Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fix those knees!

Terran note: I thought this was very good advice!

Hello Terran


About your knees.

There is probably about a 95% chance that you can fix your knee problem.

I had knee problems starting about 15 years ago, and the solution is simple, but it takes some work. Sit on something where you can "freely" swing your legs under your body - like on a pickup tail gate or a swing or high bench,  and  "swing" your legs just like a little kid having fun.  

I usually swing mine for a count of 2 or 3 hundred.

Do this every day until the problem improves.  

Once your knees are well, you can decrease the time involved, but,  you will still have to occasionally do it.  

Old age is a challenge.


The way I look at it, right or wrong,  is this ... your knees accumulate toxins - perhaps crystallized toxins, and by swinging your legs you are pumping lymph and blood into the knees, which eventually clears the debris out.


There are many people I know who have been successful with this.  If I do not do these swings,  I get knee problems again. 

I'm 77 and my wife is 81 and we are both still walking with no knee problems  (as long as we behave ourselves and do the swings).

If I quit doing the swings for a month or so - the problems return, then it takes 2-3 weeks to get the knees working again.

Kind Regards,

R. K.

Crowheart, Wyoming.