Thursday, December 26, 2019

December Update

21 December 2019

Hi everyone!  Thought I'd catch you up with what's going on here.  I've been battling a chest cold for the last week, seems to be fading now.  I've done a lot of ride share driving so I haven't posted as much as I usually do, and the late hours have not helped the chest cold.   Sometimes you gotta make the bills.

Heather gave me the timeline of events in 2017, and I am working on a post that puts that data along side the time of events in the Department of Justice Report on Operation Crossfire Hurricane, that led to spying on Trump and the efforts to delegitimize his Presidency.  I think you'll find the comparison of dates quite interesting.  There's a lot of reading to do on this particular one and the events are related.  Heather got word early the elite families were going to do everything possible to take out Donald J Trump, which is why she was at the Trump Hotel and had attempted to meet with him until some internal staffer scuttled the meeting, the day before her arrest in DC.  Heather remains in good spirits and very positive as to how this all works out.   I don't expect we will see any changes in her situation before the end of the year. The commissary at her "Hotel" (as BZ calls it) had raised the prices for residents on all items.  I do send her money each month and I am going to try and raise that amount to compensate for the commissary changes.

Texas has been staying fairly warm this winter, the leaves are off the trees but daytime temperatures are in the 50s F, some days as high as 80 F.   This may be the year we have no winter. Its quite a change from my winter in Colorado last year and quite enjoyable.

I need to bring in $600 for the month, if you can help with that there's a donation icon on the right side of the web page.  Those of you on phones might not see that, you can send funds directly to at  Those of you with the "CASH APP" can send funds to @Antarantanka.    December and August tend to be slow months for donations and with the Holidays I do get why that is so.

Those you who always help out, my everlasting gratitude to you.  You have made so much possible.