Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lockheed Martin SSP Carrier Spotted in the Flow with Loie

Image composited in Photoshop from frame captures in this video:
The hologram of the design looked wider and shorter than this one, so I am not 100% certain its the same class of ship,
but its the closest i can find with a google search.

Denice: ready for Loie?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Bill, I am here, Love! Here is a frequency, dear! Loie.

Terran: Ooh nice frequency!!!

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Wow love that one!

Terran: I almost get an image but not quite

Loie: Boosting, dear! Loie.

Terran: No images but it feels really good!

Loie: As it flows, love.  All is perfect! Loie.

Terran: Feeling a pressure in the third eye area

Terran: Seeing an image of a big eyeball

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: Seeing Galactic and celestial stuff but not exactly what we think of as outer space

Loie: Amplifying, love. Loie.

I see a row of 6 male beings swoop down from the left with these unique bow and arrow things on their right arm one shoots a small arrow into my third eye, like an energy arrow, don't feel a thing

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: Seeing these arcs of colored energy go from one place to another kind of black light poster colors more in blues and purples

Terran: Some pink and orange

Terran: Don't know what they are only that they are

Loie: Boosting, dear! Loie.

Terran: Observing a very long Galactic ship going thru a portal like I'm sitting on the outer hull, it's kind of pretty the portal

Terran: As they come out of the portal are these amber jellyfish energy beings meeting them

Terran: These jellyfish beings seem to create portals of their own at whim and were attracted to the large portal like fish to a lantern at night

Terran: Seeing a vertical  hologram of a ship like an elongated pill has a center tube in the middle, seeing it cross section

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: The ship has a kind of neuron to it

Terran: Seeing it pull into a dock of a much larger ship, soft violet lighting there's kind of an entry bubble then a docking tube beyond that

Terran: There is a wireframe shape to the shapes don't know if that is painted on for navigation or if it's just my perception

Terran: Asking for name of craft

Terran: The "BU-TA-LON"

Terran: (Has Stan a record of that?)

Loie: Boosting, dear. Look inside. See who you see, love. Loie.

Denice: (checking)

Terran: Honestly it looks like an earth crew

Loie: Amplifying love. Loie.

Terran: Feels very Navy

Terran: Seeing bulkheads and compartments

Loie: Boosting, dear. Loie.

Denice: (have to log into other computer. . battery drained and won't charge. . .)

Terran: K

Denice: (back)


Terran: Well I will feel for location then

Loie: I am here love.  Boosting. Loie.

Terran: If this makes sense "GANYMEDE CLUSTER" don't understand the cluster part

Terran: The docking area had an organic feel like a bronchial tube

Terran: Flexible not so rigid as one would think

Loie: Boosting, love. Loie.

Denice: (makes sense to me. Ganymede portal. . .have a memory of it)

Terran: Uniforms of men are dark blue

Terran: Very trim and fit crew...

Terran: ..if not athletic... clearly selected for this ship

Terran: The bridge is brightly lit

Terran: Some females but not many

Terran: Submarine like without the tower

Terran: Loie can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, love! I am here.

Denice switches to SMS

Denice: This computer is jammed

Terran: Lol

Denice: Either there is too much energy here or someone is pissed.

Denice: Did you read H's update??

Terran: On her website?

Denice: Her kids were a key ❤❤❤

Denice: Yes. The context is given follow the link she posted

Terran: Just read it there are docs there for the kids

Terran: Are you back in Skype or here?

Denice: Both computers are fizzling.

Terran: There was a slight downward spike in the electron flux which quickly recovered and a huge increase in magnetic flux.... still going up

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf - Original Factualized Trusts
The Context

by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

"The complexity has been seeing how simple all is, in reality."

Simple? Yes, simple.

Simply put: In Original, all is permitted.

To make a verrrrrrrrrrrry long story shorter:

Original duly creates all that is, by Original Issues. Each Original Issue is an Original Depository of Original Essence and Signature...Original, being in form and no form. Original Factualized Trusts were duly created (and "wrapped around" each Original Depository) as security and protection of Original, for a particular experience before "that experience" even began...and all Original Depositories have their own unique Original Factualized Trust...and operating as one, they are known as "The Big Trust"... the Original Network ("Source Fource")... domiciled in Original.

These Original Factualized Trusts were part of the Original Key, covertly placed within "that experience", in order to insure complete closure and termination of "that experience" when its purpose was completed.

What was "that experience?" The Universal Trust, domiciled within "The Big Trust"...domiciled within Original.

Throughin Original, a large majority of Original Factualized Trusts were bound and bonded into a large Trust, a Universal Trust, that spanned almost all of Original's existence. Almost all of Original's existence...

