Friday, January 18, 2019

GAIA PORTAL: Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved

Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved

by ÉirePort

Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved.

Larks of Spirit collaborate in Love.

Exquisites are recognized.

Humility conspires.

Inner Truth is known.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Need for January

Welcome to 2019!  Life in the four corners area is a snowy one.   We are getting quite a bit of snow and I am learning all the snow skills people in Canada take for granted.  I grew up in the Arizona desert.   I lived in the alps of Italy and spent 3 years in St Paul MN, but I've not seen snow fall like this, nor had to do shoveling and snow blowing before.  When I was in the midst of the "flu"/upgrade I'd just look out my window and think "OMG!" and pull the pillow over my head as I was in no shape to do anything other than let it pile up! Last week I bought a humidifier and that has made a world of difference to breathing in this incredibly dry air!  We do not have forced air heating in this house either, its radiant heat in the flooring.  I have lived in fairly humid climates since 1985 and my lungs were not happy with the arid air.   Yesterday I did some snow shoveling and snow blowing... well as much as I could before I ran out of gasoline,.. and found not only were my lungs clear and cough free and I seem to haver finally adapted to the altitude!  Yay!  I really got slammed by whatever hit me, what I particularly noticed was an absence of a sense of humor.  There has been huge changes in the Earth's magnetic field during this time, so maybe that too was part of it.

I got a call from Heather prior to Christmas and one a week ago from Heather.  She's out of telephone time allotment until January 25th so I won't hear from her again for a weeks.  Family of course gets priority, but it was nice to hear from her after no calls for about 6 months.  She remains cheerful and indomitable as ever.   The call last week she was relating how disappointed the prisoners were at "prison reform" bill.  Its not retroactive, and the way it was written the Bureau of Prisons gets complete descretion as to which inmates applications go forward, which means most do not.  Also the Trafficking Victimization Act got gutted by Congress and ended up giving FBI, Congress, DOJ and other agencies immunity against wrongful prosecution. 

For example, there are people in prison for drug trafficking, whose mates were held hostage by Mexican drug cartels until the drugs were "muled" across the Mexican border, at which point their mates were released and the intimidated "mules" were anonymously tipped to the DEA and incarcerated by the US Justice department.  The obvious implication is a quid pro quo relationship with the DEA/DOJ and Mexican cartels to pump up arrest figures while the flow of drugs goes on unabated.  If someone has a gun to your mate's head, this should be an extenuating circumstance.  Can anyone doubt the need for a border wall until the rest of this corruption is removed?  Yes, part of the problem is a US deep state originated issue, I'm not denying that at all.  Yet a lot of innocents are caught in all the intrigue.

I need to raise $500 or better this month.  This blog is reader supported.  Thank you to all of you who have helped out, whether that is regular donations or the occasional ones. My hearty gratifitude to the "regular" donors!  $5-10 donations go a long ways collectively.  January and August have historically been lean months due to vacations and people traveling.

I love you all!


White Dragons, Red Dragons, Pick a color Dragon...

To: Lisa
Date: 1/15/2019 2:06:59 PM
Subject: RE: White Dragons, Red Dragons, Pick a color Dragon


"NO MORE BULLSHIT VENEER!" is the chant, in the inner and outer 😉

literally, people are speaking about how they do not care about the "details" or the "blame"...they repeatedly speak how all they care about is "beginning [their] life", "getting out, and starting [their life]", "reuniting with [their] family, and starting fresh", etc., etc., etc.

i am listening...with all i am, i do each and every one ❤️

..."asia", "china", "dragons of every color"... do not have my attention, not for a long time now...only hyper-acceleration of the transition has my attention... their experience in the flow is as they choose, including ceasing all their experiences corporally, yet in the flow they be in order to answer the age old question for them self: "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" 😉

...and "china" can keep the "Shakespearean writings/energy signatures" the "queen" gave them...keep them as a momento, and a reminder, that there is no way around "it", lol!... all J.P. Morgan, Fed Res, BIS, et al, gets as a reminder are crushed "stock markets", zeroed asset sheets, and an awake public 😃

love you


TERRAN NOTE: The above was in response to a letter Lisa sent Heather about the Goldfish Report interview with Ben Fulford and the Red Dragon Ambassador. 

What is never stated in the interview is why does anyone trust nameless and hidden "dragons" (Pick a color) when they were behind the banking systems from the beginning????

My reaction was similar when the Red Dragon Ambassador expressed how hard it was to police and supervise the distribution of billions  of dollars (which don't belong to the dragons in the first place) for which they take a 51% stake in any project, and have requirements for Chinese suppliers and contractors all under the guise of a humanitarian Global Peace Mission. 

So what if someone wants to build a cafeteria in Texas?  Its their value!  Its their risk! Not the Dragons!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Article: U.S. Federal Reserve may need to backstop repo market
with HATJ Commnets


RE: Repo market
Jan 12, 2019 at 11:21 AM
Fed Res has NO assets/value to do anything as "China", Rothschilds, USA, et al ❤️

..."REPO MARKET" is a all a fraud anyways...JP Morgan got in big trouble (paid SEC off) years back for "cooking the books" using repo's is the big private trader's big tool...then again, all the stock markets are money laundering tools and bribery (insider trading) tools, too... 

collapsing it all was their choice, and their tool to expand their own conscious states ❤️

"the Perpetuity" was designed by all to accelerate that 😉 

thank you for the details, love you! ❤️ 
-----Terran on 1/11/2019 2:21 PM wrote: 

Updated Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:00 PM EST 

U.S. Federal Reserve may need to backstop repo market -BAML 

Extreme volatility in a key funding market for banks as 2018 came to a close should serve as evidence that the U.S. Federal Reserve ought to be prepared to serve as a backstop to prevent the market from seizing up, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts said on Friday. 

The $2.2 trillion repurchase agreement (repo) market enables banks and Wall Street to raise short-term cash to finance their trades and loans by using Treasuries and other securities as collateral. 

On Dec. 31, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), a gauge on overnight repo rates, jumped to 3.15 percent, which was 75 basis points above the interest on excess reserves (IOER), or what the Fed pays banks on the excess reserves they leave at the central bank. Prior to the year-end spike, SOFR was running one basis point to six basis points above IOER. 

If repo rates, some of which jumped above 5 percent that day, were to experience such sharp spikes more frequently, they could disrupt financial markets and cause other money rates to break above the top end of the Fed's target range. 

"Treasury (repo) volatility has raised questions as to how and when the Fed steps into money markets to intervene in order to cap or smooth volatile repo markets," strategists Mark Cabana and Olivia Lima wrote in a research note released on Friday. 

Repo rates often rise at year-end as banks and dealers pare their lending activity to conserve their cash to meet regulatory requirements. Still the most recent jump in repo rates was unusually large, according to Cabana and Lima. 

This suggests the repo market "has become increasingly fragile and sensitive to shifting behavior of key market participants, especially banks and dealers," the strategists wrote. 

The Fed adjusted the IOER rates twice in 2018 in a bid to 
encourage banks to lend their reserves in the repo and federal funds market rather than to leave them at the central bank. 

"We believe the Fed will ultimately need to be the repo backstop of last resort after the banking system exhausts it willingness to swap reserves for (Treasury) repo," Cabana and Lima said. 

They said the Fed will need to introduce a new program tokeep a lid on repo rates. 

In the minutes of their Dec. 18-19 policy meeting, Fed policymakers expressed an interest in learning about possible more "ceiling tools" to strengthen their control of the policyrate.(Reporting by Richard Leong; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Denice's Dream 1/8/2018

Had an amazing experience just before waking at 6:15 am.  I was holding a baby boy. about 4 months old. dark hair and eyes, a black and white striped onesie. 

He was talking to me! I realized it was not just telepathy, it was heart based. He was goooing and gahing, but I got what it meant!

So I asked him some questions. . .the gist of which is Humans are MAGNIFICENT!

I asked him what his favorite location was, and wasn't it more magnificent to be formless?

He said no. this is THE place to be NOW.  It is really happening and he is here because it is where it is all merging!

Woke up feeling amazing!

Heather's Detox Conconction

During the trial in Tennesee, Heather taught me how to make a concoction for detoxing the body. Tennesee is a very damp climate with a lot of mold. And I picked up some sort of respiratory infection there in Oak Ridge during the winter.

This seems to work particularly well with digestive and respiratory issues. It's an old family recipe and I forget where exactly she said it came from, I think an Italian grandmother.  But I could be wrong about that.  I meant to make this earlier but was snowed in here in Colorado and was out of onions and garlic.

I am not a doctor and neither is Heather and I make no claim this will do anything for any health condition you may have, or fix/detox your pineal gland. But from my experience it seems to work wonders with the digestive and respiratory systems.  Naturally if you are allergic to any of the components don't consume it, that's just common sense.  It has an interesting side effect that makes your skin clear and glowing. The effect is noticeable within days.  If you are older you may also notice less pain in joints.

