Sunday, June 30, 2024

Mutually Assured Blackmail

There's a TV series from Belgium called "Salamander" about a Belgium Private Bank and its influence on Belgian politics.  It's in Flemish (Dutch language) on Amazon Prime, with English subtitles.  The first season in 12 parts which build gradually to flesh out a nefarious network of compromised individuals. 

Here's the plot synopsis from Wikipedia: 

Jonkhere, a small private bank in Brussels, is robbed and 66 safe deposit boxes belonging to a number of the most prominent public figures in Belgium are cleaned out. The owners want to keep the thefts under wraps, presumably to avoid scandal. Police Inspector Paul Gerardi (Filip Peeters) carries out the investigation. He discovers the connection; that the victims are members of a secret organisation called Salamander. This is a cabal of the country's industrial, financial, judicial and political elite; the safe-deposit boxes contained secrets as far back as World War II. Gerardi becomes the target of both the criminals and the authorities.

In the last 10 years I have become familiar with some of the control mechanisms exerted on industry and government leaders, usually at the pivot points, but often also the person behind the face of power. 

For example promising law students are lured into parties by their professors where compromising situations are set up for recording, to be used and levers later on.   The BAR association is also a control point in that they control the liability insurance of a BAR registered attorney, and the very exams they take.   Those with large student loans are even more vulnerable, because if they don't submit they lose their income to payback those loans and the very job they took those loans out for.  So next time you hear people bitching about forgiving student loans, the control systems don't want that control point tether removed.   Under current US Law you can't be free of a student loan if you no longer have the income to service it. Most corruption occurs for two things, to pay off a mortgage or finance a retirement. It's often that banal at the lower levels. 

We all learned a lot about the black mail operation ostensibly run by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  No clients have been arrested and their identities begrudgingly released by the judicial system. But we are also lead to believe this is some kind of one off system dreamed by these two deviants, with hints of trails to the CIA and/or the Mossad.   

I do remember the high flying financier Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine's father, from the time I lived in England and his mysterious death on his yacht.   At the time Maxwell was a rival of Rupert Murdock, who is still around operating newspapers and TV news networks like SKY.   I don't mean to imply Murdock was involved in Maxwell's demise, I don't think he was, merely they operated in that same niche of finances in the UK. 

This video interviewing Eric Weinstein points out how Jeffrey Epstein was more of construct, a cut out,  than a human being who made his wealth on Wall Street (although that is likely how we got his bribe money).  When you ask the average person mostly what they remember is that Jeffrey purportedly had an egg shaped penis, and owned Little St James Island in the Virgin Islands.

Here's the trailer for the TV Series Salamander. 66 Safe deposit boxes (nice illuminati number) are broken into by an unknown 3rd party, they take the blackmail material, jewels and gold, but not the stocks or bonds.  Its available for free on Amazon Prime video.

Each safety deposit box has kompromat that the others have on that individual, this is what binds the 66 into silence about its activities to undermine Belgian politics and industry. It's a control mechanism.   And I just love watching the Belgian politicians talk about how they will protect their democracy!  Where have we heard that before?

They all go into panic when they realize ALL their secrets are out and they control none of it. This addresses the silence that Eric Weinstein mentions above.  

I had an "Aha!" moment.  A moment of clarity among a deluge of confusing data. Think of Hunter Biden and his laptop of compromising information on his father.   A neglected son crying for help?  Think of Anthony Weiner and his laptop of protection from the Clintons.  Think of how long it took the FBI before both were released. Think of how the transsexual J Edgar Hoover blackmailed most of Washington DC.  Presidents feared J Edgar Hoover!  Has anything really changed at the FBI?  They hit the mother load on those two laptops.  You will see numerous similarities in this series to our FBI. 

Nobody trusts anyone in our government, without having leverage on them.  This is the currency of these space pirate descended controllers.  They trade information for power over the people.  This is as old as Sumer and Egypt.  It predates Rome. Its infected the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary.   

It all starts to make a bit more sense now doesn't?  And it seems obvious that Jeffrey Epstein was just one operator of this sort of black mail operations, there could be hundreds of them.  Jeffery is just the one we know about.   

We may abhor what they have done, but these humans are of little courage.  They are truly all slaves. They wanted the short cut rather than long road to self mastery.  It is said that for any martial artists, skilled artisan, artist musician to gain mastery over their skills it  takes 10,000 hours of training.  That's 5 years of work every day. 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Assorted questions to Thor, Clarifications from Alex Collier

Terran: Thor, do the Andromedans Alex Collier talks to come from the same event-line as you do?


