Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Conversation with Riggolt - 11/5/18

Terran: Skye says Riggolt wants to talk to me. Think you can reach him?

Denice: Yes!

Denice: Ready for R?

Terran: Of course! ūüėÄ

Terran: Hi Riggolt!


Terran: Each perspective is unique


Terran: Absolutely 


Terran: Find time for fun and joy, this planet has had more than it share of sorrows, yet there is still love and joy here

Terran: You have a particular unique perspective


Terran: These are two faces of the same coin. Much harm done in the name of light and dark but only love is real. All need love 


Terran: What prompted your thoughtful statements? Studying history?


Terran: Define "we"

Riggolt: T. ALL OF YOU. ALL OF "US". WE. R.

Riggolt: T. READY? R. 

Terran: I think I've been ready since 2015

Riggolt: T. PERFECT. R.

Terran: R. Will I get notice? T.



Riggolt: T. ON "OUR" WAY. R.

A Dream: Value Access Cards

Photoshopped Depiction

November 13, 2018

Had a dream I was in a city something like Seattle. I met Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert they had an office in an art gallery. We were talking about money.

I leave and buy a homeless man some shoes. At some point I realize I lost my wallet and car keys... and I get worried.

I see the homeless guy ahead and follow him and end up scaling this cliff and lose my shoes in the process.

I meet many homeless people and this odd black man that looked like the Universal I met in the DC courtroom. He gives me some shoes to replace the ones I lost on the climb up the cliff. He’s feeding homeless people and giving them things like clothes. He seemed to be connected to Habitat for Humanity in some kind of homeless outreach program.

He gives me this 3 foot round thing about 6 feet high, says it’s a heater to keep warm (it’s cold and damp out) he said it was once used to “condition” motorcycles (I have no idea what that means). It did put out heat, but it also was shooting flames out the bottom and was about to launch itself... it was kind of coming off the ground at moments and making dangerous sounds... I reach in the back and turn off a valve before everyone gets killed.

The story of me buying the homeless man shoes circulates and the black man is all smiles and says looking at all the homeless people “I’m gonna marry your collective mother and give you all American Express Cards!” General celebration breaks out in the homeless camp.

I got the sense these were value access American Express cards not credit cards.

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Dream: Dealing with a Thug in a Dream - 11.11.18

Not actual person

Denice: hi!

Denice: Love H's response to your dream. . .guess Dennis is going to have his hands full ;) (lol)

Terran: Man oh man have I been dreaming. Maybe because of the mountains or the quiet?

Terran: Had a dream I was someplace last night with this really awful [corporate] thug. He looked a bit like a blonde Corey Goode [not him BTW, I like Corey - I think he is brave]. Had this smirk.

Terran: I think this one most would call "incorrigible". The kind behind many awful events.

Terran: At one moment in the dream I just belt him in the mouth! I nearly knock him cold!

Terran: Then I yell at him "open your fucking heart before it's too late!'

Terran: The combination of those two moves seemed to have caught him entirely off guard.

Terran: I don't know where I was or who it was!

A Dream - Report to War Department

I had a dream Friday night.  The scene was set in my college data processing department where I was a junior programmer doing Statistical programming in the SAS computer language.  I ran personnel and built computer models for capacity planning needs for computer hardware in the future. I was also learning to code in IBM 370 assembly language.    I couldn't find an exact represention of the cubicles of that time with an IBM 3270 terminal so this is photoshopped image is as close as I can get on short notice.

What makes the dream a bit unusual was I the college I went to was a religious one, and the religion of my parents was pacifist in nature.  It was an odd sect of Christianity, the founder was an ex-Quaker yet the faith more closely resembled the Seventh Day Adventists. We did believe in self defense, but it was expected of the young men of draft age to serve their country as a conscientious objector (or leave the church and all your friends).  That usually meant working in hospitals doing menial tasks during the Vietnam War.  I came close to having to make a decision of whether to go to war or claim a CO status and endure the verbal abuse that ensues from that for acting from conscience (church members from Bible Belt seemed to get it the worse as the draft boards were often staffed with Souther Baptists).  I had talked it over with my father and it was the one subject of the church he did not strongly give his opinion on. And he was a very opinionated man!  He was a WWII P-38 pilot and fought the Nazis.  The only advice he gave me was to trust myself.  Lucky for me, President Nixon ended the Vietnam war one year prior to me being put into that difficult choice.  I grew up with a very binary black and white view of what was right and wrong and was taught the 10 commandments.  That's not too different than a lot of Americans.  I left the religion in 1997.

I have since come to know that I have had many many lives (I'm told around 10,000) on this planet, and many of them as warriors.  I had two lives in Japan as a Samurai, one as a Shogun's Chief of Guards.   I have recovered memories of being a Russian General during WWI and WWII, I saw the Nazi's invade  Russia and I was involved in the defense of Stalingrad and I had some pretty horrific memories of all that war and destruction.   So perhaps I chose parents who would be in a Pacifist religion after witnessing all that carnage.  It's hard to know, but some day all that will come clear.

I have known for some time that memories of all those lives were split into two beings, the me that incarnates on this planet, and the higher frequencies and memories that could not fit into an earth body during times of very heavy low frequencies where placed into a Universal being that I refer to as Nabrac. Everyone is multidimensional, and everyone has at least 1 other inbodyment.  I have many.  Heather is quite familiar with Nabrac and only uses that name to reference him because I have put that label on him for the purposes of writing about it. I am in short a very old soul.

