Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Updated: Venting of anixiety frequencies in progress. Breathe and release it...

Heather called while I went out for lunch. She sends her love to all and thanks everyone for their love and messages of support.

There's a lot of anxiety venting frequencies going on as people sense imminent change but don't yet know what it is.   I saw it this weekend in SEVERAL different venues and different locations and even had a random man I didn't know inside a Target store tell me to fuck off.... (that could just be a Seattle thing I don't know) so those energies being felt.  Certain scenarios have been rewritten and canceled.  Some agendas are not going to be happening, regardless of how authoritative the prognostications were.   And that is triggering those who wanted a huge bloody retribution, judgement and war.  But you don't get out of this duality trap that way.  This is a war with different weapons, oneness and pure love frequencies are pouring into this planet.  This is the work of THE ALL happening.   The controllers work to templates of war, retribution, judgement and harvest the potentials of dualistic energy. The All doesn't do that and it adapts to situations as they change. The All is All and knows ALL.

This ends peacefully and it ends joyfully and in bliss for ALL.  Doesn't mean things might not get weird now and then as we move through this final phase. We are already seeing a bit of that.

PS: A shout out to Brian Kelly, welcome to fatherhood dude!