Monday, March 8, 2021


On the (door) frame by Beta radio 

"On The Frame" 

[Verse 1] 

Can you hear me, Father John 
Have you lost what you believe? 
What's the matter, what's the meaning when nothing's as it seems? 
Sit down at the table now 
There's reason, there's reprieve 
(You would never know it) 
Even those who are yet to go are sharers in your grief 


Cause in a little while 
When all will be older 
You're gonna say goodbye 
Go and get your closure 
In 100 years 
When you're just a haze on the water 
And then when it clears 
It's another's turn to discover 
What you know 
They'll have to let go 
Like you 

[Verse 2] 

Can you hear me, Caleb 
On the morning when you came 
It was me who wrote onto the wooden door your name 
It will last there longer than in this body I can stay 
(Cause we all will be lonely) 
If you ever return again 
Write another's on the frame