Thursday, June 17, 2021

US Treasury Announces Key Staff Appointments


Treasury Announces Key Staff Appointments

WASHINGTON – Today, the United States Department of the Treasury announced three key additions to Treasury staff. These distinguished and diverse individuals join Treasury prepared to deliver results for the American people. 

Biographies of the appointees are listed below in alphabetical order: 


Kayla Arslanian, Deputy Executive Secretary, Office of the Executive Secretary

Kayla Arslanian joins the Treasury Department from the New York City Mayor's Office, where she most recently served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Bill de Blasio.  As a member of the senior leadership team responding to New York City’s COVID-19 crisis, Arslanian was responsible for increasing the city’s testing capacity and led planning efforts to reopen the largest school system in the country.  As Deputy Chief of Staff, she also advised the mayor on a wide-ranging set of issues, including: public housing, education and the city’s expense and capital budgets.  Arslanian held multiple roles in the Mayor’s Office, previously serving as Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and as Special Assistant to the Mayor.  Arslanian began her career as a Legal Analyst at the New York State Attorney General’s Office and later worked in the New York State Governor’s Office, where she joined Governor Andrew Cuomo’s first term administration as Special Assistant to the Director of State Operations. A native of New York City, Arslanian is a proud Wolverine – earning both her B.A and J.D. from the University of Michigan. 


J.J. Ricchetti, Special Assistant, Office of Legislative Affairs

J.J. Ricchetti joins the Treasury Department after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in political science.


Antonio J. White, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Engagement, Office of Public Affairs

Antonio White returns to the Treasury Department from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where he was a senior member of the public engagement team. Prior to joining the foundation, White founded and led Beyond Ideas Group, a public affairs and social impact consulting firm that specialized in communications, campaigns, and public engagement strategy. White previously served as the Treasury Department’s Senior Advisor for Business Affairs during the Obama Administration and as Associate Director of Scheduling and Advance for Treasury Secretaries Tim Geithner and Jack Lew. A proud Warrensville Heights, Ohio native, White earned a master’s degree in history from Morgan State University and a bachelor’s degree in Black studies from Miami University.


Denice’s morning visual

Denice wrote: 

Had a detailed visual as I was waking. . .5 transport ships. . Transience 1 through 5.  These are shiny black two story 'cubes' with a central stair/lift.  Four rooms on bottom, four on top, each holding up to 25 folks.  There is a one room cube on the top corner  -- the 'bridge'.

The rooms open to the center where there is a central lift -- a pole with a handrail and a step. You step onto it and it lifts to the next level -- it is running continuously. 

The ships  are  designed for short trips.

We are about to see some amazing things!!!!!!!

The Incredible Stillness

This morning an incredible stillness here in the Texas Hill Country.  The energies here, with the several active portals nearby, has been like sitting at the flood gates of the 3 Gorges Dam.  You don't have to be in the water to feel the reverberation energy viscerally. But today, it was still.  The kind of stillness I noticed a long time ago on a hot summer day in Arizona in 1960.  Not bird sound, not a frog, not a dog, just stillness. 

Last week Brian Kelly wrote me from Bali.  I like Brian, always have.  And we've stayed in touch off and on since Morocco.  He was one of the first of the 11 I met.  Lived 5 miles from me in San Diego.  Brian sent me a video from "Gene Decode" who is very popular among some, usually the Charlie Ward crowd, but little of what he concludes resonates with me.  And as I have said to others I am not a fan of gematria (basically one to many hash table in computer terms) but he wasn't solely making his claims based on gematria.  Brian wanted my opinion and I gave it privately with what data I know.    No disparagement meant to "Gene Decode" or those that follow him.  I am not a fan of flat earth theories either, but I know decent beautiful people who I like a lot who do believe in that.  Met some in Morocco.  I just don't believe in it and feel no inclination to conform their fervor. 

But there was a piece in video that stuck in my throat like a metaphorical dry Dorito Tortilla chip.  It was some data about a faction of Galactics and some possible things done long ago. So I chatted on line with Denice about it... "Did you get this piece of data during those conversations in 2015 we had with them?'  Denice is assured she did indeed get that data.  I asked, "What is just naive or was I not ready to hear it?"  Denice said "You weren't ready..."  Denice knows me extremely well.

I was immediately flooded with a set of images that I remembered seeing as a young boy in Scottsdale Arizona.  I don't know if they came during dreams or day dreams. I was a young lad very prone to day dreaming and creating fantastic things in my day dreams.  But these images would come in and I didn't know from where.  Images no young child should have to see. I am 50+ years down the road of life from that little boy running in the lawn sprinkler in the 115 degrees Fahrenheit.  But it all immediately connected to what Brian sent me. By sheer will I remembered turning off that flow of data.  And then I realized why I have had such a struggle with telepathic data. I have been half afraid of what I might see and know. And then there's the issue (which I have been facing for months) if you know, what can I do about it? Its not unlike the issue you run into as a parent of children and there is no hard and fast rule either, you somehow muddle through is how stupid do you allow your children to be, to get the experience they need to be an effective adult and stay alive.  