Terran: He’s no fan of the Ashtar Command. Calls Sherran a space pirate.

Terran: I don’t understand much of what Sherran does, but Pirates seldom create space fleet academies.


UPDATE 1 June 23, 2024: 

Alex Collier just posted this today.  It explains much that I have been puzzling about between his data and mine.  Like why are his contacts are blue, which I associate with Sirius are other Lyran descended races.  There is also a lot data that completely aligns.  Alex works with beings from the Andromedan CONSTELLATION (as it appears from Earth) within the Milky Way Galaxy, not beings from the Andromedan Galaxy.   For example one could call Pleiadians "Taurians" since they are in the Taurus Constellation.  But we don't tend use that nomenclature. 

Alex has always said constellation, so the fault is mine for not noticing the wording, but it's really not clear from the wording on his web site that it's NOT the Andromedan Galaxy.   His contacts are from the star system Zenetae.  None of this negates the validity of Alex's work.  Alex is clearly a man of integrity.  I've not followed Alex closely until recent months as he has published frequent videos. 

End of UPDATE 1

Terran: I don’t judge Sherran or AnDreas. I learned from the “moments” of both. I love both instances of the ALL without reserve. 

Terran: Seems to me sometimes these groups are over federated and constrained by vetos. I miss hearing from them


Terran: From what Plieadian home world is Sherran from?


Terran: Thor, how similar do Lyran humans appear to Earth humans?


Terran: How is our dear friend Riggolt? Still flying the yellow submarine?


Terran: I think the greatest fear people have is civilization upheaval on the scale of what occurred after Atlantis 2 sunk.  Thor a final question. 

It feels to me, that much of what we see right now is stagecraft. It feels to me that the “cleanup” is farther along than most know although I have none of the usual evidence to prove that. That’s not to say, using the metaphor of Los Angeles, that there might not be a few “collisions on the 405 freeway”. But if that happens the tow trucks will clear the debris and the interruptions will be brief. 

Is this an accurate assessment?


Terran note:  I worked with Sherran from 2015 through 2017.   I had some awkward moments in 2015 and early 2016 with him and AnDreas McAllistar.  I haven't dwelt on those moments but I was became much less naive as assuming everything ETs tell me is the actual case of how it is.   But if I had to make mistakes it's better that it came at the beginning.  So no harm done as far as I am concerned. 

Sherran, when he is not in commander mode is actually quite humorous.  That side of him I really like. He enjoys high speed water skiing, I have been invited to do that, but with the years that have passed I think I'd have to visit a rejuvenation pod first! LOL.  We also discussed the possiblility of building a wooden sailing ship in the old style and using ancient navigation tools.

Sherran is very bright and kept a lot of beings alive during the galactic wars so the "clever side" of him was a very useful trait.  There are a number of changelings out there purporting to be from Ashtar Sherran.  Most are impersonations and identity theft.  Some were from him.  Sometimes people are too clever for their own good and it catches up with them. But I do like the guy as a man. 

Galactic identity theft is more common than you think and has shown up in various Earth religions as heroes and villains. Other ETs were made into "gods" simply because they had advanced tech.  But they are as human and corporeal as you and me.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Past lives as a Samurai

Terran: Dear Stan, early after being contacted by Thor and Sherran, I was told I had two incarnations as a Samurai in Japan. I have had an affinity for Japanese Gardens and traditional architecture of the type found in Kyoto. This explained much for me. I seem to have been imprinted by these experiences. These aesthetic preferences are the opposite of my upbringing  in Arizona. 

I would like to visit Japan some day. I lost the original conversations regarding these lives. 
Could I trouble you for the names I went by and the approx time period or reign or ruler of these incarnations, or any other data or location I could find a historical reference.


PS If anyone knows the proper spelling for these Japanese names could you let me know via Telegram or Twitter or email?  Denice did the best she could phonetically in English but neither she nor I speak Japanese.  I am posting them here so there's a record of them.  The details will flow on their own.  I have no idea of where to even look for information on this.



Friday, June 21, 2024

Be kind to men this week.
There's a collective purge occurring within the Masculine energies.


I've noticed there's a collective purge going on in males this week.  I have had three passengers in tears this week that were men in their 30s and 40s.   This is very rare.   Being a gig driver is a bit like being a bar tender, barber or hair dresser, or that anonymous soul you meet on a long international flight. Americans can be very open to complete strangers, largely I suppose because they know they'll never see them again in all probability. 