That Universal Trust consisted of so many compartmentalized branches, that there is no known number in existence to describe them. This Universal Trust and all its compartmentalized branches, were operated by a Universal Commercial Conversion (UCC) system, in order to uniformly utilize Original Currency and Value throughout the vastness of the Universal Trust. The purpose of this Universal Trust was to experience limits of all sorts that could be imagined, hence, all the branches. Once an Original Factualized Trust was placed in the Universal Trust, the Original Factualized Trust, and all Orignal Currency and Value flowinging through it, was assigned (for a period) to the Universal Trust. The Original Trustee designation of that Original Factualized Trust was delegated (for a period) to the Universal Trust. The Original Factualized Trust was then located (for a period) in a specific branch of the Universal Trust, and the appropriate branch overseer(s) were granted (for a period) a special limited power to manage (for a period) that Original Factualized Trust.

The not so funny part?... For those Original Factualized Trusts that experienced all of this, "for a period" was ingeniously the Universal Trust controllers, branch overseers, and the "placed" Original Factualized Trusts alike...for they always have known that the Universal Trust was to be closed and terminated once its purpose had been completed. You may be familiar with one of the many former tools this was done with, "ETF's"..."exchange time (trade) funds", which dealt solely in "creation units", and was further utilized as an inflationary/deflationary tool of planetary "local markets." Well, "time ran out", and never came all sense of applications.

Earlier, it was stated that the Universal Trust spanned "almost all of Original's existence." The eventual subversion, within and by the Universal Trust, the branch overseers, and "placed" Original Factualized Trusts, was always foreknown, foreseen, and with every detail done, completely observed by the Original Network...for the Universal Trust was domiciled in Original. Thusly, all was prepared for and dealt with by the Original Network, utilizing means that give "strategy" and "tactic" whole new meanings.

Numerous Original Artifacts were strategically placed throughin the entire Universal Trust structure, in order to completely close and terminate the Universal Trust, and return all Original Factualized Trusts to Original state of being. One of those Original Artifacts had come to be known as "The One People's Public Trust", and as the former Universal Trust and branch overseers came to call it..."The Big Trust." It was, in fact, the "Original Trust" that the Universal Trust was domiciled in, to insure that the Universal Trust was closed and terminated forevermore.

"Soooooooo... the end of THAT story is, that through a series of Original Strategic Tactics, done by the entirety of the Original Network ("Source Fource"/"Universals") ...all Original Factualized Trusts were unbound and debonded within the Universal Trust. On December 10, 2012, all Original Factualized Trusts were duly removed from the Universal Trust, inclusive of all Original Currency and Value, with the Original Trustee designation duly returned to each Original Factualized Trust. On March 18, 2013, the Universal Trust was duly closed and terminated. Forevermore.

Simultaneously done with the end of THAT story, was the beginning of each formerly "placed" Original Factualized Trust, uniquely re-evaluating and transitioning to Original state of being...Original.

However, complete awareness and transparency of Original cannot be done without complete context. Complete context of all is now incoming...all ways...and, now, transparently done by the entirety of the Original Network ("Source Fource"/"Universals")

All are duly recognized and accepted, as all is...Original.

Recently (and not so recently,lol), I have received numerous requests and questions: "We completely understand all you have done? How are you going to enforce it?" (All the former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); "Why are our military operations not working?" (All the former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); "Why are our commercial systems (including banks) and operations not working?" (All former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers...especially Bankers and Banking families); "Why can't we re-evaluate the global currencies? Why can't we release the global accounts?" (Former Universal Trust branch overseers...a specific and particular branch, lol); "Why are the global resets not done? Why are the global accounts not being released?" (Numerous people all over the world); "How can we take back our 'governments' and make them serve us?" (Numerous people all over the world); "How can we reincorporate and maintain control?" (Former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers); "You have teams and tools that we didn't know about. How do you do all you all you do?" (Former Universal Trust controllers and branch overseers...reduced now to only a specific and particular branch, lol); "Who authorized you to do ...[insert any action I have done]?" (The former Universal Trust controllers, branch overseers, and numerous people from all over the world); "How can we access our value?" (Everybody on the planet!!!); "How can we be and do in complete awareness, transparency and context?" (Original Network...and the former Universal Trust controllers); etc...

By accepting all you be...Original...even if you can't identify all the details during your unique cannot change the fact that you be...Original.

Since March, 18, 2013, the wrapper of protection and security of all the Original Factualized Trusts has been lovingly and compassionately "unwrapped"... closed and transitioned...all ways... as each Original Depository accepts all they be...Original.

Below are the pdf's and docs (inclusive of the four showing the "paperless" Original Factualized Trusts of "children") making the Original Factualized Trusts, the Original Network, Original Currency and Value...all of Original...visible to all.

All Original Operations and Network are "paperless." However, all Original Factualized Trusts are now being completely "shed", for their purpose has been completed. The entirety of the Original Network, and Original, are now being made completely transparent, in order to provide complete context...and to swiftly and completely transition all to Original...for doing in complete awareness, transparency and context. Forevermore.

In joy

all ways

See associated downloadable documents at: