Thursday, September 28, 2017

Knoxville Update - Septermber 28, 2017

Downtown Knoxville, TN

I know you are all anticipating some news of where we are on this court case and we have quite deliberately gone quiet.  Makes "them" nervous.  LOL!  😄

The jurisdiction hearing paperwork will be submitted shortly, and the rest of the court proceedings things go from there.  We have been quiet as Heather agreed to certain conditions with the court in order to be free enough to prepare her case.  You can literally do no preparation from jail. We also know from our sources we are heavily monitored (that's not really anything new, that's been going on for the last 5 years, but the focus of it right now is much more intense), by the usual US agencies and also the Russian Federation (which in this case basically acts a proxy for the Chinese).

Last few weeks have been a bit slower paced here in Tennesee, compared to the frenetic pace events were transpiring the prior 6 weeks, the worst of which was in DC when the case was still sealed in Tennesee, and we could get no information at all.  A huge team of people went to work phone all the jails in the DC area until we tracked her down, but even after we paid for the accounts to be able to "video visits" they never allotted her a slot within that computer system to even schedule.  Each prison had a different phone and email and commissary system that we had to prepay so we could stay in communication and Heather could get basic needs met like hair combs and tooth paste. What has come blatantly clear is the prison systems suck a huge amount of money out of poor families and don't provide much for what they charge.    I'll let Heather speak to what she saw in prison, those "whistleblowers" unlawfully detained, and the myriad of other things as she feels to do.  She tells stories much better than I do in any case.

First week or so after Heather's release was mostly spent by us decompressing from the stress of getting Heather out of her 30 day multi-state tour of the US Federal Prison system.  Heather's journey was no picnic either but she did make the most of it and saw a side of life few us ever see.

Heather's husband was here for the August 29 hearing when she was released from custody and was with me when we picked her up that evening at the Knox County Jail.  Heather was supposed to be released within just a few hours of Judge issuing the order, but the Federal Marshals lost a form they needed to fax to the county jail about the release.   So it was about 11:30 that night before she actually got out.  I waited at the hotel with her husband, and as it got close to 9 PM I got this "knowing" it was time to go, she was ready, and we caught an Uber car for the 35 minute ride to the jail.

Heather was smiling ear to ear as she saw us waiting in the lobby.   We walked out into the dark night of a parking lot lit with blueish mercury vapor lights, waiting for our Uber car to arrive.  Uber works quite well in town but on the perimeter of Knoxville you sometimes have to wait 30 minutes. Heather breathed in her first free breaths of fresh air outside the stale confines of the prison system.  She  laughed, said "OMG I need a cigarette! You can't get them in the prison commissary!" Her joy and humor is unstoppable, even while being in the worst living conditions possible.    Heather said the US Marshalls took very good care of her during her "30 day tour". 

Within a day or so of being released, the probation people from the US Marshals set up the electronic bracelet and tagged the perimeter of the house with an electronic monitoring box, and they come by every week or so make sure the electronics are still working.  The Marshal was here this morning for just that. I am not sure exactly how it works but I think the box is connected to the cell towers somehow.

Heather is working on her case which will be filed shortly for her Jurisdiction hearing.  I'm not providing any clues on how she approaches that, for obvious reasons.  The prosecution will get all that officially via the court. 

My job is simpler for the moment, its not so much being a quasi-paralegal ferrying papers around to courts,  and enriching the local Staples or FedEx store with copying, scanning or printing documents.  My tasks are making sure Heather  eats regularly (I'm a passable cook - although not as good as her husband) and whatever else needs to be down around here.    Heather can literally can work days on end non-stop if the moment requires it.  I have worked with Heather in different places the last 5 years so we both know each other pretty well and what to expect from each other.   I am the only one here with a drivers license so I have been buying groceries and getting supplies as needed as well and our host has been very gracious in allowing us to use the car to get supplies.

Judy Jandora is also here and has been helping Heather along with me researching data for the case, and generally keeping the mood here light and positive. I met Judy in Morocco but didn't really know her very well there.  Those that were on the Opal Tour with Brian Kelly, Lisa Harrison and Bob Wright, knew here better than I did.   But we are getting to know each other and she is very humorous and it all works very well in this situation.

Our host is a big fan of Scrabble board game and last night we played 5 rounds of the game.  Heather won 4 out of 5, and I mostly came in 2nd or 3rd place.  Probably the best Scrabble players I've ever encountered and the real humor is in the words that end up on the board.   There is something about board games that online gaming losing, and that's the personality interactions and the laughter that results from playing in person.  Laughter is very important, for its joy that gets you through tough moments.

We expect this whole case will not go past the jurisdiction hearing, and indeed it should not.  How that plays out precisely is not really known yet.  I am no lawyer so I depend on Heather's sense of how this will flow.   Heather can't help Randy much with his legal stuff right by court order.  The best thing she can do is present her own case since its all flows from the same circumstances.  It is all one case.

I may update this a bit more later, so check back.  There's more I would like to post, but I need to feel if this is the right moment for some of that data.    I will say this much it really feels like this is the last major doing before some major changes take place on this planet.   Much has shifted already.

