Tuesday, November 22, 2022

UPDATE 1: Contacted by Pleiadians

Not an exact image but similar.

Update 1: See below
Terran note: I have corrected some grammatical issues from the original conversations for readability.  

What follows was completely unexpected.  It occurred while I was out driving.  Driving is almost a meditative state for me.  I may be weird that way.  Quite a bit of the information I got was visual, which tends to be a stronger sense in me.  Some people get their information through feeling more than visuals.  Everyone is different.

Wednesday November 16,2022

Terran: Yesterday (Tuesday) there was this moment I “saw” all these faces of beautiful blonde women. They were coming through telepathically, maybe a dozen of them. Maybe they were always there and I didn’t pick up on them? Definitely Pleiadians from what I could tell.

Terran: I tried reaching out to the Pleiadian girls before going for dinner.

Terran: I think I reached one of them called Ceilia. Or something close to that. Blond woman with shorter hair (shoulder length).

Thursday November 17, 2022

Terran to Denice: Could you inquire if there is a Pleiadian woman named Celia that works in Dispatch and Logistics? Kind of like air traffic control but much more than that.


Terran: Wow! So that convo was REAL! How cool is that!!!

Denice: 😎

Martha: Background? Did you have a telepathic conversation with her?

Martha: If so, VERY COOL! Your telepathy is on and working! Believe in yourself!

Martha Background? Did you have a telepathic conversation with her?

Terran: Yes, and they are ongoing. Some with others too. Off the record stuff, lots of personal questions. I told them my dance card is open. ;)

Martha: Wow, that’s wonderful! You’ve been waiting for your own comms to open up.

Terran: Yes! It’s been very frustrating for me!

Martha: So these are the blonde women you saw? LOL!

Martha: It’s been frustrating for us all! Haha! I figure once yours open up, the rest of us will soon follow.

Terran: When I sought contact the next day the only one I felt was Cecelia, she was also in the first group of faces I saw. [They were a whole bunch of female faces that appeared at once in my inner sight]

Martha: Are they asking you questions or you asking them?

Terran: Both. But tonight just Cecelia. She’s cheerful and professional. Shorter hair than the others. I can feel her heart during the conversations.

Martha: Lovely! I suspect everyone “out there” is very curious about earth. Just as we are about where they are.

Martha: Now you know how our Guys feel when talking to us. Feeling our heart.

Terran: Several asked if I wanted to visit.

Martha: Ooooo, could they arrange that? Would you go in form or essence? I’d say go! You’ve been wanting to!

Martha: Would you be able to or be required to return?

Terran: After Jai's message it makes me wonder if it’s possible [Martha asked me not to publish that message out of a concern it might trigger some purported “experiencers”.] 

Terran note: Its my understanding that Pleiadians are in what is commonly called 5 density frequencies (its an octave of frequencies) while the Andromedans are in 6th density and above.  So it may be more difficult to visit the Andromedans than the Pleiadians. The biospheres are equipped with multiple levels of frequencies for different beings. It's basically how fast the atoms vibrate, and the faster they vibrate the further apart they are in molecules. Quantum spin angle is another way of phrasing it.  Nabrac is something like 8th density.  To Thor, Nabrac seems"like the wind", (always reminded me of the Elemental woman in the Riddick movies) yet he too does have a body.  Earth is not so much leaving 3D as gaining back all its original frequency.  Earth is returning to Original.  Whether I am able to go there is an open question but I think I can. 

Martha: More info needed on that to make a good decision, but what an opportunity.

Martha: Yes, I also wonder. But you can explore it. You might also want to ask Stan and Thor if it’s possible.

Terran: I didn’t get the sense a trip there is planned already, more just an inquiry whether I wanted to go.

Beverly: Telepathic frequency working.! You resolved things with Stan?

Terran: I won't keep a grudge. 😃 So yes! Surprised, and grateful he answered! 


Sunday November 20, 2022

Terran to Cecelia: Would you mind if I ask some questions of you?

Cecelia: It would be my pleasure.

Terran: How many are in your family?

Cecelia: There are four, me, my parents and one sister.

Terran: What does your mother do?

Cecelia: My mother works in Technology Verification Science.  (I saw an image of a rocket being tested, don't know if that was just a metaphor she knew I'd understand or if it was an actual testing. Do they even use rockets anymore?)

Terran: What does your father do?

Cecelia: My father is in the Signal Corps. (a military term relating to communications, codes and all that pertains to that.)

Terran note: Other things were discussed which I won't publish now.  I had to quit after awhile because of pressure in my head, which is coming with newbies. We will see how events transpire before revealing those.   I asked Denice to verify the facts I was given above, not that I distrust her, I am just not fully confident in MY OWN abilities yet.  This ability has been there in moments, particularly when Loie, Nabrac or Thor sent amplifiying energies. It has been frustrating for me for it to take this long to be detectable... but there's reasons for everything.
These comms are coming in direct to me and not through Denice as it has been in the past. I love Denice's work.  But I do not always have access to Denice.  Denice is one of the clearest conduits I have ever encountered, she has a comms implant in her ear (for highly technical data), and she's very skilled in telepathy and heart comms. 

Terran to Denice: This is for my verification. Cecelia’s mother works in technology verification science (testing) and her father is in the signals corps? She has one sister?

Terran: Could you inquire about the above?