Friday, September 21, 2018

Update 9/21/18


My car broke down yesterday.  Cylinder 1 on the Honda is misfiring.  Got an appointment with the mechanic on Monday, he said it could either be a spark plug or a coil gone bad.  Apparently Honda's have a coil on every spark plug.  So I am down from ride share driving for the moment at the peak of the week, and the repair could run as much as $300 if the coil is out.  Hopefully its not that.  I was not happy at the news then realized its better than a marginal part fails now than on the road in some remote location so there really is an upside to all this.    With all the geomagnetic activity I am not surprised a spark coil might have fried.   If my body feels it then its certainly affecting inanimate objects as well.   So I am looking at the bright side of this and will spend the next two days packing and cleaning instead of driving which I had planned.

PS: A big thank you to all who donated so far! Its greatly appreciated!

9/18/18 (or for you numerology types that's all 9s!)

I have found a place to move, its in Colorado so its going to take me a couple of days to get there.  Its with some like minds and will have a bit more social interaction than I have in Portland.  I like my privacy but I also like company.

I haven't asked for any help since late June, but assistance in the move at this time would be most welcome, I need $500 or better to make the trip.   I will reveal where once I get there.   Just click the two trees on the right side of the blog if you'd like to use PayPal.

My two favorite places to live are the beach or in the mountains and I am in neither right now.   So off to the mountains I go in early October!

I'm not sure where this move leads but I have found over the years when its time to go the path is always made clear and unambiguous.  Perhaps that's the deal I worked out with the all of me, LOL!  But it always seems to hold true.

PS: Heather is having a rough time of it at this moment, has an infected big toe and is in pain and the BOP won't give her medical attention.  They are also threatening to remove email contacts.  Send her healing energy.