Monday, March 18, 2019

GAIA PORTAL: Mellorites are handled as challenges arise

Mellorites are handled as challenges arise
by √ČirePort

Mellorites are handled as challenges arise.

Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp.

Fortunate Light sources interweave the shadows.

Stellar companions present.

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Definition of mellorite

A silicate of ferric iron, calcium, etc., approaching garnet in composition, but with optical properties similar to those of an orthorhombic pyroxene. Formed by the action of basic slag on silica brick in a steel furnace.

Ascension is "Pre-Approved, Pre-Paid, Pre-Deposited"

I'm noticing a trend last couple of weeks. It's really not new, but an extension of a much older line of thought of a "two worlds" ascension scenario, which itself is just a rehashed Christian Rapture in a new age party dress.

The idea you have to "EARN" ascension out of these lower frequencies is just flat out manipulation. The really funny part of the "ya gotta really want ascension" line of thinking is many of those spouting this line of reasoning are the same ones noticing the Mandela effects, and timelines collapsing into one timeline!    And eventually there's no time at all, just the ever present now demarcated by moments of thought rather than tics of a clock.

There's also the ones promoting whatever esoteric hierarchical mystery school revenue stream they are attached to (Ra's Law of One perhaps? You do know Ra had his welly boots deep in the Earth slavery systems - and his human inbodyment worked for the bankers right?).  A preacher has to have his flock and recurring revenue stream it seems.

The Vatican is a united nations of secret societies and mystery schools.  And what a cesspool of an organization that is.

In the banking legal work Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf did, there's a recurring set of wording in the legal filings "Pre-Authorized, Pre-Paid, Pre-Deposited"...  and its been perceived a number of ways and I am not saying any of those perceptions are necessarily wrong, just perhaps not expansive enough.  Your value exists because YOU EXIST!   This planet is infinitely valuable! 


It's frankly a whole lot easier to recreate the people here than it is to recreate the culture in its infinite variety that humans have created.  Culture and languages and art are meta creations by human beings who lived here.

Humanity has been enslaved a very long time and slavery implies "without compensation" or "diverted energy" to those who stole it.  What is coming is a cosmic compensation, a balancing out of some very unbalanced energies.  Banking was the monetary/esoteric engine of that enslavement.   It's being pulled apart in the opposite sequence it all came together.  Thread by estoric thread.  It's not yet quite complete, but soon will be. 

If you can't image a world without money, without central banks and centralized control (and you thought only communists did that), then you are still deep into the enslavement mentality that has kept it all going. 

But back to the what has been termed "ascension" and you needing to earn it.  You have it coming, its not a choice except to leave form before or during it.  This planet needs it. The tough part is just accepting who you really are!  You are instance of Source, of all that is! 

So stay out of Judgement, there's a lot of hidden things being revealed, much of it vile in nature.

There's some who'd like you to be judgemental, because they either need political cover for what they want to do (in reality they simply have to do what they know is the right thing). 

Those lower frequencies must go, but don't fall into the lower frequency trap that some would put on you, that of judging what has been done. Observe it, notice it, but don't attach to it.  There's not a being in the universe that hasn't traversed lower frequency activities at one time or another.

There will be those few who will be leaving this planet, either because they are destructive to others, or are so frequency brittle (entrained to lower frequencies) they can't maintain a form in the frequency flux changes.  But there won't be a second Earth.  They'll simply leave form and come back at a moment more suitable for their growth, cleansed of their past energetic and frequency encumberments.

The more you can be in state of joy, the easier all these shifts are.  When it's over, what happened before the shift really won't matter much. 

It's kind of like going to college after high school, nobody really wants to go back to high school and all of its drama.  Who wants to revisit a bad dream?