I recently learned with the help of Skye that the split of being-ness occurred prior to WWI, so best I can tell with the data at hand,  the Russian General role was where the separation of memories from the Earth incarnating version of me began. 

This past summer in Portland while watching a Chinese miniseries "The Disguiser" on Netflix I suddenly realized I had lived the story I was watching about the Japanese invasion of Shanghai and Hong Kong.  I was the character known as Ming Tai. 

I made an inquiry via Denice to Stan X, about Ming Tai and Stan confirmed Nabrac was Ming Tai. Which explains he's familiarity with China. The next day Thor sent me some memories he pulled from that life and sent them telepathically it was very similar to the movie, at least the carefree joyful part of a wealthy young adopted Chinese man.  How accurate the war part was I don't know, as the series was produced by the PRC and is not free of propaganda about the war. Since Heather's arrest in DC, the frequencies and memories carried in Nabrac are merging with my being and becoming one. That was Nabrac's choice.  As to whether they will be two beings in the future, that is unknown, its possible.  Nabrac was the caretaker of my memories all the way back to the Original Garden.

Mergers and splits of beings doesn't happen a lot in the universe but it is not unknown either.  He is me memory wise much more so than say Thor or Ashtar Sherran. My memories are returning.   I returned in that form Nabrac uses after the destruction of the Pleiades about 4000 years ago in a troop transport with Thor and his wife Susannah to the area of the Alps near H√īne Italy, very near to where I lived in 2015 and 2016.  I decided in the Pleiades I could not let what happened in the Pleiades happen on Earth and chose (from what data I have now) to ride out it on Earth until this moment.  I may hold the record on incarnations here, I don't know.

Anyway that's the background for now, and this probably should have been two posts so onto the dream.  11/11/2018 is a significant date.  1111 is the Universal wake up code that many of you saw on clocks after the year 2000.  It and the variant 111 still catch our eyes on clocks and that's by design to keep in our consciousness that wake up code.

For all my pacifist upbringing I have come to see that there is a time for war.  And there are many kinds of warfare.  There's conventional armies, naval warfare, air wars, space wars, cyber wars, information wars, trade wars, economic wars, wars for hearts and minds, and there is even a kind of warfare known to angels, a war using techniques of oneness.  Earth warfare is mostly separation based, clearly defining enemy and allies, yet we all know even our best allies are constantly spying on us. 

On this date 11/11 we've crossed a threshold.  The patience shown the controllers on this planet since 2012 is over.  They get to experience what they have chosen to experience.   Will it go the way Qanon folks claim? I don't know.  No plan ever survives the first battle, the best plans are dynamic and adaptive and creative.

I haven't had a dream that felt "prophetic" in a long time, not since 1995.  And the dreams I have had since meeting Heather in 2012 are mostly happening in other realms and places.  Symbolic "Jungian" dreams are rare for me these days.

I was working as a programmer in my old church college's IT department in Pasadena CA.  
I arrive at my cubicle and there a little plastic sign in fluorescent orange arrow... it’s kind of lit up and it’s clipped to my articulated draftsman light  
I couldn't read it at first.. so I ask some other programmers if they got one... there were new guys who were like librarians telling me to shhhhhhsh... they didn’t like anyone talking while they work.  But what did the sign mean?
A secretary arrives... says “you're to report to the war department”.... that’s the sign! 
I say “we have a war department”? 
She says “yes it’s in Palestine Texas”
I say “okay” puzzled but relieved I wasn’t fired in some strange new way 
Then I woke up 
As I woke up got a sense I’d be meeting military people soon...
I sent the above dream  to Heather and I got back this cryptic reply:

RE: Odd dreamNov 10, 2018 at 3:34 PM
lol...were you "listening in" on my convo with dennis [her attorney] yesterday, hhhhhmmmmmmm????? :) 

Friday, November 9, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded

Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded

by √ČirePort

Galactic confluences guide the Light-minded.

Cosmic reunifications commence.

Star systems combine for the benefit of all.

Portals are presented to all.

Cosmic journeys commence.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Gaia Portal: Stealth elements are valued

Terran note:
if you read these kind of like one would the Q posts, you can see patterns. On October 24, "Humanity is freed as Hue-manity rises. Fascinations with soaps is abandoned." What's a Soap [opera]? A storyline. Good vs Evil. Dark vs Light. Now notice what appeared on October 30th... "Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being." Then notice what was said on November 5th, "Stealth elements are valued."  Also notice whenever HUE-BEING is referenced the time stamp will have 11:11, the number that began flashing on everyone's clocks after the year 2000.  The universal wakeup code.   I am not sure what 08:08 means in the time stamp yet. 

My take? The Hue-Being is an aware being.  The Hu-being is an awake being.  The difference is one has awakened from sleep, the Hue-Being sees the UNITY in all things.  It's a progression of growth, first you have to be awake, then you can be aware. The hu-being values the forthright, the Hue-Being sees the stealth elements role in awakening and bringing awareness. 

For example the Q project is about awakening.  It's called the Great Awakening for a reason. No doubt the awareness quickly follows.  Each at their own predesigned pace.

Stealth elements are valued
by √ČirePort

Stealth elements are valued.

Plastic life forms are exposed and dissolved.

Flames of Illumination envelope the masses.

Awakenings begin for all.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

GAIA PORTAL: Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being

Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being 

by √ČirePort

Forthright appearances are valued by the hu-being.

Blindness is healed.

Inner realms are viewed by many, for the first time.

Standards of living are raised for all.

The Light is pleased.

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