Sunday, July 9, 2017

Access to your Original Value

There are some people in the USA who have been having some success accessing their Original trust accounts.  Seems to work the best now at paying off credit cards and mortgages online, but not all things work yet.... like direct purchases.

This is all being researched by a team of over a hundred researchers and on the banking side Heather is working through the glitches with the systems... if this were software you could say this is the "beta release"... and its not for the faint of heart...  you have to get the details right and you have to do the research and be responsible.

It will soon be easier to do and at that point I will be posting more here.  International details are being researched and not all the data is in yet. 

For those of you of strong mettle Brian Kelly has a Facebook page you can reference for the currently known information.

PS: .... and no I have not had a success yet with this... but then I don't have any credit cards as I have been on a cash basis since 2009.  But I am looking at other means to test it.

The Volunteers...

Great video, but nobody gets left behind... we've had quite enough "lessons" here... 
It is a win-win, as the video states, the old frequencies do not move forward....