Thursday, February 29, 2024

Thor Confirms JP data about Gold

Terran: Thor, Dr Salla posted an interview with his US Army soldier contact JP regarding a mission to a frozen cave castle where they retrieved a large amount of "gold plates" (frisbee size circular disks).   

Is this in any way related to the gold you showed me being delievered by nonlocals in 2020 (4 years ago)?   Do you happen to know where this cave is?  Argartha?


Possibly more to come...

Dr Salla interviews "JP" about his mission to a gold cache in a frozen cave


This is interesting, JP feels sincere, but I can't vouch for anything he says because I am not in that loop.  Thor did show me a galactic shuttle bringing in gold in 2020 and it involved,  as JP described them "Nordics" (don't like that term...  feels a bit too generic to me like white people or black people).  There's a big galaxy out there.  I do know they brought gold.  Whether it was cached where JP was I don't know, I suspect if what he describes is real its part of the Argartha complex.   Earth isn't so much hollow as a bit like Swiss cheese, and there are 37 races or groups who make their home in the Earth's crust.   I prefer the surface, at least I can see a sunset here.

I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of this video so use your discernment, and even if I could vouch for it, use your own discernment. 

PS: An odd thing did happen though when I streamed this video from my phone to my TV.  An adult turkey hen 12 inches from window looked in my living room as it started to play and didn't leave until it was finished!  Maybe as one turkey to another she was saying "Hey watch this!".  :)  We have a lot of wild turkeys around here, and they show up at the oddest moments.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

UPDATE 1 - Mari Swaruu: Hexadimensional Spacetime
(and its relationship to the Dewey Larson Reciprocal System)


Mari Swarru

This is some valuable information which fits into what has been called the Dewey Larson reciprocal system of "time-space" vs "space-time" (not specifically mentioned in the videos but for those with eyes to see its there).  For old readers of the blog you will remember the Dewey Larson material being how I met Dani and my first collaboration with her in 2012.   I met online Brian Kelly, Dani, KP months before I encountered Heather.  Heather's mother Loie was watching us. 

The Andromedans refer to these reciprocal relationships as "INTER-REALM" and "REALM". Inter-realm being what some call "hyperspace" of faster than light navigation.  I prefer INTER-REAL and REALM because even space and time are bit of an illusion, it's all frequency in the end which means any aware enough being can move their own form given the right awareness, frequency and knowledge without any vehicle at all.  Imagine what that would do to false notions of owning people and where they can go!

Einstein injected a view of time into science of time as a single 4th dimension, which perpetuates the erroneous belief of time being a one-directional arrow moving in only one direction.  We literally are lacking two dimensions of time in our Earth calculations!  

When I was in Morocco, I think it was Lisa Harrison or possibly Dani that called the flower of life the flower of death.  It's static and unchanging, life is not static and is forever changing.  The shape is associated with Metatron's cube, which many vernerate for it's 3,6, 9 geometry.  It's a pretty geometry!  I remember discovering it with a draftsman's compass as a kid and drew lots of them along with using my Spirograph toy.  Nikola Tesla was also very fond of 3.6, 9 and people will remind you of that who push 3,6, 9 as the order of the universe. Marko Rodin built his coil based on 3, 6, 9 which he saw in the sacred 9 of the B'hai Faith.  But none of this includes 12.  But our clocks do!



I am still working on the car, it's not easy to replace this alternator.  I really don't like working on cars even though I have the skills and knowhow to do so,  but in this case I have no choice.  It literally died in the garage.  The good news is the new battery is holding a charge even several days after charging it and the car does start.   Both my battery and alternator got fried when this broke down.  I am working on removing the passenger side fan and shroud as its the only way to get a new alternator in and its a really pain in the but as some of the screws are behind the radiator and bumper, which means I have had unbutton some of that plastic stuff. 

The ABS lights and traction control lights went off by their own accord (good sign).   Another light in the stair well burned out, put in a maintenance request to the apartment.   The energies feel like they have come down a bit here...but it was crazy for a bit.  I'll have to have the car relearn the idle speed, but I have done that procedure before.  At 66 I feel like a snail working on a car compared to when I was 20, but at least I have good vision.

