Monday, June 26, 2023

XERXES 6/26/23 - Shift the Balance

XERXES 6/26/2023 (as received by Denice)

Simply this.

A thought not spoken is creative potential unrealized.

It was not in my experience to speak my thoughts freely and unwantedly.  Oh I had many thoughts. Most were of joyous moments. Reflections. What-Could-Have-Beens. I left these to the shelves of my memory. Re-visited too late.

My thoughts spoken were of capture. Advance. War.

Upon review had I spoken more of these joyous thoughts and less of the destructive ones would the balance have been broken?

What thoughts spoken would shift the times?

What thoughts spoken would bring the joy I so "cravenly" desired?

A message. Speak joyous thoughts in great quantity now.

Shift the balance.