Saturday, October 28, 2017

So much has changed

So much has changed, Within me, within you, and everything around us.  The old things have not yet vanished, and huge efforts are spent to reinforce that which is no longer supported by any frequency on this planet.

Much has been said about constructs, and deconstructing constructs, matrixes and grids. Elon Musk speculates about living within an artificial construct, but all is built from frequency with intentional creation... and replaced by new creations when we tire of them.    That which is crumbling and mouldering with the pungent archaic must of what no longer serves the all teeters and falls.

Compartments built to fence in the ALL so that it could forget it was the all for the pure sake of experiencing that possible, now fall.  Agents and tangents of control built to do one thing, manage perception and contain imagination of something better and less confining than this collective nightmare we call our modern world of commerce and terror (and the two are joined at the hip of modern media).

We are love, come from one intelligent love source, burst into existence with less than a dozen sparks of pure infinite potential through self directed choices of experience. We are now uncountable perceptions within the ALL. We were watched over by frequencies of pure being.  We played first in no form at all.  We learned frequency and form. We danced and painted with energies sounds of creation.  We set a trillion stars in the night skies and then imagined ways to experience it all from within it all.  You are the stars and they are you.   But we wanted to know what our creations felt like,  and what we would feel like to each other within our creations so we became our bodies within our creations.

Stardust all of us with a bit of frequency holding water to make these bodies flexible and sentient.  We thought of ourselves as a species, forgetting we made these vehicles of Source essence for joy and fun.  We made rules, rulers, yardsticks, and kings that acted like pricks, to experience limitation.

Yet it was all us, and always was, nothing was ever external but always internal, but we shut down our hearts for a while to imagine what being separate was like, then created an external god to believe that abandoned us.  But it was always US, and always was US.  We each are the all within each of atom of our being, each cell living for awhile to replaced by another in the continuous creation and cellular replacement we call human life.  We play a dance with entropy, by harnessing the infinite flow of quantum energy in this mystery of form we call physical life. 

Yet these forms are not us, but just an experience that we will grow tired of and move to new forms and ways of infinite beings as the eons progress.   Each iteration providing a more complex and richer experience of being.

I began this blog and the one before it, American Kabuki, as an open search for who I be.   Like Kauilapele I feel the changes, and have for sometime.  The approaches I used in the past no longer seem like the fit the energies or the moment.  I was not the most intuitive when I started this journey. I'll be the first to admit that.  I was steeped in the binary mind of the digital world.   It took for me a lot of work, which mostly consisted of letting go of beliefs of what was possible. And accepting that I am the ALL, in body. 

I am a work in progress, and I don't have the comfort of being able reference other sources for the data I get these days, and I think that I just have to accept that, that which comes from inside is for my consumption, and what I share may not be for everyone, and may even anger some wed to certain notions of what is spiritual and what is not. 

Spiritual and physical is another separation of something that is not separated, its premises steeped in the European conflict between church and state in the times of Galileo, Copernicus and Des Cartes, of what was profane and sacred, and dividing lines were agreed upon to keep the scientists out of the jails of the church and its blasphemy laws.  Yet all these men themselves believed in more through their connections to various ancient secret esoteric societies, yet this mad farce of what is science and what is not continued to our day and it all relies on authorities of science, who if history holds true to pattern, will likely be as ridiculed as phrenology is today.

We fail to see the whole.  A few did, like the mathematician Theresa Braithwaite did come up with a theory of  the whole, and taught some very talented students like Grant Venerable and others.  But its not likely you learned about that in college.  We fail to see the interconnection of all, but we are beginning to FEEL it.  And soon you will see that feeling of the all transform all that is.  It will be felt by all.

Its an exciting time, and it has its moments of drama such as we have had in Tennessee and Washington DC.   But this too was for a purpose that wasn't readily apparent last July when I departed fro DC.  And oh what a learning experience this has been for me and all of us!

I love you all.  I thank you all for the assistance you have provided in a time of need.  Someday I will meet you all at the party.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Messages from the Cosmos while grocery shopping...

Denice: Energy is interesting today feels like we are waiting for someone to flip the switch LOL

Terran: Hearther is feeling that everything is done. I Don’t know how the case winds down exactly.

Denice: 💓💓💓

Denice: Sounds wonderful!

Denice: It feels done!

Terran: Heather and I went to Costco for groceries, there was a woman giving out cranberry walnut bread. The bread was dry.

Terran: She had a big Pyrex bowl of whipped butter with one of those cake frosting spatulas.

Terran: I reach for the handle to butter it

Terran: The sample lady looks in horror as I touch the handle! She says in great disdain “now I have the sterilize this!”  I'm thinking she's just going to get a new spatula but she takes the whole large pyrex bowl back to the costco bakery area!

Terran: I'm thinking "that's a bit of an overreaction!"

Denice: Lol!

Terran: She disappears with the bowl

Denice: Lol! Man germs! ;) Ha ha!

Terran: While that’s going An older man (in his 70s) says to Heather “I am Rex”

Terran: Heather thinks to herself “of course you are!” 

[an entity called Rex has come around several times in dreams and other circumstances with numerous people we know and don't know.  My first encounter with Rex was during a dream on the first trip to Tangier in spring of 2013.   Rex busted into my dream through a hole in my dream (something that beings rarely do! He's a bold one!), and said to me "its really nice you want to be Eternal Essensce, that's really good in fact, but you should know you will lose your man bits!".  I was baffled by the dream but when I related it to Heather, it sent Heather into a fit of giggles, she had many encounters with him, and she said to me "Is there any limitations on All that IS?".  And the answer of course was obvious, there is none, and no loss of "man bits", were required! LOL.  ]

Denice: 😎

Denice: 💓

Terran: "Rex" so wants to chat with her and tells her about his grandmothers squash pie which he says is "like pumpkin but better!” And it’s like he’s been dying to finally have this chat with her and they have this lovely chat for about 15 minutes, its like he knew both of us very well!  It was like a conversation on two levels about the subject of Thanksgiving day.

Terran: Then the sample lady returns with another bowl of whipped butter!  I am bewildered by the sample lady and not catching all the conversation with Rex.

Denice: 😍🌞

Terran: A woman customer approaches the sample lady and starts to do the same I do and the woman says “you can’t touch that I’ll have to throw it all out!”  I mean really, who eats cranberry walnut bread without a bit of butter?

Denice: Ha ha!!!

Terran: It was as well if the saleswoman represented the commerce based government systems, so caught up in rules and procedures and completely ignoring her potential sales of cranberry walnut bread.

Denice: Oooh

Terran: Then when we got through the Costco check out line, the lady had a name tag saying Genevieve  (the name means: Of the race of women).

Denice: Hmm

Terran: Heather comments on the name “of course your name is Genevieve!” And she was this fun lively checkout woman that we bantered back and forth with...  All this set up a chain of cosmic humor and messages from the cosmos....

Denice: Cute!! You guys are having so much fun!!!!

Terran: We then go to Target to get Judy's kryptonite, a 4 pack of tic tacs.  Costco didn't have any.

Terran: Heather was walking around Target with her i-phone ear buds on.  She had this song pop up on her phone and play while we were in Target 🎯 it’s not on her phone... she got a little spacey after that...  Back in 2011 and 2012 when I was in the hospital I had my i-phone 4 play songs I didn't have but it hasn't happened to me in a long while.


Terran: She said it doesn’t happen often

Terran: She calls it i-radio too

Denice: 💓💓

Terran: Heather then got a big download of energies and was looking a bit spacey.   So we stopped at Starbucks...

Terran:  Most women love shoes and Heather loves boots.  The woman in front of us had these nice grey low top boots with grey bows on the outsides.  It was her boots that first got Heather's attention. She was an attractive thin woman in ivory colored outfit, about 5' 6" tall (165 cm).

Terran: Heather saw something on her phone. The woman had written on her phone to her friend “what’s a praecipe? I’ve never heard of it before!”  She sensed Heather was looking over she shoulder (Heather about a head taller than the woman) and she quickly backspaced over the text she was writing. The woman was either from the courts or the FBI and was watching both of us very intently, but not in a menacing way.

Terran: We then sat outside under a sun umbrella and enjoyed our coffees.   I had a feeling Heather was not hearing much of what I was saying... so I asked her what she was feeling...  said “the perfection of it all”... she said new frequencies are coming in and they are beautiful. She also said “they are new but also familiar in other streams of consciousness" (what some call realms or dimensions).

Terran: Then Heather said to me, "We should get Judy and all go bowling tonight!"  I said "Heather what about the court curfew?".... she had moved to a place in that moment where all this was no longer even an issue... but I reminded her that for the moment it is because of her agreement with the Judge, until this is wrapped up and dismissed.

Denice: KP phoned. He has been checking in a lot. He is really feeling the frequencies.

Denice: Gosh things feel amazing!!!!!!

Terran: After I got home, I took a nap while Judy and Heather were chatting on the back porch.

Terran: I was getting “I-Tweets” in my sleep.

Denice: Lol

Denice: Do tell🌞

Denice: Or private I tweets? Lol

Terran: I first got this message that "nobody will understand how this message that fits the situation so perfectly.  It was as if I was looking at Twitter but couldn't see the words.  So I felt the words very deeply in my dream to pull them in....each was separate tweet in the dream...

Terran: “It ended in Tennessee”

Terran: “If you could see what I see”

Terran: “And see what Is”

Terran: “There is no truth”

Terran: “There is no lies”

Terran; “Only experience”

[Truth comes through perception, it differs by individual perspective from WHAT IS]

Denice: 💓💓💓💓 whoa!!! (To paraphrase Shawn!) 💓💓💓

Denice: Okay...   here is something... right this very now I am aware of the most amazing, pure, and precious love flowing... Sweet, soft, gentle...

Denice: And I'm hearing this on the i-radio [Denice's i-radio comes over her galactic transceiver in her ear]

Denice: Wow!

Denice: Yes, this is certainly not for me

Denice: It is for ALL and by ALL💓

Denice: 🌸

Terran: Heather, just now (Thursday evening) and said she was getting a few words from other streams of consciousness to describe what she’s feeling of the energies coming in:
“The energies are new here”
“But familar in other streams of consciousness” 
“and it’s permanent”
Denice: Whoa!!!

Denice: Ok, so this moment I would say these energies are "authentic infant"

Denice: If that makes sense. It feels to me like the moment I held my babies immediately after birth.

Denice: My eyes are watering. Beautiful💓

Denice: 💫

Denice: 💓Permanent feels exactly accurate 💓

GAIA PORTAL: Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun

Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun
by ÉirePort

Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun.

Final Cosmic efforts pay off.

Stellar nuclears impress upon the masses.

Best plans are abandoned for the better.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Straight paths are created for the Ascenders

Straight paths are created for the Ascenders
by ÉirePort

Descenders are accelerated.

Leviathons present to the timid, and make their point clear.

Clairvoyants come to the fore with connections of Enlightenment.

Straight paths are created for the Ascenders.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Something huge is about to happen in the cosmos

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Something big is coming. I’m feeling it in the flow. Never felt anything this strong before.

Unlike most of the energies since 2014 this energy feels masculine in nature and will cause changes in everything. It will not stop until it’s complete.

It’s movement within the ALL

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Message from the Arcturian Collective for October 15, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017
Message from the Arcturian Collective for October 15, 2017

We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to speak with you today.

We send you healing rays of purple and aqua light, and ask that you visualize yourself being coated and surrounded by these healing frequencies. Much you have learned you will need to unlearn. You are in the process of expanding greatly. All is being made new within and around you. This illusion is cracking like an egg, and the harder shell that has been surrounding you, and limiting you, and telling you all that you cannot be, is simply false, and is falling away.

Are you ready to realize all that you are, all that you are not and have never been? That you are likely from the stars on a top secret mission to embody a human form so that the human collective can absorb your light language and your energy signatures? For light is energy and it changes all it interacts with. Light and energy exchange are the way that other higher fifth dimensional societies exchange ideas, energy, and ultimately thrive.

