Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Manifesting and getting out of my own way

West Texas storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime, fantastic shot of a mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights from the setting sun.

Hey everyone, feeling chipper and skipping down the lane?  No I didn't think so.  It's been one heck of a year huh?  Not as weird as the COVID years, more weird in that our would be masters want to keep trying the same old scripts and nobody is buying it anymore.  Then there's these Earth change energies slapping us side the head like a mixed martial arts contender.  Those joints you didn't know you had until you try to move.  Does medicare cover this?  Maybe your head is being squished like you are about to be born from an invisible mother?  Heard that a lot from people too!  Fortunately it's like the tide, going in and out, it constantly changes.  And if you play around with your food choices you may find some foods make it easier and some make it worse, depending if they tend to cause inflammation, which is the root cause for most ailments, that and your emotions.  And since everyone is unique what works for me might not work for you. 

I came through 6 months of some really odd things, which I fully admit I was manifesting somehow.  The weird lightening and EMP effects, the house wren appearing in the house was pretty cool but confusing to my cat.  It's either me or this location and I am betting it's coming from me.  Figuring out THE WHY of it, has taken a bit longer.   One thing is for sure, I will keep on manifesting - it's not going away - but I need to do it consciously and from a very bright emotional state.  And that seems to be the key I feel is my emotional state, which is a conscious choice in every moment.  

I scan various sources online each day, spent a little too much time with some podcasts that were once helpful until their owners reverted to religion.  Which is common in times of stress, because if someone looks like they have an answer for all this evil in the world, well there's some comfort in that perhaps. It's not my role to judge another's life journey and what detours they might make.  But rehashing those circular arguments causes a natural revulsion in me, especially when I have enough theological training to know that those books really don't say what people think they say, and they are far from perfect holy texts. Sometimes I just wanna shake people and save them from disillusionment - but dis-illusion-ment is a personal process. and actually a good thing (it just doesn't feel good at the time)  and you nor I can convince anyone of anything unless they are already looking for an answer.  I had to give up the podcasts.  It's affecting my emotional state of being.  

I am also finding I need to be careful with my penchant for sarcasm in social media of those who think they really are the ranch hands with lassos living in the bunk house on the ranch of the human herd.   Good sarcasm is kind of like cleaning a fish, from the belly.  Ripped right out from the center and boy does it smell bad when those entrails of self deceit are exposed.  But is it love?  Is it my role to do that sort of thing?  It does make me laugh but maybe I have a kind of dark humor rooted, perhaps, in the accumulated experience of eons witnessing beings taking duality and power over others, and perceived abandonment by the Creator of ALL,  to an extreme.  And I have had some incarnations where I did much the same.  All that truly matters is what I am NOW. 

These traits seem  to also emerge in others of my essence frequency as well (I can only deal with this inbodyment right now - and maybe by osmosis it carries over into the hundreds of others I know are out there).  The well runs deep. We are all multidimensional beings, and growth comes by expansion and that expansion is done through independent inbodyments.  There have been some beings that kept a tight control over their inbodyments, that's what those royal bloodlines are about - a kind of psychic policing of anyone closely related stepping outside the control agenda - which can only be done when there is a very close match on the DNA.  The essence must match the DNA.  But that's not growth, that's control of what should always be organic, distributed, independent and respected.  All that experience feeds back into the whole. 

There's a belief among some in the new age that they must aim for some higher realm and become just a light being.  Trust me, you do that when you leave your body when it expires.  Physicality has been such a powerful platform for personal development because there are so many beings who have incarnated over and over.  But you were always love and light and this is not some school for evil souls. 

Tik Tok has a good collection of Bashar videos, and he's got some really good information on manifesting and they are fair concise.   It's about the only good stuff on Tik Tok.   I would like to say I am a master of manifesting but I am just beginning to remember this stuff, so many of you are probably ahead of me that regard.   As I get a better handle on the it all I'll share.  I have noticed that I have a longer learning time than some, but when I do get to a point where I can explain it. well, I can also synthesize new information from what I learned. 

Bashar said something interesting one of the videos I saw.  "You are not a soul in a body.  Your body is in your soul".  In other words these bodies are not containers (a common belief among the zeta), they're sensors of physicality.   This simple statement has profound implications for health, longevity and the ability to consciously change your body and its state beyond just what diet and exercise can do.