Judging from how the expenses are going, I'd like to raise $1,500 this month.  Its no longer hotels and restaurant costs, we eat at home in any case, but its no longer just me either. There are still expenses with the case, transcripts etc... We are okay on housing expenses for the next 60 days, but we are feeding 4 and sometimes 5 people (when Heather's husband is here).  Its been a while since I bought food for this many people at once.  If you can help with that, please use the donation badge on the right of this blog OR send donations directly via your PayPal account to OBIWANKABUKI@GMAIL.COM.   

I love you all.


Email from Heather on 2 January 2013

I found this tonight while going through some old One People's Public Trust data for this hearing coming up in the Eastern District Court of Tennessee and applies now as much as it did then and Heather still feels the same way.    

On January 02, 2013 3:52 AM, Heather Tucci-Jarraf wrote:

AK, Brian, and D (KP too!) thank you for spending the moment.  I enjoy the humor and wonderful conversation.  I just wanted to address one matter… (for Now)   I read AK's and D's latest postings about the Public Trust.  One thing, only thing that made me uncomfortable…

I know it is very important for the people to identify… with other, their self, hope, truth, etc.  I thank you so much for helping us all, all of the people, to do that.  I am remembering soooo much.  All this resonates with me… I just ask you not make this about "Heather", or make me the face of the Public Trust especially when the Public Trust is just a tool of many in creations divine plan unfolding at this moment of present, or more importantly, not make this about the Public Trust....this is so about the people, the earth, the universe, and all of creation's manifestation so of self therein, individually and collectively.  This is critical.  It is vital.  Each of us is an example, a mirror, and a reflection of the Truth that IS, the power that IS, and this moment of present that is finally manifesting where everyone is finally remembering that by the knowledge from within.

Can you all help me, help us, help the people, help I AM to make sure that Truth BE reflected in unity rather than what I feel is starting to be “Heather”… I have never seen my name in print so many times (other than court documents… lol)!  It just resonates so much more when what IS is presented… well, I don't know...but I do know it is without "me, me, me, me"/Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather, in tone or word… if I presented that it was Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather in any way… well, then I failed miserably!!!! and I will kick my own ass and then you can all form a line from there… seriously.

I know that you will sense the matter that I am having an uneasy feeling about, which I am so poorly trying to articulate here  because my once-honed ability with words seems to be seriously failing me for the last 3 to 4 days… as new ways to communicate are starting to be remembered and implemented.

Do you "see?".  Please assist me here…  that is one thing you all can DO   (I so hope there is no ass-kickin' necessary at this moment, but I will bend over if it is due… lol).

with absolute gratitude
in absolute love

without prejudice

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf


Reprint from 3/13/2013:Open Letter to The Galactics

I found this tonight while searching for some other data. I forgot I had written this tongue-in-cheek piece, but many of the things we experienced then on this wacky planet still happen in 2017.

Open Letter to The Galactics
March 13, 2013

Dear Galactics,

We know you are there and have been there for many years.  We know you got a Star Trek “Prime Directive” non-interference thing unless you get a request from this planet.  We get that. And we thank you for your courtesy and consideration.  Its a good deal more polite than the buggers that were here for the last 6000 years who have been running the show much to our detriment.

However, our governments have had 60 years to get the people up to speed on you guys and they have utterly failed and sand bag even now to give the people the straight scoop.  See they lied for 60 years, and they don’t know how to admit they lied.  So that’s a bit of a Catch 22 you and us have to work around.

80% of Americans believe UFOs are a reality.  Sure our corporate owned TV news people still ridicule such things, but since the Iraq war, none of us believe TV news anymore anyway. They blew their credibility long ago. We thank them for showing us very clearly who they really work for, the contrast is complete and utterly clear, its bankers, defense companies and pharmaceutical companies.  None of which really have our health and well being upper most in mind.

I propose that you can do something for us, to help us do our thing, The One People, and it will speed things along.

One of the issues we face is constant meddling with our emails, delaying them for hours sometimes, intercepting and jamming our chat, voice and video conferencing, especially internationally. This costs us countless hours of delay and frustration.  Those who claim to rule to preserve freedom are actively trying to stop freedom.

The Czechoslovakian peaceful “Velvet Revolution” overthrow of communism led by Václav Havel was quite a remarkable event in 1989, and might be a model of how we can proceed. Initially a low tech affair, copies of playwright Václav Havel writings on freedom and human rights were photocopied and mimeographed covertly and passed person to person and was quite effective in organizing a ground base of popular support for what need to be done to free the country from communist tyranny.  Yet, it was a slow process and involved much manual labor.

The Internet as we have it now was not in place 1989, hard to imagine I know, but being an older computer user, that’s the way it was back then. Sheesh… I am really dating myself as an old fart now aren’t I?

I remember reading in one of the computer trade magazines of that time that some mysterious gentlemen from Japan showed up in Prague with suitcases of computer modems which they distributed freely.  It was a simple move, and not that expensive really, and they plugged into already existing computers.  Ad-hoc networks were quickly established using computer bulletin board systems over existing telephone lines and that greatly sped up the pace of change during the Velvet Revolution.  It was one of the most peaceful changes in government the world has ever seen.