I was hoping the conversation with Denice would be like a glass of water and get the metaphorical dry Dorito chip dislodged from my throat.  That relief didn't come.   I talked to Heather about it too and I don't think I explained what I was feeling very well.  She basically told me "Sack up solider and get marching"...(my paraphrase)...  and while true... I still had to get the dry Dorito chip of emotions out of my throat.  I've seen Heather go through her own recollections in the alps, and a few days I just stayed away until she worked through those memories of certain individuals in other lives.  So I know she knows what its like, I just didn't explain my point very well, and didn't feel like loading her down with what I was struggling with. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my Galactic friends, but there was some factions that did less than beautiful things.  Truth is that is true of every being in the Universe at some point in their life trajectories.  Some people haven't had many incarnations.  I have had 10,000 incarnations on Earth alone! I don't know how many else where.

I remember as a teenager smoking pot with some friends at Lake Pleasant near Phoenix.  My parents would have killed me had they known. Marijuana back then was rather weak compared to the highly cultivated stuff grown these days.  I don't think I was all that high but I did fall asleep in the back of a friend's station wagon and had the strangest dream.  I dreamed I was one of those "invisible men" models they used to have in the hobby stores where I used to get mom to buy me Matchbox toy cars.  I had clear skin and I could come and go from my skin and I had this sense that there was so much more to me than this body and the enormity of that totality of me was frightening, compared to how little power I felt I had as a 15 year old.  My religion taught me there was just this life, and if you did good, maybe God gives you Eternal life.  I had no clue life never dies because the life force is Source.  The images were so overwhelming I didn't try any cannabis product for decades. It really spooked me.   I have never taken a psychedelic for the very same reason. I think full recall is coming to everyone very soon.

Invisible Man Anatomy Model

There has been at least 5 civilizations on Earth (that I know of now) in separate epochs.  I have been a giant (and that form still exists in Antartica. I saw it in the flow in a stasis chamber.  When I was viewing it, I saw Chinese antropologists inspecting it (the US Military has custody of the giant forms in stasis) and while observing the scene a woman was peering through the quartz window, I animated it briefly and said "BOO!" The woman shrieked and jumped down, and they all began to laugh while she tried to explain that the Giant said "BOO!".  I had a good laugh!  I don't know if they believed her. LOL.  Respect my "suits" people!  This is not the garment district in Hong Kong!  

I have been in Atlantis 1&2. I'v been celtic and white.  I have been French. I have been a Russian General.  I have been Italian. I have been a black man in many lives in Ghana.  I have been Chinese.  I have been Japanese (two lives as a Samurai).   I have been Korean.  I have been a Roman General. 

I wrestle with old ideas and new.  A sense of responsibility for what I created, and a sense of needing to let go of those things I have no control of, never had any control of, which is basically every individual choice of other people.  Huge hierarchies have been created on uncounted eons on earth and off earth to force people into certain choices, some were built by me, most not by me.  I have this feeling I saw the folly of that early... which wasn't very popular at the time, but is becoming common wisdom as to the behavior of complex systems, which is more biological in structure than hierarchical power structures.  Structures need to be thought of in terms of an ecology, not a command structure.  Many ideas of law need to change as well.

But I digress from my central point, which was supposed to be you may come across somethings soon that you know in your heart you have known some how but didn't know how you knew and you didn't understand the connections.   You will likely have a smaller heap of memories to absorb than I do, but you may be surprised what comes up.

During todays stillness... I realized every moment has a choice of emotion.  Do I stay in emotionally chocked state, or do I continue on?   I chose to move on,  and a certain peace emerged.   There is only the now.  There's nothing anyone can do with anything in the past except learn from it.  Every judgement of others is of a snapshot in the past. It never tells you who they are now.  I can't change a thing others might or might not have done.  The problem with having had so many lives, is you are also witness to a lot of things other people have done, and that is also a part of your experience.   I can be love and show love. I can forgive.  That is in may control.

They say if you want love to come to you, first be love.   If you be love, then it doesn't matter whether love comes to you or not, but just the nature of the frequency of love it attracts more love.  So there is really nothing every to worry about.  In that state there is no sense of loss, there is no sense of abandonment if people choose to move on to other experiences without you.  Others will come to experience you and your love. Its the way it works.

I love you all.


(This article may be revised tomorrow, I often correctly grammar and other errors for a day or two).

PS: I had one of these in the Pleiades, but it was made of crystals and much larger!