Saturday, February 2, 2019

Updated 2-2-19: Dream Message

Terran note: Update at end of article....

At around 4:44 AM I got this message.  Seems to be a mix of Hebrew, English, maybe Czech and Hindi/Sanskrit?     Feels part riddle, part notice, part poem.   I don't claim this is spelled correctly only how it sounded to me.... or perhaps its just all jumbled nonsense?  I really don't know...  But I don't often get dream messages... To whomever is the intended recipient.... you'll know what it means...

From yod [10th letter of Hebrew Alphabet] to vod [Czech for water? Or Vlad???] 

and Ashur [Enil?] again. 

Time for my people to come home.


Ben Nahaime. [could be Hebrew pronunciation of Benjamin? Or Nahayme in Hindi/Sanskrit?] Shalom


UPDATE: 2-2-19

Uncertain I got the wording right from the sounds, I sent this to my friend GW Hardin (math, physics, esoteric and dream specialist),  This is the reply (email addresses redacted):

From: GW Hardin
Subject: Re: Dream message
Date: February 1, 2019 at 4:46:24 PM MST
To: Terran

Well, you got me on this one. Has a definite Jewish kaballah slant. Yeshua is “Jesus” … ben na haime can be understood to mean “son of Life (expressed fully and immediately in the now!)" …

Yod is the part of the Tree of Life between Beauty and Mercy, a path …

vohd has root word connotation implying glory or respect …

in the Tree of Life, Glory is “Hod,” the opposite path of Yod …

Ashur was a Mesopotamian god which the Jews would have been subject to when enslaved. So the connotation could be of setting the Jewish people free again … from the hands of satanic forces that lead Israel now to a new life, now. Just a guess.



Terran note: Taken the above into account... the message could be read as (and I make no claim this is accurate):  

From yod to vhod and Ashur again. 
Time for my people to come home.
Ben na haime.