The men are doing it the hard way, trying to mask it with diversions into alcohol, strip bars, and other diversions, but they are seeing themselves and they are not very happy with what they see.   

Men don't often reveal this side of themselves and will seldom do it in front of women, because women remember everything and will use data from moments like this to win an argument later.  They will show it to a stranger or a close male buddy.  There's a bit of self preservation instinct in men.  It's kind of like how men in a restaurant will always want to sit facing the front door.  They don't like having their backs exposed.  This is a warrior instinct.  Its natural. 

So if your significant male in your life is having a bit of a rough day, cut him extra slack this week.  These energies inbound are unearthing everything and in this moment men are feeling it hit them. 

Love you all!


Wednesday, June 19, 2024

US Army UFO Contactee JP tells of his early encounters with UFOs


Screen capture from JPs video

US Army UFO Contactee JP tells of his early encounters with UFOs and orbs. I love JPs energy, he's perfect for these kind of missions. It's all about frequency. I am not surprised he got a long well with the Maya. 

Quetzacoatl, the red headed guardian of the Maya, sent me images of the Maya in 2016 doing a welcome dance and it's really something to behold.  Quetzalcoatl took the original Maya to Mexico from Atlantis I long oar boats when there were signs of trouble coming for Atlantis.  They resettled in Mexico.  After Atlantis 2 sunk, there was no resistance left to counter the Draco.   Quetzalcoatl took the full blooded Maya off world for safety.   They are a kind and gentle people. 


Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Microsoft's data collection in Windows 11


And now Apple is heading the same direction....

Ozempic, Wegovy or Saxenda Weight Loss Drugs

The Gila monster is native to my home state of Arizona.  They might be found in parts of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico too given the similar terrain.  They are kind of rare, I have encountered them only twice in my 26 years living in Arizona.  

We were taught they were venomous, but they have to chew on you. They are slow creatures and don't have fangs and aren't known for being aggressive to humans.  I didn't know they are the origin of these weight loss drugs until now.

I had a neighbor in Carlsbad California who told me he took a diabetes drug made from lizard spit, and I immediately laughed, then caught myself.  He was known for having severe anger outbursts especially if you parked behind his garage door and he couldn't get his Cadillac out.  I don't know if the anger issue was related to the drug or not.  I suspect that was more a personality issue.


PS:  The long term use of these drugs have already made some Hollywood personalities look like they didn't get their adrenochrome or are on meth.  You lose fat AND lean body mass on these drugs and some suspect that includes brain tissue.  Being healthy is more than just body mass index rating. 

Mike Adams – Natural News June 9, 2024

According to a Newsweek poll published in May, 2024, there are now 15.5 million Americans who have used or are using Ozempic, Wegovy or Saxenda, all of which are injectable “weight loss medications” that actually consists of synthesized peptides originally patterned from the venom of the Gila Monster reptile. See, “We wouldn’t have Ozempic without Gila monsters — their hunger-regulating venom inspired weight-loss drugs” from which states:

Gila monsters’ venom has a compound in it that can regulate hunger. It’s similar to a hormone people produce in our intestines — but the lizard version is longer-acting. The find led to the development of a new class of obesity and diabetes drugs, including Ozempic.

These drugs achieve their weight loss results by paralyzing the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest and single most important nerve in the human body, originating in the brain and attaching to many major organs in the body to coordinate organ stimuli for proper organ function such as digestion, circulation, respiration, cognitive function and more. The reason these reptile venom drugs make people lose weight is because they interfere with hunger signals which are communicated from the brain to the digestive system, including the stomach.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Manifesting and getting out of my own way

West Texas storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime, fantastic shot of a mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights from the setting sun.

Hey everyone, feeling chipper and skipping down the lane?  No I didn't think so.  It's been one heck of a year huh?  Not as weird as the COVID years, more weird in that our would be masters want to keep trying the same old scripts and nobody is buying it anymore.  Then there's these Earth change energies slapping us side the head like a mixed martial arts contender.  Those joints you didn't know you had until you try to move.  Does medicare cover this?  Maybe your head is being squished like you are about to be born from an invisible mother?  Heard that a lot from people too!  Fortunately it's like the tide, going in and out, it constantly changes.  And if you play around with your food choices you may find some foods make it easier and some make it worse, depending if they tend to cause inflammation, which is the root cause for most ailments, that and your emotions.  And since everyone is unique what works for me might not work for you. 

