Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Banking Food Chain....

There's still a lot of people who don't know how the banking system power food chain works....  

Listed below is the hierarchy of banking of "The Power That Were".  You will see why HSBC has nearly been untouchable despite being the biggest money launderer.  (The BIS and Central banks have sovereign style legal immunity from prosecution from the countries they operate in, by law, when the central banks were formed.)

1. Qing Dynasty Chinese Royals in China and Southesast Asia ( "Dragon Family" of various countries and "color" factions - all a part of the control of this planet) 
2. HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) a member of the BIS and Federal Reserve which serves as the allusion they are under their control. 
3. BIS (Top of the Rothschild Banking complex - western proxy/broker for the Chinese "Dragon Family") 
4. National Central banks within the Rothschild complex (including the Bank of England and the Federal Rerserve). These banks control the countries they operate in via the creation of "money" and money liquidity.  The ability to create infinite funds means the ability to corrupt any government. 
5. Regional banks (many of which are owned, 51% or more, or have interlocking ownership by other banks who are controlled by HSBC.  Wells Fargo is one example.
All banks in the USA,  are Federal Reserve members now, which also gives their officers immunity from prosecution. This is why bankers never go to jail, although "deferred prosecutions" and minor fines (as a cost of doing business) are issued by the DOJ for public relations purposes. Remember a 10 billion dollar fine is nothing if the crime grossed 100 billion in profit.

Quick update...

Unusually orange Texas Sunrises I am seeing...

May 6, 2017

I am doing pretty well as far as healing from the surgery.  My energy is picking up and noticing much clearer skin (not that that was every a big issue... just something I am noticing) and improved digestion overall. I don't seem to need to eat as much or as often so lots of good things coming from this. Everything feels more efficient.   This may have been a problem for longer than I have known.

I still get a bit tired in the evenings, but have a fairly normal sleep cycle now after having a totally wonky pattern for weeks.  I was having to to rest in the afternoon the first few weeks.

There is no pain at all now, the itching (a sign of healing) has also dissipated. most of the incisions scars will be unnoticeable, one will have a minor dent which may flatten out in time.  I am very pleased with how professional the surgery was.  I still cannot lift much over 10 lbs for the next 3 weeks. I can bend over and pick things up and  eat most anything except for cabbage and very hot salsa.

I mowed the lawn yesterday and did a bit of weed eater work which is the first real physical labor I have done in weeks. The yard sure needed it.   I must wear the abdominal binder (a giant ace bandage) for a few weeks yet.

I'm getting a few emails wondering if there is any "news" regarding the galactics and the New Complete Earth. I don't have a lot to report there, except that I am getting reports and seeing many more people rapidly waking up, often with sometimes with some rather spectacular releases of old frequencies, venting, and mood swings.  I think a bit of what we are seeing in all the airline passenger clashes that are hitting the news are a part of that. People will no longer tolerate being treated like cattle and like they don't matter.  Get used to that.  Courtesy and respect is required.

Edgy people in cramped confined spaces is not a good combo, and airlines have crammed people into tighter spaces for profit than ever before and the flight attendants do not have the social skills training once at the core of the airlines in the early 1980s and before (another cost cutting move).  Add to that too authority to call in a policeman or an air marshal when a kind word would have done, and you get what you see now, minor incidents blown into full blown violence.  You can't make successful human interaction into a script or procedure.  Airlines are not banks.  People is their core business.  That's why I enjoyed working in Airlines for 12 years, until they really were owned by banks (their bondholders during the bankruptcies).

The majority of "hu-manity" had opted to wake up at the last moment, as being awake during the worst of this situation on Earth was for the stronger ones, and some of you have been awake since the 1970s, far longer than me!

I was given a heads up that the galactics are cleaning a few loose ends here on Earth with some of their operatives, in particular those who have gone "off the ranch" and compromised by other Earth factions (perhaps unwittingly) or getting caught up with fear porn that has no basis in fact.  Some are working for the groups they claim to be resisting.  Fear is a weapon of those who control the planet.

There are handlers and operatives confronting those who have lost touch with their core missions here. And for some its not their first warning. I am not involved with that, have no dealings with that, and frankly its not my problem to resolve.  I just got heads up it was happening.   Use your heart in these matters, its your best discernment tool.  Send love energy to all those involved, in most cases they really mean well, they just didn't have  the full context of what or who they were dealing with. Most of the Earth control systems were compartmentalized layers with the cover stories being different at each layer.

Thank you for your patience with the sparse blog posts from me.  I am putting healing first.   I am doing very well so far.

I will posting more today and tomorrow.


PS: Is anyone else seeing unusually orange sunrises?  The photo above is what I am seeing between 6-7 am in Texas.