Monday, July 26, 2021

Message from Jai

Martha: News from Jai:  


Martha: Can I share?


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Elena Danaan Video: Mating Rites from Outer Space

You may find this of interest.  Elena Daanan has been fairly accurate in describing the activities of Thor Han and various groups helping the planet at this time and Dr Salla has quoted her extensively.  Nobody has all the data, not me, not Dr Salla, not Elena.  We all have pieces of the puzzle.  Always use your discernment with all sources including me. 

The title of this video is poorly chosen. It evokes images of pagans dancing sex rituals in the forest night.  There really is no ritual (from which the word "rite" is derived) at all in this video. 

This is more a synopsis of the various genders found among a myriad of ET cultures through this and other galaxies and their views towards sex and reproduction.  She does mention homosexuality in some ET cultures, we have also said the same, likely in the same proportions found here on Earth. There is also androgyny and in the case of one race up to 8 genders (she doesn't have the details on what that entails as to reproduction). In case you're embarrassed by sex, it doesn't get into the details of courtship and dating practices per se. It's a humorous and a light hearted way of introducing the topic. She's also promoting her book about ETs.

I found her drawings of ETs captivating but I wish she'd hold the book still enough to get a good look at them.   What I like the most is calling the "non-locals" by the names they actually call themselves. 

Due to the influence of Hollywood and the military, humans define dark eyes and skinny body as  "greys", when in reality these similar looking beings are vastly different origins, some human, mammalian, reptilian, insect or plan or combination of themt. Their natures and temperaments are vastly different, even if their looks are somewhat similar.  The black eyes are usually lenses for sunlight protection of sensitive eyes.

The beings Earth will meet first are the ones that look human, such as the Pleiadians, Andromedans and Sirians.  Humans are compatible with all of these as we carry pretty much the same genetics.

We will meet the others as we mature as a planet and get used to the idea that life is everywhere and extremely diverse.  Some life in the universe is vastly different than our own with cultures that have a completely different path than ours.   The variety of forms is endless.  If you can imagine it, it likely exists somewhere.

I tried embedded the video but it won't play unless you go to YouTube, so here's the link instead:

Monday, July 19, 2021

Short Question on "experimental explosion" to Thor

Terran: Undersea base taken out?



Thursday, July 15, 2021

Blossom Goodchild - July 13, 2021

Blossom Goodchild

13 July 2021

Well, here we are once again. Life, with its topsy turvy twists and turns, continues to flow, and we must Trust that although it doesn’t look like it, it is all going in the right direction!

Welcome Blossom, welcome to Each Soul who, like us, look forward to these conversations and the comfort and sometimes, confusion, they bring!

Why do you say confusion?

Because we are aware that at times, there is confusion of mind as to what is and what is not. For although some feel we talk in riddles, we do not. We simply express in a fashion that allows Each Soul to interpret for themselves, that which we are offering. Some are able to look deeper into our presentation than others, whilst some, receive the Love and Trust on a … would we say … more simpler frequency. We are aware you would like to talk about the Monoliths?

Yes, please. If it suits? For quite a few are inquiring as to an update on them.

All are now in place. Yet, none are to be activated, at this time. They shall remain dormant until ‘The signal’ is given, at which point they shall ‘Come alive and do their thing’.

Which is?

They will send tones and signals to one another across your Globe and out to other sources like themselves, that are not on your Planet. The connections between them … each one … shall we say … would be in comparison to a conversation. As you can imagine this is a complex matter that cannot be completely understood on the human brain’s capacity level at this time. Extremely advanced scientists will not be able to keep up with the signals and communications between them, for their codings are not of/from this world.

And what is their purpose?

To activate many Ley Lines, Portals, vast dormant Crystals that lie beneath your soil. To activate within the human mind … codes that were set/given long before your presence on Earth.

Whoa! So, one step at a time. Ley lines?

We understand that you, personally Blossom, are not au fait with such phenomena. Yet, you and many know that they exist. They are a matrix that runs throughout your Earth’s patterns. We would describe them like a rabbit warren. For although there is structure to these patterns, there are also many ‘threads’ … billions … that are connected throughout … yet, all receiving the same messages and codes from Source.

