Friday, August 11, 2017

Federal Court - Eastern District of Tennessee - Knoxville

Found this tonight on the web by accident.  Quite interesting, same US Federal District, same Judge, and one of the same FBI guys (in all fairness not Agent Still/Steill).  Who knew???

And... some familar names... in this recent article....  And this one...  And this one.

Lisa Gawlas: Focus on Raising the Vibration of Humanity!

Terran note: In the past 2 weeks I have seen some real ugliness in our nation's capitol.  Been struggling to say something beneficial when I just want to slap a few heads and say "wake up!".  Fortunately Lisa Gawlas expresses perfectly what I wanted to convey but do not now find the emotions to transmit effectively, and I don't really think you need need the frustration energies I must release in this now privately. Bravo Lisa... you did it again! 

What we target in our desires to help in these times we are in, matters. I see a lot of people sending healing energies to the earth. Believe it or not, the earth is in good shape. Yes, she has some scaring from humanity’s ignorance, but at her core, in the depths of her heart, she is in really good shape. The focus of our energies, of our love and compassionate healing energies should be focused directly onto humanity itself. That is where the greatest breaks are… not the earth.

One could reason that if they sent their energies to the earth, well then humanity automatically reaps the benefit, not at all!! In order to reap such a benefit you must be connected to the earth thru the heart of love. Not to mention, the earth is currently drenched in this lake of light, an energy field that way surpasses any of us/those currently incarnated here on earth. The mother is always taken care of, first and foremost by the fields of life.

I do not see very many groups getting together to help humanity get its shit together. There is this odd disconnect, thru even the “light-workers” realms of humanity as a whole, granted a divided whole, but still a living organism bound together by energies. It is the most disconnected parts of this organism that creates the devastation the earth endures, that we (all of life) endure(s) because of it all.

It is our responsibility, as highly evolved living organisms of Light to remove the cancer at the base of our living organism. Doing it from a state of meditation, is simply not enough (I cannot believe I just typed that!! lol) Meditation served to evolve our personal Beings to the stage of… well, where we are now, vibrationally. We are equipped with spiritual technology that has been long hidden from our use. As this lake of light absorbs into our Being day by day, we become more potent, more powerful in our abilities than ever before.

This is one major reason why there are so many filtering stages set up in August and concluding with the Equinox in September. What I see as the lake of light (spirits terminology for it) is the most potent light field ever released to the earth. It is slowly being absorbed into the earth and each one of us as well. (To my surprised ears) this light is being distributed dispassionately to the All.

We cannot quarantine the “disconnected” with hopes of connecting their hearts back to the ALL and leave them out of the light quotient. That would be like trying to jump-start a car that is completely out of gas. Won’t happen. This is one of the main reasons tensions and threats are amping up in the disconnected sector of humanity. The dense, disconnected egos are drinking in this energy just as much as the heart field is.

That said, focused used of these highly potent energies have more power than the erratic sparks by the tempered. Being hands on in our work with have 500 times more effect than any other way. This is where your jobs, no matter what your job is, can come into great importance.

Food workers of any sort (fast food, farms, packaging…) can concentrate their heart energy thru their hands for the infusion of this light, with the soul purpose of raising the vibration of whomever consumes the food. Nothing more needs to be embedded, no more specific instruction needed, since no one knows who exactly will consume the food and what their mental planes need to increase their vibration… the light itself will.

Auto workers, same instruction. Telephone, electrical workers, construction workers and any profession, same instruction. Anywhere you are, where your hands on on task, focus the heart light.

Where two or more are focused in the same area, the power amps up. Walking in the waters of earth, tilling the soils, the instruction directly to the DNA of human life is needed.

We are humanities clean up crew, not the earths. The earth wants to work with us, for us, for all of Life as a partner. She is not helpless in any way, she has survived more than our souls ever have (individually.) She is wise and ready. More than ready!! (We would be wise to tap into her wisdom.)

The time for passive interaction is gone. Done. We have come in to be boots on the ground, not hearts up in the air.

And I must smile at the song we are going to conclude this sharing with:

Not exactly what I planned on sharing today and I am not going to deter the message either. So until tomorrow….

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of amazing powerful love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas and Company

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