We know you on Earth are not thriving yet, far from it, but you will be, and we are eager to assist you in your missions of healing and hope across this most treasured planet, Gaia. She is such an unbelievably loving, wise and pure soul and so eager to expand with her beloved Humanity. You are so cared for from all sides. We of the skies and space surrounding your planet are breathless with anticipation of the greatest story of ascension any has ever experienced or witnessed. The ascension of an entire planet with her populations still embodied has never before been attempted. It is shockingly exciting. Also of interest is the breadth of emotions you Humans embody, for you are a very emotional race, much more than the others, and there is much to clear.

You are truly clearing for your ancestors as well, which you may have already been told. It is indeed true. The layers of cleansing and muck are deep on your planet but very real, and they are being cleared away with great relish and ferocity. It takes a strong heart and constitution to do what you renegades are doing! We salute you and honor you in your progress. Shortly we will be able to assist you more openly. If you would like this, please ask and it will therefore happen more swiftly. For we are polite you see, and always honor the prime directive in this free will universe. It is our sacred law to not infringe upon another's will.

We must be asked. So please do ask. Ask for our healing ships to come and surround your neighborhoods with healing pulses of light and love. Ask us for insight, for news, for greetings from home, for many of you - most - are not from here. But you know this deep within, do you not? What a long and lonely road this has been for our ascending ones. We know this. You knew this before you volunteered. The reunions are coming! Be assured of this and be hopeful and at peace. The rocks in your shoes are to be removed and the heaviness of your hearts are to be made light.

Be in joy! Connect with us, connect with yourself, your higher self, for we are all connected, we are all one. Heaven has big plans for you, our light warriors of light warriors! Many happy times and new friendships are ahead. All is being made well. When the earth shakes, when the illusion breaks, when truly the apple cart is upset, know that in order to make a new world you have to remake it, and you need the right ingredients, don't you? Well team Earth, you are the right ingredients and we are so proud of you.

Please ask for healing and assistance with expanding your heart spaces and assistance with remembering your mission, your memories, your pledges before you came here to yourself and to all of us, in how you promised to hold the light in whatever circumstances, for that is why you are here now, in this precious time! To remember who you are! And when you remember this, you will remember all that you can do, because you have done many brave and wonderful things before - it is stored in your DNA, which is coming online now, as you type, as you speak, as you remember to listen to the call of the woods, as you remember to listen to the fairy laughter in the flowers and feel their gentle buzzing energy around you....You are all of these things for we are all connected!

Embrace change for it is coming. And my friends, it is YOU. YOU are this change. Wake up and be all that you are and all that you promised to us and to yourself that you would be.

Whatever happens, choose love. Embody love. Breathe love. For love is unstoppable. Love is truly the greatest force in the universe, and it is within you.

We love you. We are eager to assist you with your transformation, your metamorphosis from where you are to all that you will become. Remember we are only guides, you are in the drivers seat. Where will you choose to go? It is all up to you. We know you can do it. Listen to the still small voice with in you, deep within your heart space, and you will find your true self. Remember the ancient truth, "Seek and ye shall find." For surely it is very true.

We love you. In loving service, we are the Arcturian Collective and it was our pleasure to speak with you this day.

-- Submitted by galaxygirl
Terra Zetzz at 10/15/2017 01:42:00 PM

Acceptance of Being

GAIA PORTAL: Inner technologicals are recognized by all, as outer ones fail

Inner technologicals are recognized by all, as outer ones fail
by ÉirePort

Inner technologicals are recognized by all, as outer ones fail.

Up steps are credible.

Stellars found the Nova Gaia Schools.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes

Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes
by ÉirePort

Fortification of Ultra-Dimensional Grids Completes.

Handles of compliance are removed.

Starships enter the Ultra-D gateways.

Hue-Beings flourish

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Who Were the Picts of Scotland?

Terran: Stan X Who were the Picts of Scotland? They vanished from history.


Terran: Did they intermarry?


Terran: There are some who said they were murdered. They were assimilated? Where did the Picts originate?


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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

GAIA PORTAL: Sportifications of Gaia grids are eliminated

Sportifications of Gaia grids are eliminated

by ÉirePort

Sportifications of Gaia grids are eliminated.

Temples are returned to the Spirit-filled.

Flags of compliance are lowered.

humanity enrichment begins.

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