Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Dream - An Awkward First Official Contact 11/14/18

Dream 11/14/18

I had a dream about an unknown shy new race of human like beings.

For their first contact mission they sent about 25 beings who had chronic health issues. One quite startled me, she had been in a horrible accident and her spine up to her cranial case had been replaced with a shiny metallic spine with only a small portion of skin connecting torso and head. It was like she was one of the “terminators” from the Hollywood movies. The others had a range of health issues most of them chronic.

This race had heard of the violent history of humanity and decided to use these volunteers as a test case of earth compassion, before sending healthy able bodied beings. These seem to be volunteers who felt they had "nothing to lose".

The scene was quite a dilemma for those of us on Earth, still in a profit driven health care system, only newly released from Draco/Dragon empire control. And it exposed how awful we treat our own chronically sick people in our health care systems.

It was done more out fear of their best being violently harmed, and we have quite a reputation in that regard. Yet it was felt as rubbing our noses in our own shortcomings and had the effect of shaming humanity. An awkward moment for all.

My thoughts were this was not the way to do first OFFICIAL contact (there has always been ET contact with earth covertly). At least not until REAL undisclosed healing tech is made available on the planet.