So, are you saying that the activation of Ley Lines will come from the Monolith signals, that originally come from Source?

Yes, indeed. For everything does.

What is the purpose of the Ley Lines activation?

They will magnetically charge the very ground that you walk upon. Imagine a matrix that runs throughout your Globe … as if ‘when activated’ … the main centers… such as the places you know as Uluru, Stone Henge, and five others … will be the starter points for this ‘charge’ to then spread throughout the intricate and complex ‘threads’, so that there is not one piece of land that is not encompassed by it.

What happens then?

It is part of the ‘show’. It is necessary for this magnetism to be ‘underway’ in order for the rest of the process to take place and be completed.

And that process is?

We will move on to the Portals and Crystals for it is part of the connection of all these things mentioned.

Imagine the enormity of this charge … throughout your Globe. Not just a small place in one country, yet everywhere. Think of all these threads ‘Lighting up’ and spreading throughout. Think of the Power created … unimagined … unimaginable.

This then, firstly powers up the giant Crystals that, as we say, have lain dormant for millennia. 

Who placed them there?

Off Planet Beings. In the KNOWING of the future … which is now the present. In the KNOWING of this MAJOR EVENT that is to occur.

What do the Crystals do?

Once they have been awoken/ activated through the magnetic forces … they will literally GLOW WITH LIFE.

Its all very much like a movie … that I have not yet seen!

Yet, images presented by artists, etc in preparation. Visions they have been given.

The Energy that is contained within these Crystals is also beyond compare. 

How many crystals are there?


Is that all?

Blossom … no more are necessary.

Ok.  I’ll take your word for it. I am almost dribbling with excitement. What happens next?

The POWER from the Crystals, aligned with the Ley Lines and threads, then take a while to tune in to the system and when complete, they are able to activate seven Portals. 

That do what????

Open up your Planet … for a given time … to other worlds.

Dear God, I am on the edge of my seat. Then what?

Magic, dearest Blossom. Magic!

Hold on. Can we just recap? So, if I have this correctly, at a certain given point in time, these Monoliths will be activated and will send signals to each other on and off Planet, which in turn, will set off Ley Line grids and threads from seven main centers…which will be charged magnetically because of the signals from the Monoliths … which in turn, when completed throughout the Planet, will activate six vast gigantic Crystals that have laid dormant for millennia … and when all this is in alignment … the Power of this will allow seven Portals to activate and open … how am I doing?

Extremely well.

You say these Portals open us up to seven other worlds? Do we go to them?


Do otherworldly Beings ‘come though’ to us?

No. Not at this time. Yet, it is the combined Energy of these openings that are needed to conduct ‘the next move’.

Holy Moly! Which is?

Blossom … have a think about all we have said. What do you think would be happening next, when you consider the absolute magnitude of POWER from all this we have said … put together … to create what?



Far out, Brussel sprout. And I thought it was going to perhaps be from a simple solar flare! Keeping on track … you said also, about codes being activated in the human mind that were given long ago. Can you elaborate on that … if my head doesn’t blow off first?

Clearly, we are assuming that one can FEEL the ENORMITY of this when it takes place. It HAS to BE that the human mind, connected to the soul … plays its part in all of this, for that is why you are here. It is absolutely necessary for EACH ONE to step up to the plate and BE PART OF THE WHOLE (EVENT). Therefore, within everything else being activated … it triggers within the Soulself the remembrance of this taking place. In that, you remember all that you were told that you were coming to the Planet to accomplish. 

We have spoken of envelopes being opened and you knowing what to do. This is that of which we have spoken.

This is much bigger than you have spoken of before.

Because of Divine timing. Perhaps if we had done so before, many would not have been ready to accept.

I don’t know if I am! I mean, I AM. It makes sense and I have never had a notion of this at all before, yet, you have to admit, it is rather mind-blowing!


I’m not surprised! So … deep breath … then what?


