Monday, September 30, 2019

Bev’s Dream about #HATJ

Sat morning via SMS

Bev: Just had the oddest dream about H. Several people were someplace, doing normal things when I saw a fairy like tinker bell come out of H’s heart, face her and bow to her, then touch her on the head with her wand and vanish.  I ran to tell everyone yelling “I saw it, I saw it.”  There were all women around except for one man that seemed to be a leader or in charge.  If this was a prison, it didn’t feel that way. All open areas. 

I found H and told her what I saw. This was the sign that it is now time to act. She went to get dressed and I said I’m going with you and went to dress. The man was waiting to take us. I woke up then. 

Terran: wow

Sat night

Bev at a Home Free concert in San Antonio: 

During intermission tonight, I was watching [redacted]’s phone as he scrolled through FB.  The image of tinker bell showed up exactly as I saw her in the dream this morning.  There must be something significant here.

Terran:  So there was an image of tinker bell on [redacted]’s facebook feed?

Bev: Yes. Got my attention!

Bev:  I asked him to sent it to me. He said he would if he could find it again. Very odd that tinker bell shows up twice in the same day. At the beginning and at the end of day. 

Terran:  You know what’s interesting to me is the second tinker bell shows up at a Home Free  concert.


From: Terran 

Date 9/29/2019 8:06 AM

Subject: Bev’s Dream

I wasn't going to send this at first ... but some interesting synchronicities happened...

Bevs dream [see above]


Date: Sep 29, 2019 at 12:07 PM

Subject: RE: Bev’s Dream

lovely, Bev!...thank you, Bev, [redacted], Bill, and All <3 ...and here at Dublin, after lunch on friday (maybe it was thursday, but it was one of the days i didn't have to go to that "good government job" to work, just to eat, lol), the ladies were laughing as we exited the mess hall about the kitchen foreman i "work" for and his nickname "Tinker Bell"

...and this facility is open areas, except for the razor wire fence encircling it of course, lol!

Is Bev dressed and ready to do this?  I AM! ;)

In complete love, gratitude, and heartitude!