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Update1: A week of chaotic energies


What a week of energetic chaos!  

In my driving gig I see a good cross section of central Texas humanity.  Working as a driver you often find yourself in a role similar to a bar tender, hair dresser, or the stranger on the airplane as a sounding board for people's issues and trials of life. The relationship is fairly anonymous, although each ride is tracked for safety and legal reasons.  The odds are you will never see the same person again. Brits often comment how forthcoming Americans are to strangers, but it's even more true when the person on the journey is a stranger you're not likely to meet again. 

I had 4-5 individuals who recently had their marriages or relationships explode on them.  The first individual I had been married for 21 years, and their mate's departure came as a bit of a shock.  He was a man that did not like sleeping alone.  His wife also took his beloved dog with her.   He had been drinking heavily earlier in the day, but was sober when I picked him up, suffering from heart palpitations and asked me to drive him to the hospital ER.  He was clearly depressed, and I have always thought there was a strong correlation to heart ailments to heart related emotions.   We had a bit in common although my marriage ended after 21 years in a different way for different reasons.  I suggested he go overseas for a while and get some adventure, and he and his brother were already in the process of selling belongings for just that purpose.  I managed to get him laughing by the time we arrived and he thanked me profusely for lightening his mood.  

I had some more passengers like this although they were females going through various forms of relationship breakups.  A couple of them were intoxicated.  But what came clear to me was these energies were motivating people to deal with situations that they should have dealt with long ago, but for one reason or another put off to another day.   That other day seems to be now.

I was telling another passenger about all this, and suddenly my air conditioner stopped cooling, I hit the AC button again and it would come on but kept going back off.  I turned left off of  highway 71 unto Menchaca road underpass and a homeless guy flung a water bottle at my car with really started me with the thud noise it made!  He threw another one at another car.  

My AC issue turned out to be a burned out AC relay switch, which probably got fried by the solar flares of early last week. It was a $9 fix.    I have noticed all kinds of electrical issues here and there and it seems machines and humans are struggling to cope with these energies.

I had this odd experience last night with one of my final customers.   Kind of illustrates how the week went energetically, like what I am seeing on the ground is mirroring something somewhere else.  What that something is I don't quite know.

A passenger in his late 20s.

Rider: Did you know your right front tire is low?

Me: No, didn’t notice it.

Rider: well you should check it!

Me: Okay

We arrive…

Rider: Are you going to check that tire now?

Me: No. I will check somewhere there is more light.

Rider: I think you should check it now.

Me: No not here. 

I started getting creepy twilight zone vibes like somebody (perhaps somebody other than this guy) was fucking with me.  Also got a mental image of getting hit on the head if I bent down to look at the tire.

He got out and left disappointed I didn’t obey him. Very odd

I drove a 1/4 mile to a Valero Gas Station. I check the tire, it was only a couple of lbs below pressure, Completely safe.

The Origins of the Flat Earth in the CIA,
Roman Catholic Church
and Human Monetization

I've been asked for a long while now to comment on the Flat Earth beliefs.  I watched this video last night and found it answered several questions I had.  It also answers a lot of flat earth arguments. This young lady has memories from 2 or 3 prior lives and is far more knowledgeable than her age would suggest. 

 My problem has been that I have a real gut level reaction tFlat Earth beliefs, as in "You can't possibly be that stupid!".  That puts me in the uncomfortable role of trying to defend my beliefs that actually come from memories I have of how planets and stars are made, from which I have no ready proof that such questioners would accept.  I find myself wanting to shake "flat earthers" and yell at them "what's wrong with you?" Which of course would offend people I care very much about!  To me it's so freaking obvious that my initial intolerant reaction would be rightly perceived as being very unkind.  

I saw Earth come into being.  I saw the Andromeda Galaxy being born. I have these memories.  Can I prove that to any of my readers?  NO!  But you know what you know!

All beliefs are like precious children people protect, people don't kill for ideas, they do kill for beliefs and break friendships over them.  

I know many very bright intelligent people who got vacuumed up into this CIA mind psyop.  I've known for sometime it's a CIA op, the arguments are circular and too well crafted to be coming organically from the public. The argumentation style reminds me to a great deal of the style of techniques that sucked my dad into the religious cult that I grew up in.   It had such a strong grip on me I had to refute each argument with pure logic to even see the contradictions. It was circular and self referential (coupled with the threat of God condemning those who defied the beliefs - which is fortunately missing from the flat earth movement).  But the core of the CIA's flat earth op is to prove itself true by pointing out the CIA's own lies over the years.  What I couldn't work out until I saw this video, was what was the motive?  WHY?

It was obvious to me that if you believe the earth is flat and we are contained by a hard firmament dome, then there are no UFOs or ETs.  That serves religion.  Everything not defined in their books must be a demon. This is the problem with having a limited imagination and vocabulary.   

What I did not see is the human monetization motive of the flat earth movement to support Vatican canon law (from which the UCC Law springs), which Mari Swaruu brings up.  More proof to me this young lady is real!  And what is everyone talking about lately?  Depopulation, the Great Reset, and impending monetary collapse. 