We feel this is a good point to pause on this matter in order for information to be absorbed. Indeed, there shall be many questions. Yet, we suggest you allow this conversation to settle within the heart. Push questions aside and BE with this. Go within and FEEL into that which we have offered. For we KNOW that when you do so … YOU WILL KNOW OF ITS TRUTH.

Well, that’s the most exciting news. I, for one, need to process it. For, in all honesty, I know I couldn’t make this up out of nowhere, and yet, on the other hand, it seems so sci-fi … And yet, such a wonderful ‘change’ of knowledge from all that is taking place on our Planet right now. Something to give us Hope.


To move your Planet and those within and upon her … into a Higher Dimension.

Yes, and either you or White Cloud said it would be when we felt we could take no more. Tomorrow then?

Dearest Blossom, just know that this shall be the way that it is to BE. As for the WHEN? Let go of that. For all you need to know is that it shall take place.

WOW. I was a little apprehensive to talk about Monoliths, to be honest. SO GLAD I DID! Thank you so much. I think it will give so many of us renewed strength and encourage us to keep on keeping on. How Blessed we are. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

GPS System for the Moon

Terran note: This is a very significant press release.  This means they expect the moon to become very busy.  The subcontractor Leidos is the main logistics contractor for the United States efforts in Antarctica.  It was spun off from SAIC in 2013. They have an office in Oak Ridge, TN. A section of Lockheed Martin was spun off and merged into Leidos in 2016 making Leidos the largest IT contractor to the US Government.

Jul 13, 2021 | Press Release

Masten Awarded Contract to Develop Positioning and Navigation Network for the Moon

New GPS-like solution will enhance cislunar security and improve landing accuracy near resource-rich lunar sites. 

Masten Space Systems today announced it was awarded a Phase II SBIR contract through the Air Force Research Laboratory’s AFWERX program to develop and demonstrate a lunar positioning and navigation network prototype. With functionality similar to a Global Positioning System (GPS), the network will enhance cislunar security and awareness by enabling navigation and location tracking for spacecraft, assets, objects, and future astronauts on the lunar surface or in lunar orbit. As the lunar ecosystem grows, the network will also help advance lunar science and resource utilization by improving landing accuracy and hazard avoidance near critical lunar sites.

“Unlike Earth, the Moon isn’t equipped with GPS so lunar spacecraft and orbital assets are essentially operating in the dark,” said Matthew Kuhns, vice president of research and development at Masten. “As a result, each spacecraft is required to carry heavy navigation hardware and sensors on-board to estimate positioning and detect potential hazards. By establishing a shared navigation network on the Moon, we can lower spacecraft costs by millions of dollars, increase payload capacity, and improve landing accuracy near the most resource-rich sites on the Moon.”

In Phase I, Masten completed the concept design for the network prototype that offloads position, navigation, and timing (PNT) beacons from a spacecraft into a dedicated sensor array on the Moon. In Phase II of the project, scheduled to be complete in 2023, Masten will develop the PNT beacons that are equipped to survive harsh lunar conditions. Masten is collaborating with Leidos to build shock-proof beacon enclosures that can be deployed in lunar orbit to penetrate the lunar surface and create an autonomous surface-based network. Similar to a mesh network, the surface-based network can enable consistent wireless connectivity to lunar spacecraft, objects, and orbital assets.

Masten Lunar PNT Beacon Deployment

Figure 1: PNT beacons can be deployed in orbit to penetrate the lunar surface and enable consistent wireless connectivity.

“Leidos is proud to collaborate with Masten Space Systems in their quest toward a successful lunar surface-based positioning and navigation network,” said Thomas Sereno, vice president and division manager of the Applied Science operation at Leidos. “We are prepared to support the team as they progress through the next phase of the contract.”

In Phase II of the project, the PNT technology will also be tested aboard Masten’s rocket-powered lander, Xodiac, to demonstrate payload integration and beacon operations in a terrestrial environment, enabling a path towards lunar demonstration. Masten has more than a decade of experience maturing PNT systems, including Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s lander vision system that was tested on Masten’s Xombie rocket to enable a successful Mars mission for the NASA Perseverance rover.