I came through 6 months of some really odd things, which I fully admit I was manifesting somehow.  The weird lightening and EMP effects, the house wren appearing in the house was pretty cool but confusing to my cat.  It's either me or this location and I am betting it's coming from me.  Figuring out THE WHY of it, has taken a bit longer.   One thing is for sure, I will keep on manifesting - it's not going away - but I need to do it consciously and from a very bright emotional state.  And that seems to be the key I feel is my emotional state, which is a conscious choice in every moment.  

I scan various sources online each day, spent a little too much time with some podcasts that were once helpful until their owners reverted to religion.  Which is common in times of stress, because if someone looks like they have an answer for all this evil in the world, well there's some comfort in that perhaps. It's not my role to judge another's life journey and what detours they might make.  But rehashing those circular arguments causes a natural revulsion in me, especially when I have enough theological training to know that those books really don't say what people think they say, and they are far from perfect holy texts. Sometimes I just wanna shake people and save them from disillusionment - but dis-illusion-ment is a personal process. and actually a good thing (it just doesn't feel good at the time)  and you nor I can convince anyone of anything unless they are already looking for an answer.  I had to give up the podcasts.  It's affecting my emotional state of being.  

I am also finding I need to be careful with my penchant for sarcasm in social media of those who think they really are the ranch hands with lassos living in the bunk house on the ranch of the human herd.   Good sarcasm is kind of like cleaning a fish, from the belly.  Ripped right out from the center and boy does it smell bad when those entrails of self deceit are exposed.  But is it love?  Is it my role to do that sort of thing?  It does make me laugh but maybe I have a kind of dark humor rooted, perhaps, in the accumulated experience of eons witnessing beings taking duality and power over others, and perceived abandonment by the Creator of ALL,  to an extreme.  And I have had some incarnations where I did much the same.  All that truly matters is what I am NOW. 

These traits seem  to also emerge in others of my essence frequency as well (I can only deal with this inbodyment right now - and maybe by osmosis it carries over into the hundreds of others I know are out there).  The well runs deep. We are all multidimensional beings, and growth comes by expansion and that expansion is done through independent inbodyments.  There have been some beings that kept a tight control over their inbodyments, that's what those royal bloodlines are about - a kind of psychic policing of anyone closely related stepping outside the control agenda - which can only be done when there is a very close match on the DNA.  The essence must match the DNA.  But that's not growth, that's control of what should always be organic, distributed, independent and respected.  All that experience feeds back into the whole. 

There's a belief among some in the new age that they must aim for some higher realm and become just a light being.  Trust me, you do that when you leave your body when it expires.  Physicality has been such a powerful platform for personal development because there are so many beings who have incarnated over and over.  But you were always love and light and this is not some school for evil souls. 

Tik Tok has a good collection of Bashar videos, and he's got some really good information on manifesting and they are fair concise.   It's about the only good stuff on Tik Tok.   I would like to say I am a master of manifesting but I am just beginning to remember this stuff, so many of you are probably ahead of me that regard.   As I get a better handle on the it all I'll share.  I have noticed that I have a longer learning time than some, but when I do get to a point where I can explain it. well, I can also synthesize new information from what I learned. 

Bashar said something interesting one of the videos I saw.  "You are not a soul in a body.  Your body is in your soul".  In other words these bodies are not containers (a common belief among the zeta), they're sensors of physicality.   This simple statement has profound implications for health, longevity and the ability to consciously change your body and its state beyond just what diet and exercise can do.

Monday, June 10, 2024

At the heart of existence...


Sunday, June 9, 2024

How to Break Down Spike Proteins in Your Body

Spike proteins from COVID MRNA vaccine


Update 1: What I was going to say... Alex Collier just said more simply....

There's always a reason something goes the way it does... What I was going to say... and got lost when I hit the publish button... Alex Collier just said more simply....   Most of what Alex says I agree with.  He's been on their ships in body, with what he says is a frequency belt device.  I have not been on their ships to my knowledge.   Although there was a very strange inter-dimensional moment in the hospital last year that I don't have a very good explanation for.

Alex is legit,  he talks to a different group of Andromedans (the blue ones) than I do (as far as I know Thor isn't blue - but it doesn't really matter, its a big galaxy). Alex's contacts are cousins to the Lakota and Sioux tribes from what I understand. 

Thor came from the Celtic  diaspora to Andromeda that came out of Atlantis 1.   

Update 1: