Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Deafening Silence


Every once in a while, there's a silence.  

It comes before great change.

Before every quake, there's a silence. Dogs and cats flee for shelter.  Birds do not sing.

Before every tsunami the sea retreats.  Silence and bafflement follows.

Before ever movement a pause.

In this moment the only truth that is reliable is what is not said... but felt.

The rest is noise from the old factions wanting to paint their narrative.  Their insatiable path to primacy against their competitors. 

Narratives are not native, not innate, and almost always not original. They are stories about the future no more reliable than a "forward leaning statement" from a Wall Street stock prospectus.   Tired old scripts from the hamster wheel of duality.  Light and dark chasing each other in an endless circle of pain and grief.   The snake that eats its tail perpetually and never realizes it's not really a snake. The future is a probability, but can turn on a dime.

Its time for something that transcends all that.

There are certainties.

Humanity will be freed from debt slavery.  SOON.

We will meet other humans from other worlds.

Abundance will come.

Energy will be abundant, more energy (not less) is the key to a higher level civilization and a more ecologically balanced planet.  But it won't be the tired old energy of coal and nuclear heating steam to turn turbines.  It is not needed now, except for that has served those who ruled by scarcity.   The patents are known.  

How it all comes together I cannot tell you.  what piece comes before another and what order I do not know.  And what I once thought I knew is likely obsolete by subsequent events.  It's in the hands of Source, The ALL, and it will come together through the ALL.  Is this faith?  Perhaps of a higher sort.  It is not religion. Or may be its just the perspective of an old soul who's seen many incarnations?

Some play key roles, but that can change, there has never been a single point of failure.  Egos derail many a beings here and there. But there's always someone Source moves through.  Often surprisingly so.  It's all based on the heart.  

Flatters come and go.  Backstabbers come and go.   History has been filled with these.  Do not be deterred nor influenced by either.  You will witness many.  

You know what is true by your heart. You know who your friends are. 

JFK's June 10, 1963 Speech on peace with Russia

Compare and contrast our current Democrat President with the one we had in 1963 at the height of the Cold War.  Quite a difference after 60 years!   To even propose nuclear testing ban in 1963 was so against the mainstream thinking of the time.  We were doing atmospheric nuclear test in Nevada and at sea at an astonishing rate.  This was radical forward thinking!

Now we have politicians advocating war with Russia over the Ukraine.   Russia and the greater Soviet Union in 1963 was Socialist and censored all free speech.   Russia today has more free speech than any of the American news outlets.  While smaller than the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation is no longer socialist.  

The USA is careening towards a Chinese Maoist totalitarian style of socialism using identity politics to divide the American people in every conceivable way.  We've seen a great deal of censorship of during COVID and various subjects that run afoul of "woke ideology" that is right out of Mao's cultural revolution. 

The cultural revolution in China sought abolish the distinctiveness of women in an effort to eliminate by having them wear masculine uniforms.  Mao sought to eliminate the "Four Olds" (old things, old ideas, old customs and old habits). Woke politics cancel tactics and intimidations on universities and social media has many Maoist parallels including changing the very language we communicate with.  Chairman Mao sought to break about families.  Children belonged to the state to be used how the state saw fit.  Children were taught to inform on their parents and turn them into government.  Nobody can deny families are under heavy assault in current day America.  

JFK was definitely a man ahead of his time.