Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Is Dr Vernon Coleman a Rothschild?

Dr Vernon Coleman

Jacob de Rothschild

Emily: Top image is Dr Vernon Coleman 2nd is jacob de Rothschild. Are they the same essence?

Emily: Terrain model and consciousness completely refute the fear porn hes pushing. Something feels off. He looks like a Rothschild to me.

Emily: Or connected? Vernon Coleman looks like a Rothschild to me... uncannily like a Rothschildand feels like one too!

Emily: Seems to know too much about what HE thinks is the plan too early on in the narrative (march 2020). And should people beleive this narrative as you know it could well manifest at speed of heart......

Emily:... urgh god.... Bill, why are people still so blind and not realising they can cancel it all?

Emily: I AM literally cancelling this crap. I have so had enough of it


Terran note: Lots of NLP commands in the above video, especially to make it viral on the Internet

Terran to Emily: I sent an inquiry to Denice. [redacted family issue]... don’t know when Denice can get a reply back from the Data Collectors.

Emily: ...whenever it comes, it comes - no rush 🙂

Terran: Is this a typo? What does “terrain model” mean?

Emily: Oh no... its not for once lol. Terrain model is basically a bit like "you are what you eat" The terrain is your body. So the more clogged it is the more likely you are to present in symptoms of "disease"...[clipped rest of this fascinating discussion for brevity and concision - almost another blog post in itself]

Emily: What's are your feelings on it?

Emily: It really is all a head fook right now.i know I am all and all is me and all the actors playing out are under my or any given essences instruction for disclosure/deceit etc. Not sure why I'm still feeling this odd separation still when no thing is seprate. Will have to go IN to work this out x

Terran: As an American I’m not too worried what that man says. His accent and way of talking will have no impact here. But he may impact people in the UK.

Terran: He reminds me a bit, frequency wise, of Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. She’s continually in fear....

Emily: Yes def cancelled and deleted 100% kerry Cassidy does get a lot of fear, I haven't watched much of her though tbh

Terran: And look who just showed up on Project Camelot!

Terran: Will you allow me to post your questions (either anonymously or not, your choice)?

Emily: By all means publish Bill

Emily: Thanks for enquiring x

Terran: Denice just read your questions

Denice to me: Wow! Emily is sooo right!! Cancelled and deleted! 👍

Terran: Is he a Rothschild?


 "If you knew how truly powerful you really are, 
you would never fear the Orion Syndicate."