Our task is similar, but its not so much governments that we have a beef with, its private corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments. And they are as corrupt as the communists were.

Here’s what we need, and we know you have the technical expertise, I’ve already received Galactic emails and I know you interface to our Internet.  You can reply through our GFL liaison person who you already put in contact with us.  We know who they are.

Our Internet is just a bastardization of what exists in the Galaxy, just not as fancy.  But still pretty useful.    Here’s a few items that I think you could provide that would help in the interim:

1)  WIFI adapters that interface through your etheric networks to your high speed backbone connections into our Internet (yes I know our RF based WIFI stuff is not all that healthy, but for now its  a temporary solution until we have better alternatives built into our computers, smart phones and tablet devices.  These adapters should use class B, C, N and AC wireless ethernet protocols, universally accepted by this planet’s computing devices.  We’d like to bypass some Rothschild owned middle men.

2) Point to Point Personal communication devices that bypass terrestrial phone systems.  Surely you must have some sort of quantum phone thingy right?  The capability to act as terrestial WIFI hot spot would be useful, so perhaps item 1) above can be folded into Item 2).  HBO is optional.  🙂

3) Reliable video conferencing and voice chat capability, hosted on your servers and secured by you, connected to our Internet and accessible from our Internet.  Un-hackable and uncrackable. Face it, Facebook sucks.  And they censor.

4) Short notice point to point earth transportation.  Just let us know what protocol to use with you.

Now if this violates any Galactic non-interference thing, we can have Heather write up a little UCC waiver for all applicable dimensions that free you from any liability and karmic consequences of this request.  We promise we won’t sue in Galactic court.

Your friendly Galactic little brothers and sisters on earth.

Ron Head: The Council – What Am I Doing Here?

The Council – What Am I Doing Here?
September 28, 2017

What am I doing here? What should I be doing? Would it surprise you to know that these are the most frequently asked questions of us when people consult those whom they hope can help connect them with us? Would it surprise you that these questions are always asked? Now, we have looked at this before, but as usual we have more to say on the subject. That likely does not surprise you either.

The first thing we will do today is just answer the questions straight out and unequivocally. You are here, this time, to finally learn what you can be. What you should be doing, if there is such a thing, is going about the business of learning that. Those are fairly broad statements.

Well, they need to be when one is answering billions of people, yes? So, we will give you a tiny hint or two. What you can be is a co-creator of all that you see. And what you can do is find out all that you are capable of. You can begin by learning that everything that has been taught to you about what you cannot be and do is a lie, wrapped up in a pack of lies, and tied up prettily with a ribbon of lies.

We will give you a few examples. You can’t do that. You can’t ask that. You can’t think that way. You are only one person. You can’t make any difference. You must be in fear because God will get you. Let’s address this whole issue right now.

There is not one atom in your physical body, nor one tiniest part of your energy, that exists outside of what you refer to as God, or whatever other name you wish to call your Source. That is quite literally an impossibility. By definition, it is an impossibility. So, to shine a bit of light on those lies above, let’s restate them.

God can’t do that. God can’t ask that. God can’t think that way. God can’t make a difference. God must be in fear because, if not, God will get Him. We know these sound silly. That is the point, really. They are silly. But the reason that they sound silly is that you have been taught for thousands of years that you are quite separate from divinity and you must not think otherwise – ever! And when you said something like ‘well, he said that’ or ‘he did that’ and God didn’t strike him dead, you believed it when you were told that God would get him later and punish him forever. The only punishment that lasts forever is the guilt that you put yourselves through. Well, it seems like forever.

“So, okay, I need to learn that. If I were to buy into that, I still don’t know what to do.”

Do what there is before you to do. Are you saying that you have nothing in your life to do? Of course not. But AH! Are you saying that there is nothing momentous and important, nothing earth-changing, for you to do? There is nothing for you to do that will make any difference? We will let you in on a little secret. If every one of you did what your life has put in front of you each day, to the best of your abilities, your world would change immensely in very short order.

What is in front of you, though you do not understand this, is precisely that which is most needed to help you learn what you must learn. It is, indeed, unique to yourself. Is that surprising? Are you not unique? It is not what you need to do to resolve all of the world’s problems. At least it does not seem so. But it is exactly what you need to lead you to the next step in the puzzle of you.

At some point, there will be an ‘AHA!’ moment. Perhaps there will be many. And as billions of you have your moments, your world will change. It cannot be otherwise. Why not? Because you, dear hearts, are the creators of that world. Look around you and find something that no one had any part in creating. Don’t point at the forest or the river either! It is there because you, in your technological ‘wisdom’ have continued to allow it to be.

One more thing we will point out. You, individually, did not build this world. You individually, are not to blame for what is. But there is no escaping the truth that mankind did and is. And that took tremendous power. It takes tremendous power to build and maintain a world. And you must wake up and understand who you are and what you are about. Because if you do not do that soon, your world will have to give you somewhat of a smackdown. Your planet will be here, whether you are or not.

What you are not being shown are the great strides toward that wake up that you are making. Do your part. Live your life to its fullest. And enjoy yourself.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now.

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