Sunday, August 19, 2012

Future Automobile Engine: Noble Gas Plasma Engine


August 19, 2012
Dear American Kabuki,

I posted a comment on the three solar towers, but it never appeared. Follow the links to the site that explains the solar project where an almost identical comment appears, being quite negative about solar energy. It is IMHO a dead end. Real Free Energy will soon be here, and solar power will fade away.

Three years ago I sought funding over here for a solar panel manufacturing plant, but it needed $150m, wasn't successful.

Right now we have an investor very ready to fund about $35m for a plant to make transition plasma noble gas engines. These are ready to roll from a US developer.

See [ ←this link is dead, use this one →]
Keep well, your site is one of the first I check every morning (we are 14 hours ahead of California time)
Cheers from Indonesia,

The James Holmes Anomaly - More Unanswered Questions

August 8, 2012

I found this video posted at

Note: There's been some reports that this video in blocked in the UK, Eire, and the Channel Islands.  I tested it from a UK portal and it seemed to work, but I cannot guarantee it will play from the UK or Eire. -AK

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