Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Updated GAIA PORTAL: Plenary submissions are in order

Updated link to Farben to a better interpretation..

Plenary submissions are in order
by ÉirePort

Plenary submissions are in order.

Farbenheits have entered.

Melanomas are dissolved.

Star BEings unfold.

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Pre-surgery jitters and memories surface from Alexander Hamilton

Pre-surgery jitters and memories surface from Alexander Hamilton

Terran: Surgeon is funny he tries to dumb down the explanations for a lay person and I have to pry the technical out of him and he's not used to that. He's a Scandinavian by heritage
Very conservative and thorough...

Denice: :)

Denice: Sounds very nice.

Denice: Feels to me like they are taking great care of you!

Terran: They are, this is a new hospital and they have some hiccups but this man's command gets done

Denice: Feels very kind

Terran: He's an older surgeon

Terran: Ran some hospitals in Houston

Terran: I get the feeling he's more admin here. But still does surgeries

Terran: They are going to ship me out [to a larger hospital with a big surgical team] in about an hour

Terran: She [the nurse] will give me the room number when she gets back

Terran: About an hours drive in the ambulance

Denice: Ok. So do you need anything?

Denice: :)

Terran: Not now. I'm good. Just want to get it done with...