Sunday, May 30, 2021

Update 1: Sunday Morning Musings


Update 1: Minor grammatical and spelling corrections.  I had a cold when I wrote this.

Heather is well and keeping in touch with family.  She wants privacy at this time so I won't be giving much data in the interim.  You will hear from her soon enough in her impeccable sense of timing.  I do see the wisdom of the ALL in why things flowed as they did, and everything is perfect.  Doesn't mean I always understand it all in the moment.  But I have learned to trust my heart.

I've been pretty busy until I came down with a head cold.  Its not severe just very annoying.  A typical low grade rhino-virus common cold.  So I have stayed home and caught up on my rest.   I worked quite a bit this month, took two friends to the airport at very early hours of the day, and really messed up my sleep cycle in all that activity.  I was fatigued even before I did the early morning airport rides.  I was happy to assist but I overdid it.  I am a bit of a night owl anyway but I really overstepped it this time.  The cold is improving, hopefully gone by Monday.

I'm not posting much on COVID vaccines, mostly because there is so much conflicting data. I don't trust any of it.  It all feels contrived to create FEAR.  

In the early days of COVID-19 Robert David Steele and Sasha Stone were saying it wasn't really a virus at all but something expelled as a kind of a human cell micro fart of toxins from 5G 60 mm waves. Many I know hold that view the virus is non-existent.  But I think I had it in January 2020 before it became a thing.  It's okay for people to hold different views than I have.

Later various ones posted data about the toxic adjuvants (found in most vaccines to one degree or another to provoke a greater immune reaction).  Then came the reports of serious side effects, shedding of spike proteins, and the purported reproductive effects on third parties of those spike proteins generated by the mRNA vaccines  on the unvaccinated. Most recently is the purported tales of magnets sticking to vaccine injection sites and purported magnetic mind control tech.  Lot of FEAR in all that too. "THEY"RE GONNA KILL US ALL!".  Honestly, THEY are a bunch of fearful hybrid people who never were quite integrated into humanity.  THEY have some serious problems of their own, and their actions are quite literally removing themselves "BY THEIR OWN HAND AND HEART".  Such are the higher frequencies coming into this planet.  Align with the frequencies are misalign at your peril.  ALL is choice. 

My daughter, got the Pfizer vaccine against my advice, and has had no reaction to it except for feeling bad briefly after the 2nd injection.  You can advise your offspring but if they are adults they will do what they feel to do. I love her no matter her choices.  I suspect she will be quite okay, she is young and healthy. My love for her is not conditional to obeying me.  All choices have consequences.  What those consequences are for the vaccines is anything but clear.  I asked my daughter do "the magnet test" and there was no evidence of it sticking to her arm.   I suspect that is a hoax. Let me know if you have magnets sticking to your skin.  Science is about experimentation and repeatable results.

So will all this stuff I am taking it all with a huge grain of salt.

Here's why.  I'm looking at the overview of what is going on.  We are in a frequency war.  XI, Putin, Trump, Biden, Netanyahu,  Boris Johnson all know we are in a frequency war.   Those that have controlled this planet (not the faces you see on TV) were hoping they drive the frequencies down of this planet like they did in the times of Atlantis.  Lessons were learned from Atlantis by benevolent Galactic Humans.  Yes most of what are called ETs are a form of human.  

The last major tool the Orion/Alpha Draconis slave cartel has is FEAR.   It's clear that COVID19 was a magnificently crafted propaganda scheme worldwide.  It was also filled with blatant lies and logical fallacies.  Masks were an ALLUSION to peril, and a tool of enforced conformity.  The virus was a monster so tiny it was unseen.  In the movies the scariest monster is the one you can't see in the shadows.  FEAR was used on the front side of this, and FEAR is being used from every angle whether its pro or anti-vaccine.   I am not suggesting people don't look at available evidence, but I do think we all have to be very cognizant of the evidence and the state of mind it puts us in because I FEEL WE ARE STILL BEING MANIPULATED BOTH PRE AND POST VACCINE.  They don't care what happens to you, only that you are in a frequency they know how to manipulate.

The Human body is a magnificent creation.  It's a vehicle for essences/souls to experience physicality. Its recuperative powers are stunning provided you are not operating from the lower frequencies of FEAR, ANGER, RETRIBUTION, SHAMING, etc.  The immune system is suppressed by these emotions, that's been known for a long time.  Staying indoors also weakens the immune system.  My body eats plastics.  I could never keep those old skin diver watches with the plastic bands because my sweat decomposes plastics.   I noticed something similar when I was hospitalized in 2009, that they couldn't keep surgical tape on my body long before my body decided it was going to chemically deconstruct it.  I don't know exactly how it does it, I just know it does.  My body doesn't like synthetic polymers.  When I had by hernia repair I asked for a natural hernia mesh (usually derived from cows) but they put in a plastic one anyway.  It was a very good repair job, and I resigned myself to what I knew about my body, the plastic will be gone within 5 years.  The mesh is just a framework for the body to build tissue on for the repair anyway.  

My body is not fast, nor is it perfect, but it has endurance.  And for this life endurance was what was needed. I have recounted all the things I have gone through with close friends since a young adult and it even surprises me.  But I am still here.  I am feeling the effects of aging and I am hoping for introduction of those "MedBeds" to restore it to a pristine state as much as the next person.  I don't care if its a human version of that or one that I know my Galactic friends have in their medical bays. But I am not willing to consent to a Chinese Elders controlled planet to have those MedBeds. 

Heather has always said this form I have, was a bit of a disguise I have used.  I am not that much to look or perhaps some would say there is TOO MUCH of me to look at. LOL!   I am a big guy and I am working on that, but I don't expect this form will every look as good or as thin as it did when I was 24.  I have had memories return of what I looked in other lives.  I don't think I would have chosen this form, but perhaps I did or had no choice based on what was available in 1956, one year after the first H bomb was tested.

I have been watching the Farsight Institute remote viewing videos.  May's "intelligence report" by Aziz Brown is a gem packed full of data.  These folks are the real deal, and what they are seeing verifies much of what I have been saying since 2015.  The subscription of $10/month is well worth it. Their view of ETs is a bit skewed to the negative side but I think that may be do to the particular types of ETs they have been viewing based on their knowledge of the military's interactions.  I have yet to see them view the ones we talk to.  

One of the remote viewers at Farsight, Princess, had an interesting interaction with a reptilian. The reptilian viewed any human who asked to be taken care of as consent to be enslaved.  Hmmmm.... what do you suppose is being all that socialist propaganda we are being fed by the mainstream media?  The desire to not be responsible for ones self means implied consent to enslavement... at least in the old system. Things are changing.  Soon people will no longer be cooperating with the slavery cartel for a few coins. Have ever thought how different women's choices would be if they didn't have to make large life compromises to feed and clothe their kids?

I have never been more happy that I live in Texas!  There is a sense of freedom here.  And Texans don't give a damn about how much the media maligns them and paints them as gun toting nuts.   Truth is Texans are hospitable, friendly and very accepting of strangers.   And that's partly why so many are moving here. That and the fact the governor is no longer going along with the COVID narrative of destroying the economy by closing everything down.  Governor Abbott is an interesting man.  He's been in a wheel chair since his youth due to an accident.  People who have known true peril, do not shrink from fake peril. 

I love you all.  Will be writing more soon as my head clears.