Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pre-surgery jitters and memories surface from Alexander Hamilton

Pre-surgery jitters and memories surface from Alexander Hamilton

Terran: Surgeon is funny he tries to dumb down the explanations for a lay person and I have to pry the technical out of him and he's not used to that. He's a Scandinavian by heritage
Very conservative and thorough...

Denice: :)

Denice: Sounds very nice.

Denice: Feels to me like they are taking great care of you!

Terran: They are, this is a new hospital and they have some hiccups but this man's command gets done

Denice: Feels very kind

Terran: He's an older surgeon

Terran: Ran some hospitals in Houston

Terran: I get the feeling he's more admin here. But still does surgeries

Terran: They are going to ship me out [to a larger hospital with a big surgical team] in about an hour

Terran: She [the nurse] will give me the room number when she gets back

Terran: About an hours drive in the ambulance

Denice: Ok. So do you need anything?

Denice: :)

Terran: Not now. I'm good. Just want to get it done with...

Denice:You really are amazingπŸ€

Denice: πŸ‘

Terran: Yes 🌺 I know. 😜 [in complete humour]

Terran: I'm on the road

Denice: πŸ‘

Terran: Room [redacted]

Denice: :)

Denice: Surgery tomorrow or Thursday?

Terran: I don't know yet

Denice: Ok.

Terran: Might be tomorrow as there is not much scheduled

Terran: They have yet to decide

Later on...

Terran: 2nd doctor came in felt military. Was vague as to whether they do surgery or not. They might do a barium trace thru the gut... just first to see how it's working... Much rougher manner than first doctor... that was followed by a very dire worst case scenario from yet another doctor involving a bag on the side of me for the rest of my life.... or worse... yikes... there's always one doctor in the crowd....

Terran: Came back and said they are doing it at 10 am tomorrow

Terran: My email [redacted]

Terran: PW [redacted]

Terran: iPhone PW [redacted]

Denice: Ok!

Denice: Thanks!

Denice: Talk to you this afternoon.

Terran: Mac PW [redacted]

Terran: In case Bev needs them

Denice: :)

Denice: πŸ‘

Terran: Decryption key for hard drives on Mac [redacted]

Denice: Ok

Terran: That should be enough for now

Denice: Ok

Terran: Love you Denice! Very honored to work with you. ❤️

Denice: The honor is all mine! (h)  Love you too!!!!

Denice: Is Bev going to call to check on you after the surgery?

Terram" Yes her and [redacted] are driving up together

Denice: Good!!!

Terran: Have the SA send good energy to the surgeons

Denice: You've got this!!!!

Denice: πŸ€πŸ‘


Terran: These appear to be military surgeons, little rougher around the edges.
I'm not far from [redacted]

Terran: Beside manner is not the greatest


Terran: That's encouraging

Loie: Bill, I am with you love. Feel me. Loie.

Terran: Yes

Loie: I am with you always. Loie.

Terran: I was ok till the surgeon rattled of the worst case scenario. Breathing thru that

Loie: All is perfect, love! I am with you. Loie.

Loie: Release the anxiety. You are safe. Loie.

Terran: πŸ‘

Terran: Just had a memory return of Hamilton

Denice: Wow!!!!!

Denice: What was it??

Terran: Was at a social gathering with John Adams, 

Terran: Was like a video clip

Denice: Amazing!

Terran: I arrived late... the men had been hitting the hooch

Terran: Their faces were a little red from the alcohol

Terran: Women in formal gowns too

Terran: Very colonial looking

Terran: They called me Alex

Denice: Wow!!!!

Terran: I seemed to have been a popular short guy

Terran: Could feel Hamiltons carefulness what he said around politicians he didn't really trust them but remained cordial

Denice: That is soooo cool!

Denice: :)

Terran: Adams was sitting in a chair didn't get up just shook my my hand and smiled and said "glad you could come Alex"

Terran: The men had had some whiskey

Denice: Great details!

Denice: πŸ€

Terran: It just hit me why the Hamilton stuff was so clear it's all now!!!  I think I get it now 

Terran: BTW, Surgery might be delayed a bit due to sicker people needing help first

Denice: :)

Denice: (h) πŸ€

Terran: It begins in 30 min

Denice: Ok (h)

Loie: All are with you, love. Loie.

Terran: Love you Loie!

Terran: Waiting for the crew still

Terran: Nurse came in I'm Up next

Denice: (h)(h)(h)

Loie: Bill, love. All is perfect. And you are perfect, dear! I love you! I am with you. Now. Always. Loie.

Loie: Expect the unexpected, love. There is quite a gathering for you now. Loie.

Terran: Thank you ALL!

Terran: ❤️❤️❤️

Denice: (I got a message "It's Happening. Expect bowel tuebulence, dizziness, and multidimensional spirals. ")

DEmoce" πŸ€ (h) (thanks!)

Terram" Yes she shared :)

Denice: :)

Terran: I'm trusting the use the most bio compatible mesh can't get a commitment on what they will use until the open me up and at that point I'm under anesthesia

Terran:So just have to trust the flow

After an hour of pre-surgery prep, and 4 hours of surgery.... woke up very quickly while some other men in post op recovery were groaning and screaming coming out of their general anesthesia... wasn't sure where I was at first, looked a bit like a cargo bay on a Navy ship, grey like that....  felt a very strong presences of galactics and universals... I was in very little pain, but as the general anesthesia wore off, felt like I had 9 double edged razor blades in my belly... they gave me some morphine

Terran: Out of surgery

Denice: (h)(h)

Denice: How are you?

Terran: Ok mouth is very dry but no ice chips yet

Denice: πŸ‘

Terran: Weird feeling like I have abdominal support now... muscles are reattached....

Denice: Permanently☺

Terran: Did not realize what I have not had

Terran: They made 9 labriscopic holes

Denice: :)

Denice: Wow!!!!

Terran: Mouth is very dry

Next day...

Denice: Hi!

Terran: Hi

Denice: How are you this morning?

Terran: Surprisingly well!

Denice: Great!

Denice: I am at the beach. . .[redacted] is surfing. πŸ„

Terran: Feels like my guts like being home [felt a real sense of my insides being happy even if a bit sore from the procedure]

Denice: (h)

Terran: Haven't been using painkiller very much [had a button that metered out some pretty strong stuff when I needed it... only used it about 2-3 times a day.]

Denice: Oh, good!

Denice: I am reading Hemingway's old man and the sea. Cool story.

Terran: He uses short sentences like Nabrac

Terran: Lol

Denice: Heavy chemtrails the past 2 days.

Denice: 1 clap of thunder this a.m. then nothing. . .

Denice: I know we are close. (h)

Terran: Yay!

Terran: NG Nose tube is out!

Terran: Drinking some apple juice mixed with a laxative [hadn't eaten any food in about 10 days]

Terran: Siting in chair

Denice: Oh good!


Denice: Hi

Terran: Hi Denice!

Denice: How are you?

Terran: Much better

Terran: More alert [General Anesthesia made me foggy for a bit]

Terran: How was the beach?

Denice: Nice!

Denice: [redaced] is a slave driver. . .lol making me organize all my papers and crap at my desk.

Denice: Able to eat yet?

Terran: I had some cream of chicken soup, green jello and some chocolate pudding

Denice: Oh, that is great!!!!!

Terran: Slight constipated from the morphine

Denice: Yes. . that is rough!

Terran: Loie?

Terran: Hello Bill! I am here, dear! Loie.

Terran: Hi Loie! Thank you for your help during this moment

Loie: Love! All is perfect! Loie.

Terran: Nabrac the surgeons were very good.


Terran: This has gone much better than I expected