My notes below are generally obvious, the transcript is pretty much as it came, this is a partial transcript, not the full video.  I just thought these bits are of particular interest. 

What’s it, with Flat Globe? ( English)

CIA Disinformation

Mari: ....What I mean is that you cannot validate something inside a story with other elements of the same story. They become something like an anecdote, [which] is only anecdotic proof of the existence of the first anecdote.

Mari: Moving in deeper we know there have been several Earth population resets during the past 1000's of years. And we also know that at least most of the official history of the planet is false, at least if not all. One of the most important things needed to reset a population is to erase it's past. And there is evidence everywhere that this is precisely what is going on, and has been going on in the past years.

Mari: Remember that back in 1981, the CIA director said the following will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false, William J. Casey CIA director. Although he mentions the American public only, it obviously extends to the entire planet. And as I recently said in one of my other videos, all those intelligence agencies dedicate nearly 90% of their time, resources and efforts to manipulate the people's perceptions in favor of what the establishment wants, and all for population control purposes.

Terran note: Its an old Cold War joke that CIA stood for "Catholics In Action", as the proportion of Catholics within the agency was extraordinarily high.  The current CIA is much more diverse.  Its well known history that the British played a key role in setting up both the FBI and later post World War II, the CIA, from the OSI corps.

The Problem with Three Letter Agency Lying

Mari: Leveled Earth enthusiasts always use the argument that all space agencies lie all the time, to assume that they ought to be lying about the shape of the Earth as well. All the video footage supposedly from inside the space station is clearly false and made with cheap green screen special effects and cranes holding up supposed astronauts, many of which have a ton of hairspray to make them look as if they were in a weightless environment special effects which even many Hollywood movies do better.

Mari: Long hair in a weightless environment acts with a flow that is similar to how it also behaves underwater, and does not stick upright or rigid and stiff, as if the person was being electrocuted, by the way. Then the moon landings anyone with half a brain and some knowledge in aerodynamics and physics can know that the moon lander could never work for real, as it is a naturally unstable craft which would need several hundreds of calculations per minute to fire the stabilizer rockets just to keep the thing upright, and not tumbling all over the place in space. And you need a very capable computer to achieve that. And NASA itself except they did not have [such a computer at that time].

Mari: Then we have footage supposedly from Mars, which is actually coming from some Island in Canada. And moreover, Deep Space images are either CGI created or artistic paintings.  [Terran note: purported Mars rover footage from Morocco too!]

Mari: This brings us to another problem. There are no trustworthy photographs of Earth from space. And I mean of the entire planet in one single shot and not sub orbital images. And these are some of the countless reasons why people stopped believing in the official space reality. They simply stopped trusting the official version.

Mari: But taking into account that the three letter agencies are into the task of erasing the past and manipulating the public so everything that they think is true is false. We can see that the flat planet concept is part of their disinformation program and not the spherical Earth concept as so many flat planet enthusiasts argument.

Mari: The idea is to confuse the public so they no longer can know what is true and what is not. Because a confused population is easy to control. And it also breeds separation and fights among that same population, weakening them all in the process.

Mari: I cannot go debunking every flat sphere argument in one single video, but I can explain a few things. For example, They argue that there are no commercial flights across Antarctica, when there should be because it would cut aircraft in flight time and fuel consumption significantly. For example, in a flight route between Sydney Australia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mari: There are three main reasons for this:
  1. The first one is that commercial aircraft are set to fly preferably through routes that have alternative landing places in case of an emergency. This is also why they do not fly directly over the Pacific Ocean, for example.

  2. The second reason is that there is a lot of extreme weather over Antarctica and even flying high, it could still get to the aircraft, endangering everyone, especially in the case where an aircraft is incapacitated to go high enough for whatever calls not to mention the existence there of all kinds of magnetic anomalies which make navigation very difficult.

  3. The third reason is that Antarctica is a heavily militarized place. Therefore it is a no fly zone. It is so militarized, it is officially not a militarized area. They say it is not, when in reality, no civilian can go there except for a few insignificant places that are not deep inside, all under the excuse that it is for wildlife protection, as if they really cared.

How Gravity Works

Terran note: What follows on gravity is NOT current Earth Science. Earth Science pretty much ignores consciousness as a primal force, but relegates it to a derivative property of matter in increasing complexity. When they run into consciousness in medicine they call it the "placebo effect",  when its influence is seen and measured in physics it's explained away as the influence of observation on a quantum state. Yet oddly we have no quantum theories of consciousness.  

When I first began researching ETs in the early 2000s, I remember coming across an account of an ET telling a military scientist that gravity was "Spiritual Pressure". I dislike the use of the term "spiritual pressure" and prefer Mari Swarm's explanation better.

