Saturday, March 23, 2024

Update 1: Dr Hammoto's 2016 Interview of Leuren Moret PhD, Data on Livermore, UC Davis, Bloodlines, HAARP, GMOs, RF arrays, etc

This is not a new video, its dated 2016, but it's the first time I have run across it.  I can't vouch for all the information in it, you'll have to use your own discernment.   Dr Leuren Moret goes back frequently to the bloodlines being Iranian but they go much farther back than that, to Egypt and likely Atlantis before that.   Heather showed me in 2015 the council that runs Livermore is made up of 9 representatives from the ruling families.  

When Loie showed me the collapse of Atlantis, I saw one submarine leaving the catastrophe for some place of refuge, which makes me suspect there was foreknowledge of the disaster and possible sabotage of the energy shield crystal.  I do not specifically know who was on that submarine, but the only likely refuge would be Egypt at that time with sufficient civilization to live comfortably.  Again that is conjecture coupled with what I know of the bloodline families.  

There is data she doesn't have, regarding the origins of the Celtic people, they are not from mutant Iranian genes, and go back to a much earlier Earth epoch, one that was space faring. 



Reader wrote:  I watched that Hamamoto video and am just stunned. Blown away! So many things connect to what I’ve seen and experienced. What’s missing from their analysis is the non-local element, but otherwise so much is really on point. And should we be surprised that Xerxes has appeared for this now! Wow!

Terran: It predicted things that are common now

Reader wrote:  But why is this video still up? It says far more than other videos that have been taken down. Some are saying she’s actually an agent/trained. I now wonder if she’s there to give some info and also mislead with some of what she says. And also why has it now gone viral? 

Reader wrote:  If you look at the comments, most are from recent weeks and people saying it suddenly appeared in their feed, so it seems to me it’s being pushed now for some reason. Curious!

Terran:  I think because it puts emphasis on Iran/Persia rather than Israel… for spin purposes... and maybe pretext for an attack on Iran?

Reader wrote:Yes, my thought too.

Terran: Here you go 👇

"ISIS-K immediately took credit for the Crocus Massacre. K stands for Khorasan, a set of provinces in eastern Iran, leaking over into Afghanistan and Pakistan. ISIS-K supposedly evolved out of the original ISIS that sought to establish an Islamic caliphate out of Iraq and Syria. After Mr. Trump broke it up in 2019, the gang regrouped in K-land, deeper in central Asia. Curiously, this ISIS-K has carried out attacks against Iran, where it lives. Go figure. . .  
Its progenitor, the plain old ISIS-no-K was responsible for the horrific Bataclan Theater massacre in Paris, 2015 and the suicide bombing of the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, UK, 2017. They’re sort of the Concert-Massacres-R-Us of terror orgs — you really couldn’t find a better patsy for the Crocus op.'

Reader wrote: Ah yes. That fits.