Friday, June 14, 2019

Message from #HATJ 6/14/19

6-14-19 A.M. Check-in
Jun 14, 2019 at 10:35 AM

Buon Giorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrno, Bello, Missy, Lisa, BZ and Keegan, Nikki, Judy Bird, Wes and Jen, Paul, Bill, Denice, and All! 

There was a warning about rattle snake season this week. The other day, while working landscaping, a snake was seen slithering in of hole in the concrete near a unit entrance. The squirrels and moles have a whole underground network of tunnels and such with entrances spread out amongst said system. The snake had similar same markings as a rattle snake, but i am not knowledgeable about differentiating them, so i notified the officers about the sighting, as they use the particular entrance the snake was seen by. That particular part of the system has baby squirrels, too. 

Approximately half an hour later, i look over and all the women in the B unit are excited and pressed against the glass waving at us to come over. I get there, and see the snake wrapped around a baby squirrel, while all the other baby squirrels and an adult squirrel are attacking it. However, not all was as it i observed the scene, the snake was attempting to get away from the squirrels, and each and every time, a different baby squirrel would go in the middle of its coils and attack the snake from that position while the others attacked from the outside. While fascinating to watch the tactics of attack because it was so unexpected (the snake is typically thought of as the aggressor), we separated the snake and the squirrels, or at least we attempted to. The squirrels kept coming for the snake! The snake just coiled up and buried its head. 

The women were yelling and demanding i kill the snake. I shook my head no and willed a solution. Next thing, a women from my unit that works construction showed up, took the cultivator that i was using to remove the snake from the squirrels and pinned its head so that she could reach down and grab it...she then wrapped it around her neck and spoke to it gently. Officer B. then showed up and identified it as a gopher snake (they look like rattlers with no rattle tail and a bit different on the head), inspected its injuries, and said he would take it home and care for its injuries and take it to a vet if they didn't heal. The officer is small in physical stature, yet well known to be huge in character and compassion. I was very grateful the woman and officer came along to assist all. 

I thought about the doing all day and the next, as women were recounting their version of all that occurred...the variations were, various! LOL! However, what stuck with me is that a violence was de-escalated, the right beings showed up to give assistance and care to the snake AND the squirrels.....and fearful, pre-programmed calls for greater violence were silenced, and only solution, compassion, and love was done in that doing. <3 

For Adam: Why did the coffee pot go to the police station to make a report? Because he was mugged!!!!!!!! :) 

Love you! 
Love zlea! 
Love all!

Gaia Portal: Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed

Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed

by ÉirePort

Hyperbolics are abandoned as Higher Dimensional valuations are employed.

Fleming cohorts command the troops of Light.

Gaia commands for all to BE in Peace.

Fireworks are soon to be lit.

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