The original meaning of "spirit" was wind. That which has no discernible form. Yet ETs, elementals, fae, Sasquatch, Yeti, Angels, Universals all have bodies.  They may vibrate so fast your eye can't see them, but they do have bodies.  There is another state of being known as formlessness, some ETs refer to it as "The Soup" where awareness sometimes reside for recovery and respite.  Some awarenesses have never been in a form.  The best analogy is probably a "gaseous" state, where there's no definable finite body.  The choice to be in form or formless is purely up to the individual.

When I died I and had my NDE experience I was surprised to see I still had a body. A much younger looking body.  Looked like this body in its prime. Perhaps that is why we never see ourselves as the age other people see us as.  Clif High has spoken much recently about his NDE and I have to disagree with Clif on one point, you do feel once you are outside the human body, you just don't feel what is happening to the body you came from.  There is an even more expanded range of emotions available.  If you are sent back to your old body, this reality feels like living in thick honey, as to the slow speed of manifestation. 

Mari: They [flat earth proponents] also argue that water does not curve and sorry to say yes, it does.  Just put a pencil near the stream of water from your faucet, and you will see it sticking to the pen or pencil following its curvature by the effect of its surface tension.

Mari: Why water sticks to the spherical planet surface has everything to do with gravity, because water will settle perpendicular to the movement vector of the force of gravity.

Mari: Gravity pushes objects against the one with the most force, which does not cause gravity, as an effect of its mass as stated by Earth's official science. An object has mass because it is receiving gravity, causing a node or a concentration spot, in the media, which is the aether. A concentration spot, is an object with a lot of mass, such as a planet or a star.

Mari: Gravity is a flow of consciousness and its attention. It shapes and therefore manifests all physical objects as explained in detail in the theory of manifestation, which I will write a new a carefully explained version of soon. And for another video.

Mari: All things are manifested in a three dimensional environment, where the place the particles are being manifested, is receiving conscious attention in the form of gravity from all directions as a sphere. 

Mari: Therefore water is pushed against the Earth from all directions where down is always perpendicular to gravity's movement vector. Regardless of how the planet may look from space.

Mari: As explained in the theory of manifestation video, the Earth, as well as all other stellar objects can only be manifested in a primordial spherical shape, simply because that is how gravity works. And all other objects with other shapes are the consequence of fractures within the primordial spherical one. And because of intentional shaping, among other forces that follow the same manifestation rules.

Mari: This subject needs its own video. I know and I'll work on it.

The connection to the Roman Catholic Church

Mari: But let's see where the flat sphere concept is really coming from.

Mari: The reason is coming from the Occult Meanings and symbolism the controller's of Earth use all the time, but hide from the general population.

Mari: It comes from the ideas of the Church and its controllers in Rome, some 700 to 800 years ago, when their biggest legal expansion took place when they started to impose their rules as law all over the world.

Mari: It was at this time that they said that they needed to have a flat roof system when they impose their so called four corner rule. When in 1306, Rome declared that the earth is flat, because although humans are three dimensional creatures, the church needed to represent them on paper as two dimensional beings to be registered and controlled.

Mari: With this decree, they created the term all four corners of the earth, creating the concept of placing every human and representing them on paper as flat creating with this the legal document known as a birth certificate.

Mari: The four corner rule is the base of the concept of signing documents on paper inside the four corners of a box which represents a coffin.

Mari: The flat earth simply means that everything must be done on paper, and legally, and everything must be registered so it can be under the cabals control, the flat globe.

Mari: Is this gonna work?  To keep in mind as an agenda nowadays, also represents the calling of the population into being controlled, therefore on a flat paper, which represents the world so they can be completely controlled, renouncing being the ones who own things, and therefore renouncing their control over their lives because everything is about legislation.

Mari: When you register something, you are giving away your title of ownership to the system, including registering a newly born child or anything else.

Mari: You've given away your title or ownership, and you become the keeper of that object. You no longer own. The government does, and this includes your children.

Mari: It looks like people have taken all those esoteric legal rules of the Cabal to literally as you can see, and there is more.

Mari: If you look closer at the consequences of the flat globe concept, if it was so, it would mean that there are no stars and planets and therefore, no extra terrestrials, no stellar races. No UFOs and no starships.

Mari: I know many people argue that extraterrestrials are in fact, interdimensional creatures, and not from off planet.

Mari: As I would argue it doesn't have to be one thing or the other, as some beings are interdimensional and from Earth and others are simply more flesh and bone people from outside the planet. Furthermore, there are yet others who are both extraterrestrials and interdimensional as well.

Mari: Other enthusiasts also say that the so called extraterrestrials actually come from other continents. That exist past the ice barriers of Antarctica, arguing that the planet is much larger than what is stated officially.

Mari: What I would say to this is that the simplest maths and gravity equations would demonstrate that the earth must be exactly the size it has been calculated to be because if it were larger, it's so called gravitational pull would be much greater.

Mari: This is my opinion on the subject of flat Earth for whatever it is worth and respecting each person's opinions and right to defend them.

Mari: All this besides the simple fact that I can see it as round each time I open my bedrooms window here on board starship to Taleeka.

Mari: I could go on and on about this subject, as there is a lot more to say. But honestly, I think this is enough for now.

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