Friday, February 3, 2023

Old Boss same as the New Boss

I'm at times frustrated about how long it's taken to see change on this planet, but it is happening.  And the pace of that change has accelerated with the exposure of massive corruption in government and business.   

With the purported arrivals of the "Galactic Federation" to the Sol system and talk of the return of Enki, makes me think the off world involvement in the status quo was much greater among the "benign" galactics than I had originally appreciated.  

Yeah I get it, they ain't the Ciakar reptilians, but as I listen to the prouncements of Elena Danaan about the return of "Enki/Prince Ea" ("he's such a nice guy") and the purported supoena to appear before the Galactic Federation Council of "King Anu" about his mad scientist genetic tinkerer son "Prince Enil". I feel like I am reading a galactic PR reputation rehabilitation campaign of the Anu kingdom at best or justice delivered 6000 years late.  Those jamokes gave us Babylon/Sumeria and all that emerged from it since - and Orion Hybrids that brought us Orion banking were part of that. Bankers still in charge of the Orion finances?  I really got to wonder if the narrative of putting "King Anu" and his Annunaki in charge of the Orion cluster is any kind of improvement of that much beleaguered star system.  But who knows, it could be like the soldier that fucked up and got sent to an assignment in Greenland? 

It all feels like rent-a-bureaucrat-consulting agency recruiting a dupe earth side to promote the phoenix of the narrative.  I'm not sure why Dr Michael Salla believes everything Elena says but that's not my problem.   I ran into several humans that claim to have been annunaki and they had a rather "charmed" life journey in this matrix. You and I didn't. 

Some day I will have a wider appreciation to Galactic doings, I am thankful for the ones that contacted me were from a different group.  Don't give your power away to ANY ET, they ALL have their issues just like you and I.  Councils exist because of politics.  5D doesn't end politics.  As long as there are beings in form there will be one variant of politics or another unless and until they are motivated by only love, and if that were the case, they wouldn't need councils to know what to do.  And they wouldn't call themselves royals.

I'm an amnesiac old soul, emerging from a long sleep on this planet.   Some memories have returned most are still to arrive.  But all this talk of galactic royals to an American makes feel like coughing up a fur ball.



Last June I learned I had somewhat high blood sugar, it was the background cause of about a half dozen odd symptoms of which I couldn't determine the cause for the prior year. So I made some immediate changes. First one was I began using an insulin pen once a day, I didn't need much and this form of insulin is easy to use.  I began testing my blood sugar throughout the day. What foods we spiking my blood sugar became quickly apparent.  I gave up bread, wheat and potatoes which seems to be the biggest source of gaining weight for me.  I suspect there is something really wrong without wheat other than gluten allergies.  Stan X has said there were macrobytes (DNA disrupters) in our cereal grains, he didn't say how wide spread that was and how to avoid it.  I've also found Chinese food (tailored for Americans) is loaded with hidden sugar - the biggest single blood sugar spike for me of any restaurant food and they don't tell you that. Carbohydrates are what cause weight gain.

There are stages of adjustment when you lose weight, posture changes, back changes, how you walk changes. One area loses fat while another doesn't until it's time for that area.  Sometimes baffling changes for a moment that vanish just as fast. I've also found trauma that occurred during the original weight gain coming up for release, along with long forgotten memories of the moments they happened.  Emotions are often held within the soft tissues of the body.  And they are no doubt related to the weight gain either by its impact on my emotions or how I processed those moments. 

My left knee has been killing me for the past week.  I bought an ACE knee compression brace/bandage and that has eased the pain in my ligaments. The knee symptoms might be related to the energies right now, which for me range from blissful to knocking me flat out. I'm an old fart, died once and came back, so every day above ground is a good one.  I didn't come with an expiration date on my ass, but definitely feeling the years of wear at times. 

Janauary has been tough for work, as it often is.  That got compounded this week with the ice storm making it impossible to drive.  In Austin it looks like tree-mageddon hit.  There's not a house or lot spared tree damage from the weight of ice on limbs.  Arborists and landscapers will be cleaning up the mess for weeks.  Perhaps it's all the ice but my dreams have been off the charts and I am getting so much data in them as I move about place to place.  My dreams have always been journeys, but I don't usually remember them like I have the last 4 days. 

I was able to re-jigger my medicare plan and got a new car insurance provider so with those two alone I cut out $250 of expenses at the beginning of the month.  So downsizing on the financial side too. I wasn't sure what I was going to eat, but looks now like that I will manage.  I made rent.  February will be better, the weather is warming up and roads are clear.  I don't know if the January down turn in ride requests is related to the tech layoffs, but I am revising my resume in case I need to find other work.  Preparing for all possibilities, including abundance.