4/5 of the human immune system is within the digestive tract. If you lighten the load on that part of your body it makes it much easier for the body to deal with other infections that may be present.

The recipe is pretty simple:

  • 3-4 quartered lemons (organic if you can get them, but you can always wash off the peels if organic lemons are not available in your location)
  • 2 Large Red or Yellow onions (don't use Maui or sweet Vidalias, you want the kind of onions that make you cry when cut, as they are rich in complex sulphur compounds)
  • 1 full cluster of garlic cloves, peel them, they don't need to be crushed. Garlic should be a strong variety, not the fermented black garlic or Elephant garlic (much too mild).

Quarter the lemons, put them in a pressure cooker. Coarse chop the onions and put them into the pressure cooker. Peel a complete garlic, no need to chop the garlic. Add water to level marked in pressure cooker and cook for 20 minutes. Let pressure cooker cool and return to normal pressure. Use a hand blender and puree the contents of the pressure cooker. Consistentcy should be similar to Apple sauce. If there is a lot of water remaining, cook lightly until consistency is reached. Put mix into glass jars and chill.  If you don't have a pressure cooker you can cook in a large pot, it will just take longer.

To use, In a large water glass, put 3-4 tablespoons of the mix, add boiling hot water to thin. Sweeten with honey to taste. Depending on the quality and freshness of the lemons (some lemon peels are bitter are like grapefruit) you may need more or less honey. You will not notice the taste of garlic or onion, something about the boiling with lemons negates both the smell and taste of raw garlic and onions.  The lemon also looses some of its acidity while boiling with the garlic and onions.

Consume 2-3 times a day or as you feel comfortable.  The lemon pulp (and citric acid) seems to do some sort cleansing activity in the gut, and well the garlic and onions are full of wonderful compounds that are good for the body.

Updated 1/9/2018: Upgrades and the Tirades of a Snow Newbie

I've been through something very flu-like, but I don't know if it was the flu.  Totally unlike anything I have ever felt before.  Seemed to affect nearly every mucus membrane in my body.  I still don't have much of an appetite which is very unusual for me.  But I am over the worst of it.

It all started with the sniffles on the 26th, then a fever that eventually reached 102.7 F, then backed down to about 100.7F for several days.   Somewhere in all that fitful dis-coherent sleep, coughing so hard my back hurts, I got I was integrating 128 aspects of myself (whether from formless parts of me or formerly in form parts of I don't know) - or perhaps its was just my fevered brain talking.

Between bouts of coughing I'd get these stabbing pains in my shins like someone was taking ice picks to my shins.  It got so bad that I just spun the light in my body starting with my legs and then moving up to my head.  And that cascaded a general purge in my body and seemed to break the fever.

Between Christmas and New Years we got about 10 inches of snow fall, and the subsequent snow drifts.   My Honda became locked into what appeared to be a new glacier in formation. I've lived in the Italian alps in 2015-2016 but I've never seen snow like this.  But not like I was in any shape to go anywhere and the roads were not all that safe to drive.  We got in that storm more snow than Western Colorado got all last year.   The local reservoirs do need the moisture. 

My landlord got out the trusty snow blower and sectioned off parts of the resident parking lot glacier enough to get my car out enough to get some groceries.  I was too weak to even attempt to plow the snow out. 

We've had a very warm day yesterday, and last night we got another 8 inches of snow.   The roof here, like many in western Colorado is metal and the snow that was sliding off the roof yesterday collapsed the icicles as it slid down the back of the house so now the roof snow has met the snow drift and it looks like the teeth between the two. It's a bit like living in the belly of the whale like Jonah.

I've noticed some behavioral changes within me, perhaps long overdue. I have very little tolerance right now for all the partial and sorta kinda disclosures.   I have very little patience with institutional inertia.  I have no patience for things that no longer serve me, whether old habits or food choices.  Frankly I don't feel like eating much at all anymore except what is necessary for the day.

I have no desire to trace down clues, riddles, bread crumbs, loafs, that may or may not be fully disclosed according to some unstated plan, and all of which is yet to be openly and unambiguously owned without plausible deniability. 

Heather may have her unique own language and way of speaking but if you go back to 2012 she's stayed entirely consistent in her message.  Not that I or everyone else always understood at the time what she was saying, but what we did understand in those moments seemed to trigger an awakening in all of us.  But I never had the feeling of data being piece mealed out a bit at time, drip by drip.  Often it was such a deluge I didn't unpack what I was told for days or weeks later.

