Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Need for July 2017.

Been an interesting month, we were using a relatives Internet next door but that became problematic a semi took it out the cable wire once, we restrung the coax to the building, then a few days later lightening took out a bridge router, used a WIFI repeater for a bit... then another storm took out the cable modem.  So I decided it was the universe saying "get your own connection" and we now have a very stable internet connection with an amazing little firewall router that gives me far more ability to monitor traffic and who accesses the WIFI.  And its grounded!

I want to thank all you generous people who have helped out every month, its very much appreciated! Google ad income is nearly non-existent now... traffic is staying stable... but that was apparent that was going to happen after Google started to change its algorithms to favor the policies of the former US administration and mainstream news outlets attacking the current one.  So we figure out another way to do this... and work around Google.

The need for June is $600.  A little more than I requested before but costs went up a bit here.

Surgery seems completely healed, no aches or pains at all anymore.  There are moments when I get out of bed that I expect to hurt like I did for weeks but I do not... very thank for that!

Lots of downloads coming in, energy upgrades, and more data to post later today.  Big fun stuff happening with the Galactics!

Love you all!