Saturday, January 8, 2022

Update 1: Part 6 - Xerxes - A Message from Xerxes - January 8,2022

January 8, 2022

Denice's note:  Got the unexpected message from Xerxes this morning about an hour ago.  Things are quiet here on a Saturday morning. The first time in weeks :)

When I sat down to the computer, the message felt forced for some reason.  Perhaps it is my reception of it?  Round two with a respiratory virus ;)

I am nudged strongly to find some original art.  Textiles (probably impossible), and primary sources for that era -- not much to find so far.  I was astounded when I was looking at the flora of the region!  Lilacs and sassafras?  We had both in my yard growing up, and I love the scent.

As the images were unfolding of the stream (or was I forming them? -- not certain)  I could hear the sounds. Almost smell the scents -- but this cold put a damper on that - lol!

The sky has been very clear here. Stars are very crisp at night.  Orion is laying on his side above my front door every night about 9.  Bigger and closer than previous years. . .

Update 1:  Added additional data I wasn't able to include with the phone app.  Corrected some photo sizing issues and placement.

A message from Xerxes

We return for another moment to share the art and architecture of my era. Indeed the hostess has stretched the boundaries of research to find accurate accounts and portrayals of such.

This image of the great wall in our humble home is faded to near non recognition. The indigos and reds were interladen with actual gold, long dimmed.

My predecessor, Darius.  (above)


Enough! In good form, I wonder, is my image immortalized in the stones on which I played as a youth? Know now that no human form is immortal. It is the seed and the seat that are immortal. Of this you will learn more. It is revealed now.

I return to the images of my first beloved in the apricot gown, wading in the cool shady stream, hidden and hiding from the harsh world to come?

The blush of a young girl coming into womanhood. Shy. Sedate. Introspective. To feel that once more which is lost into the eternal records of all. It is a delight to recall. And a delight to share with our hostess as she forms the image internally and projects that scene into the ethers now.

Does this assist in the revelation of creating? Of creation?

Add the sound of gentle waters falling over rounded stones. Birds calling to lovers and mates? Then the songs of crickets and other creatures giving grace to the complete scene?

The scent of blossoms. And for a moment we pause as our hostess again looks forward.

Ah yes! The humble sassafras. Not another sapling in creation bears the scent as well.

And lilac. To the surprise of our readers? But alas the vibrant fragrance was long gone in the summer heat of our visuals here.

To my delight our hostess seeks original images of my era. It is well. And I am grateful for the passing of this short moment to share with you.

We return at another moment.

I am Xerxes.