Thursday, February 23, 2017

Welcome to Terran Cognito!

Welcome to Terran Cognito!

This is a new blog from the same guy that brought you American Kabuki.

Its been 5 years since I started the American Kabuki blog in February 2012.  After seeing some rather major banking resignations in Switzerland and around the world I began collecting banker resignations by doing Google searches on them.  This was all before Google installed so many neural net programs to serve you up what they think you really wanted to see.  In 2012 it was simple binary searches which would dish up the most fascinating resignations around the world.  I do not think the current algorithms would even provide the degree of detail I got back then, which is kind of a shame. Not all changes are improvements, but for the casual searcher perhaps it is.

I sensed someone was out there quietly doing something that frightened the "smart money" that was triggering those with high positions to cash out with early retirements or golden parachutes.  I thought that someone was a man, but that someone turned out to be a woman, a lawyer and one of those most amazing intuitives I have ever encountered.  Nothing about my life has been the same since late December 2012 encounter with her.

After posting so much about what is wrong with the current systems, which so many others do so well now, I'm going to focus on creating the new, emerging awareness among humanity and of course the news with our Galactic friends among the Sphere Alliance, and the recent ancient finds in Antarctica.

I will continue working with Denice as she is able and has time, so in some ways this is a continuation of how things have been for at least the last 6 months, but I thought I'd create this space as a place for a new creation to emerge in fresh energies.

Google is changing many of its search engine parameters and one of the things that will get a site "de-ranked" in searches is links that use "HTTP" instead of the encrypted browser link "HTTPS" (the "S" stands for secure - which it is... sort of...).   Sites that have the open links are de-ranked. The old American Kabuki blog has over 4000 postings and I do not have the time to go through each of them and update all the links just to please Google's search engine requirements.  So I am starting fresh with a new blog, and ad revenue generally mostly comes from recent postings.

There also some indications that Google and other Silicon Valley ad revenue sources are actively at war with "alternative media" sites after Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election.  I suspect that the content will shortly have to be all "value for value", as the powers that were.. banks basically... put pressure on ad agencies to pull ads from "alt media".  I will deal with that as the picture becomes clearer and adjust accordingly.