Thursday, September 23, 2021

Clif High: Woo and Probability

I'm quite enjoying Clif High lately, as much for watching his very rapid awakening as to the information he provides.   Clif has an interesting way of looking at things, and he's not always right, but fascinating nonetheless. 

Update 9/23/2021


Thought I'd bring you up to date here with what's been going on.  I got my car fixed Sunday night.  Runs really well now.  It wasn't too hard to fix, it was just extremely hot weather, which meant I had to pace myself a bit in this humidity.  It has now cooled down in the Hill Country.

I drove to El Paso Tuesday to pick up my friend "Stormy" who got stranded there. My car was working so I drove to El Paso to get him out of there. That's about an 800 mile trip one way from the center of Texas.  Texas is huge, but its only the 2nd biggest state, Alaska is actually bigger.  Fortunately on I-10 the speed limit is 80 mph which made the trip go faster. 

Stormy is an adventurer and an iconoclast.  And a really decent kind human being.  In 2019 he dropped in here and helped me and my neighbor with work that needed to be done done on these properties.  He stays out of the commerce systems as much as he can and prefers to work for board and room or do barter.  He's an incredibly fast and hard worker.   He earns his keep.  He's a Pleiadian starseed but the Data Collectors said he was a wayfarer even when he was with them.  He's the one who invited me to Durango after the trial events of 2017-2018 in Tennesee.

Stormy usually hitchhikes his way around the nation when he goes on the road, which he had great success with in 2019.  But in 2021 he ran into a very strange situation in El Paso that I don't have an explanation for other than being some sort of strange energetic that wouldn't let him go.  Stormy found it's  much harder to hitchhike in this COVID fear mongering time.  He found refuge at a shelter in El Paso, while we worked through ways to get him out of there.  El Paso has weather very much like Phoenix Arizona, very very hot.   A friend here in Texas sent him bus fare last week and then the shelter stole the money, about $300 including the overnight package costs it took to send it there.   That is being investigated now by the retired police officer that sent it. 

When I arrived in El Paso about 8 pm Tuesday, Stormy was waiting outside.  I turned on Google maps to navigate back home out that dodgey neighborhood a couple of blocks from the Rio Grande.

Google Maps kept re-directing me around the block back to that shelter, twice!  I stopped the iPhone app and restarted it and I got the same results!   Very very strange, but indicative of the energies we had been dealing with for the past week when we trying to get him out of there. It was like he was in an energetic black hole in El Paso.  I just ignored the map and drove east on I-10 and then the app started behaving again. 

Great to be back home.  Thanks to all who donated this month.  You helped with the repairs and other expenses.  Special thanks to Denice and Ted for your assistance.   My car is working which means I can work again.

I am once again reminded how in this chaotic time we need to be there for each other as much as we can.  We'll get through this time. Together. Nobody gets left behind.