Could use some help with food and Ubers still. Keep finding I need some tool I don't have due part and bolt clearance issues etc.  Last night I had to get a 6 sided 19 mm socket from Home Depot because my 12 point sockets slip (and might strip the bolt corners) on the serpentine belt tensioner.  I didn't realize most of my metric sockets are 12 point sockets.  I had a breaker bar which worked pretty good on that thing. 

Interesting experience being on this side of the ride share service.  Getting a lot of Cuban and Venezuelan drivers and boy do they hate communism!  Nice friendly people making a new life.

I love you ALL!
I love you all


PS: My cat is really enjoying me being home.  He's going out in the day time exploring the forest in broad daylight and also going out at night.  Last night be brought a 6 inch baby rabbit to show me, but I wouldn't let him.  The rabbit got away fortunately.  It was a little heavy for his mouth.

Silly Sol


ˮYou are the Soul of the Soul of the Universe. And your name is Love
Whoever found a feather of you has come to a high position.ˮ

Friday, February 23, 2024

Ancient tunes - Aloha Heja Hey


During my stay in the Italian alps, before Heather arrived in June 2015, the folks there did a nightly group silent meditation that ended with a song usually accompanied by a guitar.   This was usually in the 3rd floor of the Italian stone chalet.  The song may be from India, I don't know the words or what they mean or the name of the tune.  But during the singing of it, I had a full blown memory return, like a vivid vision.  It was in a Pleiadian mother ship hangar and I was saying good bye to the couple who were now my host.   They go by Ganesha and Saravatsi, but not their Italian names.  I saw Commander Ganesha and Saravatsi say good bye to me and the crew and that tune was being sung by the crew as they departed (uncertain about what words).  I KNEW THIS COUPLE!  I broke into absolute gush tears of emotions recognizing what was unfolding in the Alps.  I had no idea prior to that of the synchronicity taking place.  

During Brian Kelly and Lisa Harrison Opal Tour in Tehachapi in 2013, a woman had a crystal she said was Pleiadian (it was actually Atlantean) and when I held it I was flooded me with images of petroglyphs along with a lot of symbols I now know to be associated with ancient Persia. I was not the most telepathic person around.  I was shocked at what I saw. It showed me a crystal forest, which Skye has also seen.  Skye's description was just like mine. A forest of sentient crystals.  The crystal showed me it was a shard of one of those crystal trees and that was its home. I did not yet know I was an architect in Atlantis 2, didn't learn that until 2015.  The images came fast and furious, almost like those fast MTV music video cuts.  The last scene it showed me was a mountainous region of trees and snow and a white haze from sublimating spring snow, something you have to experience to know the feel of it.  In the spring of 2015 when the snow began melting I saw the exact scene the crystal had shown me, it was exactly the place where I was.  

In 2015 Thor sent me a set of images of me on a shuttle craft, this was after the damage to the Pleiadian home world from the Draco, and about 4000 years ago.  The place where I disembarked for so many lives here was in that area of the Italian alps.  I had come full circle to meet up once again with old crew members. 

Sometimes when you remember something its subtle and gradual, but at least for me, music hits me like a ton of bricks.   The chorus in German song called Aloha Heja Hey by Achim Reichel (Aloha Hey Hey in English) and tune is incredibly ancient.  I have heard it before.  I broke down crying like I did in the Alps.  I rarely ever cry, and this only the 3rd song I have ever had that reaction to.  I don't know when and or where I heard it but I know how it felt then and I still feel it now.  It's a cry of recognition from within. 

I thought I would share this because you are all going to have similar moments of remembrance as the energies increase.  Embrace it.   Let it unfold, memory doesn't return all at once, it kind of seeps in as you are able to process it.   And you all have had plenty of incarnations of experience or you wouldn't even be on this planet at this time.

I really think musicians are telepathically picking up music all the time from the ALL.  Everything is one, and intellectual property rights are an artifact of duality that is going away eventually (it really only makes money for the corporations that "own" the rights and those are the same people that claim to own the money).  Musicians these days make most of their income from concerts, not Spotify or Apple Music, or Amazon. Simultaneous inspiration and invention is a natural thing. 

This is a cover of the original, which I think is better, my opinion, but you might like the original better. I include the link to the original band below it.