Thursday, January 17, 2019

White Dragons, Red Dragons, Pick a color Dragon...

To: Lisa
Date: 1/15/2019 2:06:59 PM
Subject: RE: White Dragons, Red Dragons, Pick a color Dragon


"NO MORE BULLSHIT VENEER!" is the chant, in the inner and outer 😉

literally, people are speaking about how they do not care about the "details" or the "blame"...they repeatedly speak how all they care about is "beginning [their] life", "getting out, and starting [their life]", "reuniting with [their] family, and starting fresh", etc., etc., etc.

i am listening...with all i am, i do each and every one ❤️

..."asia", "china", "dragons of every color"... do not have my attention, not for a long time now...only hyper-acceleration of the transition has my attention... their experience in the flow is as they choose, including ceasing all their experiences corporally, yet in the flow they be in order to answer the age old question for them self: "TO BE OR NOT TO BE" 😉

...and "china" can keep the "Shakespearean writings/energy signatures" the "queen" gave them...keep them as a momento, and a reminder, that there is no way around "it", lol!... all J.P. Morgan, Fed Res, BIS, et al, gets as a reminder are crushed "stock markets", zeroed asset sheets, and an awake public 😃

love you


TERRAN NOTE: The above was in response to a letter Lisa sent Heather about the Goldfish Report interview with Ben Fulford and the Red Dragon Ambassador. 

What is never stated in the interview is why does anyone trust nameless and hidden "dragons" (Pick a color) when they were behind the banking systems from the beginning????

My reaction was similar when the Red Dragon Ambassador expressed how hard it was to police and supervise the distribution of billions  of dollars (which don't belong to the dragons in the first place) for which they take a 51% stake in any project, and have requirements for Chinese suppliers and contractors all under the guise of a humanitarian Global Peace Mission. 

So what if someone wants to build a cafeteria in Texas?  Its their value!  Its their risk! Not the Dragons!