Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The churn of change, everything is gonna be alright...

We are into the most interesting of times.  It all happens now (or at least very very soon).

I have a very old friend who is a bit depressed right now.  He's looking at AI and the rise of ChatGPT and now Wolfram's Alpha mathematical calculation engine has an interface to ChatGPT and it looks for all practical purposes the grand slip-n-slide to tyranny is here and the garden hose is about to be attached.  Oh they'd like it to be... but tools are tools and they can just as easily work against you as for you.  And you gotta know this stuff has been in military hands for years if not decades before being released to the general public.  

But I understand his concern, Elon signs a document asking for a moratorium on AI for 6 months and then orders 1000s of GPUs to do AI calculations. My old friend knows Al Bielek and has heard first hand the his tale of his time traveling trip to the dystopian earth timeline of an AI run world, where nobody can do much of anything for themselves without the grand central AI.  If memory serves me he even ghost wrote a book for him. Core competency in numerous fields get lost to humanity in that timeline.  It's also the future the Wingmakers came back to avert.  A temporal war if you will to save a planet, if there's anything to that Chaco Canyon story, and I think there is.  

Face it the mainstream news is pretty bleak, not that anyone believes these tellers of lies anymore after COVID19.  I don't.  I haven't been connected to over the air TV for sometime, but I do get some streaming channels where I can watch Star Trek, Star Gate, and other SCIFI shows. Twitter for me has been the news feed of choice, mostly for the conciseness of it all and the speed at which it arrives.

I don't go down a lot of rabbit holes anymore.  There's rabbit holes and social media post holes. And the post holes are usually distractions.  I can feel how a situation or person feels and I get what I need to know.   If someone calls for "unity in the light worker community" then trashes their perceived competition as "deluded", "compromised", or "dark gooed" I know they are not about unity at all.  People get jealous of those most like them. 

The data coming from within is speaking so loud now it's  tedious to hear propaganda from the mainstream media.  The world is changing.  You are changing.  I am changing.  Nothing will stop that.  And it's only going to speed up!

Yet, in this moment, I feel very calm and almost serene.  Like something I have waited for those thousands of years is here, and frequencies long absent from this planet are coming home.  I can feel them.  It feels familiar.  It feels like home.

At times I am flattened by them.  Rest seems to a bigger requirement now, especially for those of us older than 50.  I feel the frequencies shift, and I see myself shift, and often not as rapidly as I would like to see the shift in me, but I know there's wisdom in the speed that it comes and this 1956 model DNA make take longer to enhance than these youngsters coming in now.  I've learned to have patience with myself, love myself, and not take myself all that seriously because some of things I do are pretty funny in retrospect but it's all a learning experience.   We were given this life so Source can experience through us.   

Many of us have friends and relatives that no longer talk to us. Friends are not as difficult to experience estrangement from as it close blood relatives.  Some of you have come through unbelievable hardship and trouble for what you believe.  But I have come to think no matter what transpires, it's best do it all with grace and love. For when the time comes for them to see, they will remember your kindness and grace, more than your arguments. 

When you learn about what has been going on here on this planet for eons, it can make you mad.  Then you want to tell everyone, and if they are not ready they just think you are nutcase.  Other's have jobs that are quite dependent on being aligned with the a mainstream narrative of how things came to be, and how things work, even given there's a lot of evidence that nothing here works like that, and were are not the most advanced civilization to ever live on this planet.  COVID lay bear the seems of that subtle control fabric, especially in the medical field and airlines. Even being their friend, or their crazy relative is seen as a potential threat to their livelihood and well being.  What would the people at work think?  What would the relatives think at the next get together?  Would they be accepted? Would they get that grant?  Would they get that promotion? If everyone knew what you believed?  Does it really matter what they think of you?  You still love them.  And you even love them when they ignore you.  Some have never known love free from conditions of compliance.

There's a Tsunami of love arriving, it's affecting everyone.  If you have ever lived by the ocean you know how the ocean rises before the wave crests, and that's where we are.  

Be careful with your thoughts, especially the negative ones.  Things are manifesting from our thoughts at a very fast rate of speed.  I'm seeing it in my gig work.  Last week I had so many perfect days it was astounding me. The lights are going on, but then I have never believed anyone is an NPC character, all creation is a live and sentient in some form.  Some are not as aware as others.  Some are more aware than me and I know it. I learn from them.   

Be good to yourself.  Seek out something fun for you each day.  Something that makes you happy.  If you got kids and a family do the same with them.

PS: I have a project I am doing, I bought an old late 1970's stereo receiver at a discount on Ebay, it's in amazing shape but needs some overhauling as the capacitors can leak or be a fire hazard and transistors go bad and off tolerance after 50 years.  It's something I get some joy from doing.  Gets my mind off the public drama, and I learn from it. I don't know how many months it will take me to finish it but I expect through the middle of summer.  I wanted something built for the the old vinyl turntables, got an itch to hear analog sound and get away from digitized music.  Sure I'll keep listening to Spotify and my iTunes but I am having a bit of fun with some retro audio gear that do to the quality of its construction will last another 50 years.  

I expect May and June to be a little odd.   I expect my writing will be more about how to cope with the churn of change, and I need to be in a serene mind space to be of any assistance to anyone. 

Stay in joy, it's a choice.