“As one of the first commercial companies sending a lunar lander to the Moon, we’re in a unique position to develop and deploy a shared navigation system that can support other government and commercial missions and enable a thriving lunar ecosystem,” said Masten CEO Sean Mahoney. “We are literally blazing the trail with this effort, creating the pathway for regular, ongoing, and reliable access to the Moon.”

About Masten Space Systems
Masten Space Systems is enabling sustainable access and utilization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Founded in 2004, Masten has been building and flying reusable rockets for nearly two decades with the most successful rocket-powered landings in the industry. The company is now applying its terrestrial rocket experience to lunar missions that will accelerate space ecosystems and enable new commercial applications. Masten’s end-to-end mission solutions include everything from tech development and testing to off-Earth delivery and operations. Based in Mojave, California, Masten aims to unlock the value in space to benefit humans on Earth, starting with Masten Mission 1 to the lunar south pole.

Masten Press Contact
Risa Schnautz
Director of Marketing & Communications


Leidos split from SAIC: 

Leidos is Lockheed Martins brother in Arms

Leidos is the prime contractor for the United States Antarctica Program:

July Value for Value Request


It's July already and events are speeding up with each new revelation.  mRNA Vaccine components are being revealed to the public with the latest ones being nano particles of graphene allegedly being magnetic (first I've heard of that - haven't had time yet to investigate yet whether that is true... there are so many planted stories in these moments you have verify everything), but they are sharp and potentially very damaging to cells structures, which is problem enough.  Graphite tubules are also known to explode when subjected to bright intense light like a flashbulb.  They can't dissipate the photons fast enough so it breaks the carbon bonds to release the energy.

Here in the Texas Hill Country it has been an unusually mild and wet summer, and nobody is complaining.  The side effect of that is that spring wildflowers are still in bloom, a yellow daisy like flower that I can't identify and the red and yellow Indian paint blanket flowers.  The only ones we didn't see much was the early blooming Blue Bonnets which got hit hard by the freak ice storm we had a few months back.  I'm watching my backyard turn into Saint Augustine grass, which I didn't know I had.  It's just been too dry for it to thrive in prior years.  

I did a radical prune in 2019 on an ash tree in my backyard trying to revive it after a long term drought, it had encouraging growth last year,  it is doing amazingly well this year with this moisture. Its going to survive and thrive.   The Elm trues survived the freeze, but didn't leaf out as thick as they usually do.  They like hot weather.   I don't own this home but I try to help the owners as I am able in gratitude to the affordable rent.

Never has more information come out than is coming out now.  But there's also a huge volume of disinformation, and a lot of it carefully crafted to make you look like an idiot if you don't do your research.  So I am careful what I post now. I am also cognizant everything going on right now is actually a war of frequencies.  So expect to be hit from angles you least expect it, to drive you into fear or despair. There's no need for either emotion as we are at the very end of all the insane control nonsense.  The ones driving all the agendas use fear as their tool to herd humanity.  And that is most apparently when it comes to COVID19, when statistics are warped and twisted to support draconian regulations and lockdowns.  The best lies are wrapped in a lot of truth.  Many people can't distinguish between the resonance of truth and the feel of a lie in the payload when they are mixed.  You feel truth in your heart. You feel fear in your gut. And lies will make you feel like you have just been insulted as to your intelligence. Especially when you realize that after the fact.  There's another kind of lie employed by politicians and news media, presenting facts without the context.  Text, without context, is pretext. 

I need to  bring in $700 for July.  If you are able to help, there's a PayPal address in the header under donations on the phone version of the blog, and for those using a computer, just click on the two trees on the top right of the blog.  A huge thank you to all the regular donors, you are all so amazing!  Some of you have been there since the beginning of this blog in 2012 and still here 9 years later.   My audience isn't as large as it was in 2012, I took a big hit in 2014 on the old AK blog as to audience size, if google's stats are to believed (I don't trust google to be honest).  I think its not so important as to the numbers of people but WHOM you reach with information.  I'd rather have the influencers and those with heartitude with me. 

There are so many concepts that were mentioned here early on that are now completely in the mainstream. One person can make a difference.  And many people can make even more!   

I love you all!