Without getting specific as to the various sources of kinda sorta disclosure information flowing right now, I'm seeing a lot of massaging the data to spin it all in "It was our mission" and we are so enlightened kind of language and hey "have you heard the gospel about 3, 6 and 9?". 

While there are some astounding frank admissions (I'm all for that!),  it seems to come with an appeal to maintain the position of power and prestige when every indication was that such mandates of trust were violated long ago.  I mean really... devastating the black community with crack cocaine to run a secret space program is not such an enlightened thing to do, not to mention the damage done to Mexico by the clowns from C-A in support of drug cartels.  So why should humanity trust you now for more of the same?  What you do now simply is required for the advancement of human and necessary for your own forgiveness by humanity which fortunately for you, tends to take a bigger picture than the corporate think tanks did which came up with all the cockamamy schemes in the first place.

We are also watching the Chinese approach disclosures of their roles in the planetary slavery systems and disclosing it about as willingly as a cat heading for a dunk in the family bathtub.   That's the trouble with a totally controlled media, you paint yourself in such glowing paternal terms that when the real stuff comes out,  you panic your own people might have an issue with what was done in the name of government.  If anything this is going to be a process of fits and and and stammers and there just ain't a way to save face, but one can save face by saving a planet and that's really all that matters in the end.  What do you choose?

As for me, I won't posting videos of clues, decodings of things that could be said plainly but are not, after these upgrades all that nonsense just makes my skin crawl.   Honestly I  wonder if some of it isn't designed to drag out the rise of consciousness by keeping everyone in the dregs of the yuck as long as possible.  There's preciously little humor out there right now, even graveyard humor is scarce. Things are as polarized as they have ever been.

What I will do is post what I feel to do, along with as much humor as possible.   I will post my observations and opinions as clearly and simply as possible. 

I am not here chase the rabbit holes of darkness on this planet.  Others who feel drawn to that will and are doing that so if that's what you feel drawn to I am not going to judge. I've known all that was out there since the early 2000s.   I'm just surprised it took this long to come out... you'd think that would have begun in 2012.   

I am not sure what I am becoming, as I have no recall of exactly who I have been, but I know that for me, my biggest tasks are coming shortly and they have to done with clarity, joy, love and humor.  Anything less will not cut it.    If I have to put rubber boots on while the muck is flowing I will.

How the details of disclosure come about it is frankly not up to me, but the ALL, and it may wiggle out in the strangest of ways no matter how its spun.  I do not need to be seen as a the source of disclosure, nor the sheep dog of competing narratives (and there are many). 

I do trust it will be done perfectly and completely.

UPDATE: 1/8/2018 [SKYE had a very similar "FLU" to what I had only about 2 weeks earlier in England]

Skye: From your blog: "I've noticed some behavioral changes within me, perhaps long overdue. I have very little tolerance right now for all the partial and sorta kinda disclosures. I have very little patience with institutional inertia. I have no patience for things that no longer serve me, whether old habits or food choices. Frankly I don't feel like eating much at all anymore except what is necessary for the day.

I have no desire to trace down clues, riddles, bread crumbs, loafs, that may or may not be fully disclosed according to some unstated plan, and all of which is yet to be openly and unambiguously owned without plausible deniability. "

Skye: I’m glad you said all that because since I was ill with the flu or whatever it was I feel EXACTLY THE SAME WAY :) Can't be bothered with the 'riddles and clues and bloody bread crumbs etc'. I've had enough of it all.

SKYE: I'm going to [location redacted] at the weekend...

Terran: Glad I’m not the only one!

Terran: Helluva download huh?

Terran: I wanna go somewhere warm

Terran: Safe journeys!


Skye: I love Donald...

Skye: would love to meet you in [location redacted] !! yes it was quite a download... jeez!!! Most intense EVER....

Terran: I’d love to go some day!

Updated: 1/9/2018

RE: Skye
Jan 9, 2019 at 2:23 PM
feeeeeeeeeeeeeel the same <3 nbsp="" p="">
.....doing rather than each feeeeeels to do, all ways always

<3 br="" nbsp="">
-----Terran on 1/8/2019 11:06 AM wrote:


Wrote a blog post about the last couple of weeks. Skye wrote me, she had gone thru a similar "illness" a couple of weeks prior to me. Both of us emerged with a distaste for the partial disclosures… and want no part of it. Something shifted on both of us. No patience for any of that and we both will do rather than wait on others. 

The most cockamamie one being the lunar landing of a Chinese rover on the back side of the moon as if they were never there before… Chinese SSP still deeply hidden...