BZ a detailed report for marshal and pam spees (CCR)... and requesting an immediate appearance of the us marshal at RDWDF to speak to each of the female fed inmates and get detailed accouts of the offenses directly, although i have observed many done... but tablet "died" just as i was sending

... the us marshal, et. al. , are liable/responsible for the well being, rather lack of well bieng, descrimination, and other human rights abuses committed by RDWDF employees against the female fed inmates. ... us marshal is either unaware, or dropped the ball here, as the domestic and global human tafficking, slavery, money laundering, etc. , operations are wound down now

... if it is the latter, apparently, more responsible and caring beings are required to step in now to ensure/insure only well being is experienced... by all <3 br="">
call everyone as soon as i can... i now have fully charged tablet

love all